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What Makes Us Thankful

Yes, I'm from one of those families where we have to go around the table and say at least one thing we're thankful for before we're allowed to eat (shout-out to Mom Novak).... Read More

BC Friday: Why We Do What We Do

I was looking for something beyond the b.s., something more than "he couldn't be training any better" and "it was exactly what we wanted." Because when you look back to where you came from and remember how much you wanted to be here, it helps you appreciate where you are. ... Read More

A Horse For Any Course: Wise Dan

Early morning at Keeneland Race Course, a hint of rapidly-approaching autumn in the mid-September air. One chestnut gelding saunters through a low-key gate-schooling session. One kind trainer, fingers crossed, counts down the hours until raceday. One thing we know about the horse they call Wise Dan: "He can run on anything," Charles Lopresti remarks.... Read More

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