New Nicanor Photos!

Thanks to Gulfstream Park, we have new photos of Nicanor available for your viewing pleasure. In addition, Nicanor will be featured in a news story on Miami’s Channel 10 television station during its 11 p.m. newscast Friday, Dec. 19, and again on its Dec. 21 11:30 p.m. Sports Sunday program. Read the full story for more information.

Update: Here is the link to the video:

Additionally, Nicanor posted a five furlong work on Dec. 19. He completed the distance in 1.01:80 at Palm Meadows Training Center.

 Enjoy the photos!

 Nicanor with Peter Brette


Nicanor with Peter Brette and Michael Matz. 


Nicanor galloping 


Nicanor awaiting his bath. 


Nicanor getting his bath. 


Nicanor up close 

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