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Just Right Just Misses

Just Right (Pleasantly Perfect) comes up just a head short at Fair Grounds. Tuesday finds Casa d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro) and Conchacer (Congaree) debuting.... Read More

Stars of Tomorrow Today

Nineteen horses running in 14 races, including 5 Stakes, on Saturday, November 29. Four of the stakes are part of Churchill Downs' Stars of Tomorrow II card.... Read More

Pearl Earns Valor at Churchill

Pear of Valor (Medaglia d'Oro) scores impressively at Churchill and Exclusive Scheme (Saarland) makes a good run at Aqueduct. Entries are highlighted by Texas Birdstone (Birdstone) and Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro) in the Jean Lafitte Stakes.... Read More

Dreaming of Stakes

Our Golden Dream (Medaglia d'Oro) and Figlia d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro) in stakes and the return of Curly. Plus plenty of maiden action.... Read More

Katolak Cowboy Tries to Live the Allowance Dash

Result for River Saar (Saarland), allowance tries for Katolak Cowboy (Saarland) and Live the Dash (Peace Rules), and maiden attempts for Speight of Hand (Speightstown), Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro), Into My Soul (Pleasantly Perfect), Second Glance (Smarty Jones), Birdrock (Birdstone), and Jazzi Dawn (Saarland).... Read More

Breakwithtradition to Light an Update for Texas Wood

Results for Wiggle and a Wing (Congaree), L. A. Rules (Peace Rules), Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro), Into My Soul (Pleasantly Perfect), and Jazzi Dawn (Saarland). Entries for Breakwithtradition (Birdstone), Light Green (Pleasantly Perfect), Sue's Update (Medaglia d'Oro), Wood Violet (Congaree), and Texas Birdstone (Birdstone).... Read More

Mine That Peace for Dancing Beans in Paradise

Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro) takes on a full field at a mile and a sixteenth on the Saratoga turf. Also, results for Old Man Bill (Speightstown), Wickedly Spicey (Speightstown), Despeightitall (Speightstown), and King Congo (Congaree). And, entries for Mine That Bird (Birdstone), Mostly Peace (Peace Rules), Paradise Playgirl (Speightstown), and Dance the Cha Cha (Congaree).... Read More

Beans and Peace Floating On Air

Results for Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro), Mostly Peace (Peace Rules), Floating On Air (Peace Rules). Plus workouts including new workers Bella d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro), Dial Four Peace (Peace Rules), and Original Ink (Speightstown).... Read More

Long Live Dixie Pacified; Beans Mostly Floating

Results for Long Live Dixie (Peace Rules) and Pacificator (Peace Rules), Entries for Precious Beans (Medaglia d'Oro), Mostly Peace (Peace Rules), and Floating on Air (Peace Rules). Workouts including new workers: Cesium Fountain (Peace Rules), Little Lady Smarty (Smarty Jones), and Prosecca (Speightstown).... Read More

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