2/8/2014 West Coast: Going to Town

  • February 19, 2014
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Tom and Debi Stull thrive with Tommy Town Thoroughbreds

by Tracy Gantz

Most people have fond memories of the horse that lured them further into racehorse ownership. Not Tom Stull. His distinct recollection of an Irish-bred filly named Leccia is of ripping up betting tickets.

“She was one of those horses who would run from 10-15 lengths back,” Stull said. “I remember tearing my tickets up once because it was so frustrating—and she ended up winning. She was so far back, and I threw the tickets on the ground before the end of the race. Afterward, I had to look for them and pick them up.”

Such frustrations aside, Tom and Debi Stull love the game and did venture more extensively into ownership. That led to the purchase of acreage in Santa Ynez, Calif., now called Tommy Town Thoroughbreds.

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