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Spring Traditions

Courtesy of Lisa Grimm, The Courier-Journal notes that all sixteen 'prominent' horses should make the Derby field this time around; it's a bit ironic that in a year which seems to have a much stronger group of three-year-olds than we have likely seen for some time, we may not hit the maximum field of twenty. It's become something of an annual tradition at Casa Superfecta to question... Read More

Lights On Broadway Prepares to Leave the Track for Greener Pastures

Courtesy of Susan Dalebroux, Post Parade The grooms call him ‘Superpony'. Less than year ago, 2001 Texas Horse of the Year, Lights On Broadway, was purchased off the back of a slaughter truck for $200. And after a few lackluster cheap claiming races, he was acquired by a group of energized horse lovers and shipped off to begin a new career as an off-the-track Thoroughbred, or OTTB, under the excellent... Read More

Wiener dogs and ostriches and dwarves: game's savior?

Fans came out in droves Sunday April 5th for the 9 race card a Golden Gate. 11,462 in paid attendance availed themselves to the popular dollar day promotion, which constituted the biggest on hand crowd since at least 1995 when 11,087 fans took in the presidents day program.... Read More

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