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Causin' Havoc with Merlot

Promise Me Merlot (Peace Rules) and Causin' Havoc (Medaglia d'Oro) both joined the winners' ranks, plus the rest of the August 9 results. The entries are highlighted by S. S. Stone's (Birdstone) stakes try in the Best Pal.... Read More

A Dash Towards Turf Victory

Results for Live the Dash (Peace Rules) and I'm the Law (Peace Rules), and entries for Needless to Say (Peace Rules), Dreams d'Oro (Medaglia d'Oro), Midnight Break (Congaree), Promise Me Merlot (Peace Rules), In Speight of It (Speightstown), Greer Lynn (Speightstown), Electric Start (Congaree), Causin' Havoc (Medaglia d'Oro), Da Bear Facts (Congaree), Party Hard (Medaglia d'Oro), and Speight the Halo (Speightstown).... Read More

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