February 12, 2011 - Pre-Breeding Management of the Mare

  • February 08, 2011
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Trade Zone: Pre-Breeding Management of the Mare

It is of paramount importance that any mare intended for breeding be in optimal health before the beginning of the breeding season. The mare should have her Coggins test updated, as well as annual vaccinations such as Eastern and Western encephalitis, tetanus, rabies, and Potomac horse fever. It is probably a good idea to give the mare a booster against rhinopneumonitis and influenza before the beginning of the season as well. If the mare is going to be bred to a stallion positive for equine viral arteritis (EVA) and the mare does not have a protective titer against the disease, she also will require an EVA vaccination before being exposed to that stallion’s semen. Fecal examinations should be performed, and any parasite infestations corrected under a veterinarian’s supervision.

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