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Reversal of Fortune: Hirsch Jacobs's Searching

This Ones for Phil's victory at Gulfstream in the Sunshine Millions Dash over the weekend has occasioned much conversation about the horse's massive improvement. How could this horse have run this race? What's with the trainer change? Oh, that Dutrow again - look what he's done.... Read More

Who's Writing About Racing?

Last August, Jessica Chapel of Railbird and I were invited by Seth Merrow of Equidaily to appear on his show on Capital OTB to discuss how the Internet is affecting the relationship between racing and its fans. Among the questions he asked: "Do you consider yourself a journalist?" ... Read More

Why We Should Watch the Ladies Handicap

I live in a city that takes unabashed glee in the evisceration of its physical history. Tourist and natives alike are hard-pressed to discover any remnants of the Dutch and British settlements that settled Manhattan; little is left of the glory of the Gilded Age; and even the more recent bohemian period is barely discernible in Greenwich Village. ... Read More

Giving Racing Thanks

In the spirit of the holiday, I suggest that we suspend our criticism and for a least one day, celebrate what we love about the world of Thoroughbred racing. This particular list trends towards New York, as is appropriate for a Brooklyn-based blogger.... Read More

The Belmont Child Care Association

I'm pretty sure that my local card store has already put out their Christmas cards, and while overall I am about as near to thinking about Christmas as I am to thinking about retirement (and that would be not nearly near enough), a recent e-mail from the Belmont Child Care Association with news about their annual holiday party for the children of the backstretch workers has begun to put me in the Christmas spirit. ... Read More

The Undefeated vs. The Derby Winner

What agony to be a fan of the distaff side in November of 1988. Root for the undefeated Personal Ensign, who had beaten colts in the Whitney two months earlier? Or root for the Kentucky Derby winner Winning Colors? ... Read More

In Support of the State-bred

This Saturday is New York Showcase Day at Belmont; seven New York-bred stakes races will be run for more than a million dollar in purses, and a variety of family-friendly activities are planned, including hay rides, face painting, and pumpkin carving. ... Read More

Attracting the Fan

Racing faces the daunting task of marketing an identical product to two disparate audiences: the gambler and the fan. Racing can't exist without the former, and it shouldn't exist without the latter.... Read More

Ladies' Day - Two Sides

I like Ladies' Day. I've been asking for Ladies' Day for quite some time, and I'm not the only one, but now that it's here seems like many are against it. And, no one is saying they like it anymore. It seems like we've driven off by terms like "sexist" and who can blame us. Well, I'm not going down without a fight. ... Read More

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