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August 2008 - Posts

The Results are In - August 31

Nineteen horses in 14 races and not a single scratch. In fact, Mullins Beach (Speightstown) got in off the AE list. The results are below, beginning with the two stakes races (Spinaway and Sapling), then today's winners, and then the rest in chronological order.... Read More

And Then There were 19

On August 31, there are 19 Maiden Watch horses running in 14 races highlighted by Collegiate (Saarland) in the Spinaway (gr. I) and Dueling Alex (Medaglia d'Oro) in the Sapling (gr. III).... Read More

Min d'Oro, Still a Maiden?

I was a bit puzzled when I received the notice for Min d'Oro's start in a Maiden Special race. Didn't she already break her maiden? Was I confusing her with another d'Oro? ... Read More

Be Smart Wood Triumph

Be Smart (Smarty Jones) shocks Saratoga at 49-1 and Wood Violet (Congaree) eeks out a victory at Ellis Park. Also result for Belle Jour (Smarty Jones). Plus, entries for Pretty Kitten (Saarland) and Haynesfield (Speightstown).... Read More

Embracing Our Golden Dream

Two winners for Medaglia d'Oro, as Hug It Out hangs on at Arlington, and Our Golden Dream storms the turf at Saratoga. Plus results for Frosty Diamond (Medaglia d'Oro), Cabaret Cowboy (Speightstown), and I'm the Law (Peace Rules); and entries for Haynesfield (Speightstown), Belle Jour (Smarty Jones), Be Smart (Smarty Jones), and Wood Violet (Congaree).... Read More

Diamond Hugs for a Cowboy with Golden Dreams of the Law

Results for Figlia d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro) and Tannic (Saarland). Entries for Frosty Diamond (Medaglia d'Oro), Hug It Out (Medaglia d'Oro), Cabaret Cowboy (Speightstown), Our Golden Dream (Medaglia d'Oro), Saarlandisourland (Saarland), Glory Gold (Medaglia d'Oro), and I'm the Law (Peace Rules).... Read More

Tiger Rules at Delaware Park

Tiger Rules (Peace Rules) rolls at Delaware Park. Plus a good debut for Zak's in Town (Speightstown). Entries for Figlia d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro) and Tannic (Saarland).... Read More

Just Da Bear Facts

Da Bear Facts (Congaree) comes through. Also, results for Bedtime Story (Pleasantly Perfect), Noble Rule (Peace Rules), Smarty Marty (Smarty Jones), and Presidente d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro) and entries for Tiger Rules (Peace Rules), Zak's in Town (Speightstown), and Into My Soul (Pleasantly Perfect).... Read More

Much at Stake

Four Maiden Watch horses try stakes company this Saturday, Mine That Bird (Birdstone) and Oconee (Congaree) in the Silver Deputy at Woodbine, Renda (Medaglia d'Oro) in the Junior Champion Stakes at Monmouth, and Long Live Dixie (Peace Rules) in the Miss Shenandoah Stakes at Charles Town. ... Read More

Gallatin Forest gets the Midnight Break

Result for Midnight Break (Congaree), entries for Prolific (Medaglia d'Oro), Longandstrong (Birdstone), and Steel Lucky (Congaree). New workers: Bing's Joy (Medaglia d'Oro), Brunelleschi (Medaglia d'Oro), and, Pleasant Devil (Pleasantly Perfect).... Read More

Persistence Pays Off

Persistently looks like the real deal. Can she maintain this kick when the distances get longer? Smoke Glacken on top says no, but plenty of stamina on the bottom.... Read More

Breakwithtradition to Light an Update for Texas Wood

Results for Wiggle and a Wing (Congaree), L. A. Rules (Peace Rules), Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro), Into My Soul (Pleasantly Perfect), and Jazzi Dawn (Saarland). Entries for Breakwithtradition (Birdstone), Light Green (Pleasantly Perfect), Sue's Update (Medaglia d'Oro), Wood Violet (Congaree), and Texas Birdstone (Birdstone).... Read More

No Easy Peace

There were weather delays at Laurel Park, the 9th race was canceled because of darkness, the track was muddy, and Peace Town (Peace Rules) stumbled at the break. All looked lost for heavily favored Peace Town.... Read More

The Bear Conducts a Victory

Bear's Conductor (Congaree) rolls at Woodbine. Plus, results for Saardona (Saarland), Red Bird Rules (Peace Rules), Panoma Ball (Pleasantly Perfect), and S. S. Stone. Entry for Rue Du Bois (Congaree).... Read More

Causin' Havoc with Merlot

Promise Me Merlot (Peace Rules) and Causin' Havoc (Medaglia d'Oro) both joined the winners' ranks, plus the rest of the August 9 results. The entries are highlighted by S. S. Stone's (Birdstone) stakes try in the Best Pal.... Read More

A Dash Towards Turf Victory

Results for Live the Dash (Peace Rules) and I'm the Law (Peace Rules), and entries for Needless to Say (Peace Rules), Dreams d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro), Midnight Break (Congaree), Promise Me Merlot (Peace Rules), In Speight of It (Speightstown), Greer Lynn (Speightstown), Electric Start (Congaree), Causin' Havoc (Medaglia d'Oro), Da Bear Facts (Congaree), Party Hard (Medaglia d'Oro), and Speight the Halo (Speightstown).... Read More

River Fancy will Live the Dash for the Law

Not a bad day for Maiden Watch, no winners, but decent efforts all around for Saarlandisourland (Saarland), Gemswick Park (Speightstown), and Quite the Lady (Pleasantly Perfect). Also, entries for River Fancy (Congaree), Live the Dash (Peace Rules), and I'm the Law (Peace Rules).... Read More

Follow the Rules Outfights Sarina's Feistycat

Results for Follow the Rules (Peace Rules), Frosty Diamond (Medaglia d'Oro), and Trifecta King (Peace Rules). Entries for Quite the Lady (Pleasantly Perfect), Saarlandisourland (Saarland), Gemswick Park (Speightstown), and Longandstrong (Birdstone).... Read More

That Bird Finds Peace in Paradise with the Playgirl

Not a bad day for Maiden Watch on Monday, August 4 with 3 straight wins by Mine That Bird (Birdstone), Mostly Peace (Peace Rules), and Paradise Playgirl (Speightstown). Also, results for Dance the Cha Cha (Congaree). Plus, Trifecta King (Peace Rules) in the Sorrento and entries for Follow the Rules (Peace Rules) and Frosty Diamond (Medaglia d'Oro). ... Read More

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