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July 2008 - Posts

How are we doing?

Since we have no entries for August 1 and only one result for July 31 (Stone Skipper), I thought it might be a good time to review how our boys are doing so far.... Read More

Stone Hopes to Skip Over the Turf

Lord Shanakill (Speightstown) finishes 2nd at Goodwood. Plus, results for Saarlandisourland (Saarland), Glory Gold (Medaglia d'Oro), and Prolific (Medaglia d'Oro) and entry for Stone Skipper (Birdstone). New workers Caffe D' Oro (Medaglia d'Oro), Pearl Esque (Peace Rules), and Zak's in Town (Speightstown).... Read More

Saarlandisourland Seeks Prolific Glory

Results for Stone Legacy (Birdstone) and Pick's Express (Speightstown). New York-breds Saarlandisourland (Saarland) and Glory Gold (Medaglia d'Oro) take on Saratoga, and Prolific (Medaglia d'Oro) stretches out to a mile. Plus, Lord Shanakill (Speightstown) runs at Goodwood. New workers include First and Foremost (Speightstown) and Maestro and Master (Smarty Jones).... Read More

Broadway Hennessey Turns the Tables on Congo Kaye

Congo Kaye (Congaree) and Broadway Hennessey faced off again in Wine Country. Also, results for Ameribelle (Medaglia d'Oro), Danceyoursocksoff (Pleasantly Perfect), Pearl of Valor (Medaglia d'Oro), and Da Bear Facts (Congaree); and entries for Pick's Express (Speightstown) and Stone Legacy (Birdstone).... Read More

Congo Kaye Takes on Wine Country

When you win a stakes race in impressive fashion in your first start, what do you do for an encore? I guess we will find out as Congo Kaye (Congaree) returns on July 27 in the Wine Country Juvenile Filly Stakes. Plus, entries for Ameribelle (Medaglia d'Oro), Danceyoursocksoff (Pleasantly Perfect), Pearl of Valor (Medaglia d'Oro), and Da Bear Facts (Congaree).... Read More

No Party for Smarty Marty

Result for Smarty Marty (Smarty Jones); Entries for Long Live Dixie (Peace Rules), Into My Soul (Pleasantly Perfect), Shoe Strap (Birdstone), Persian (Peace Rules), One Perfect Karat (Pleasantly Perfect), and Saarman (Saarland). ... Read More

On To Saratoga

On June 23, Maiden Watch debuts at Saratoga in style, with two horses in the Schuylerville, Collegiate (Saarland) and Renda. Plus, In Speight of It (Speightstown) makes his first start.... Read More

Zigaree Rolls in the Minstrel Stakes

Zigaree rolls to become the 2nd stakes winner for Congaree. Plus results for Me You and Her (Smarty Jones), Mostly Peace (Peace Rules), Himynameissarah (Saarland), and Tannic (Saarland); and entries for Oconee (Congaree), Mine That Bird (Birdstone), Keefer (Smarty Jones), and Lippy Rules (Peace Rules). ... Read More

Me You and Her - Smarty Jones at Monmouth

Our first Smarty Jones runner to preview is Me You and Her, who debuts at the Jersey Shore on July 19. Other entries include a stakes start for Zigaree (Congaree), returns for Himynameissarah (Saarland) and Promise Me Merlot (Peace Rules), and Tannic's (Saarland) debut.... Read More

Pacificator Drops In

Pacificator (Peace Rules) wins in dramatic fashion. Also results for Audible (Congaree) and Sugaree Gold (Congaree). Entries for: Barrichello (Speightstown), Prolific (Medaglia d'Oro), Longandstrong (Birdstone), Stone Skipper (Birdstone), Prosecca (Speightstown), Follow the Rules (Peace Rules), Dance the Cha Cha (Congaree), Penching Pennies (Peace Rules), Conga Queen (Congaree), Toxaway (Congaree), and Birdseye (Birdstone). Whew, busy day.... Read More

Green Light Means Go Cause I'm the Law

Light Green (Pleasantly Perfect) debuts at Belmont and I'm the Law (Peace Rules) at Evangeline Downs. Plus workouts including new workers, Dashin' Idea (Congaree), Sweet Kristen (Peace Rules), Quiet Dancer (Peace Rules), and Pitched Perfectly (Pleasantly Perfect).... Read More

No Party for Gold Aly

Both of our maiden races on July 13 went to the experienced runners, but the Maiden Watch horses were not disgraced in their debuts. Also, new workers including Run Smart One (Smarty Jones) and Saarbright (Saarland).... Read More

Stakes Raised For All Who Conga

For All Who Conga (Congaree) takes on the Frank Gomez Memorial Stakes at Calder. Plus, entries for Birdcaper (Birdstone), Red Bird Rules (Peace Rules), Da Bear Facts (Congaree) and new workers: Perfectly Pleasant (Pleasantly Perfect), Goldshaft (Smarty Jones), and Second Glance (Smarty Jones).... Read More

Pattie is the Singing Heir

It was starting to get a little scary, as Singing Rose (Congaree), Heir to the Stone (Birdstone), and Passum Pattie (Peace Rules) rolled off three straight wins for Maiden Watch. Reality returned with thirds for Texas Birdstone (Birdstone) and King Congo (Congaree). ... Read More

Gold Searches for Glory

New York bred Glory Gold (Medaglia d'Oro) debuts against her fellow New Yorkers at Belmont on July 9. Plus, workouts including new workers, Unbridled Channel (Saarland), Sweet Golden Carol (Medaglia d'Oro), The Gang of Four (Medaglia d'Oro), R B Keep Peace (Peace Rules), and River Saar (Saarland).... Read More

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