The Asmussens’ Family Affair

Asmussen FamilyTrainer Steve Asmussen shared his triumphant Dubai World Cup (UAE-I) night with the most important members of his family—his father and mother, trainers Keith and Marilyn Asmussen of Laredo, Texas, and his wife, Julie, and their three young blue-eyed sons, Keith James, Darren Scott and Eric Mark, who were all dressed in matching brown pin-striped suits.

    As Curlin strode powerfully down the stretch, the three generations of Asmussens jumped and shouted in unison, hugging each other as some tears flowed.

    “I can’t even find the words,” said Julie Asmussen while dabbing at her eyes.

    “You can’t tell anybody what this feeling gives you,” said Marilyn Asmussen. “It means so much more than doing something yourself to see one of your children do this. You know the sacrifices he made and how much of his heart and soul he put into this.”

     Steve Asmussen, who along with his assistant Scott Blasi, led Curlin in to be saddled and then to be crowned as the world’s best horse, seemed to be the calmest member of the family. He is a man who has the ultimate confidence in his horse.

     “The reason we put him back into training this year was to achieve greatness,” Asmussen said. “This is a big step in the right direction.”


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