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Redemption - By Joe Hickey

Looking back at Windfields Farm's 1982 Keeneland July Sale consignment which included Devil's Bag, Secreto, and a small, backward, and timid filly that needed a good friend and lots of time.... Read More

Running on Empty - by Joe Hickey

Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Aug. 11, 1972 - From inside the darkened recesses of Primrose Path, where the power players and wannabes sit down with Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam to schmooze and make deals, a cry rose above the revelry, "You guys better sharpen your pencils."... Read More

Piece of Cake - by Joe Hickey

Stepping down from his Windfields jet, E.P. Taylor bounded across the tarmac into the terminal building, where he pulled up short in front of a vending machine. "Help me, Joe. I don't have any U.S. change."... Read More

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