Kentucky Derby Contest


Okay, so what's the point of having a Triple Crown blog if you don't have a Kentucky Derby contest? There is none.

This one is very simple. Pick your top four horses, in order. Whoever gets the most points wins. The point system is as follows:

First place: 15 points

Second Place: 8 points

Third Place: 5 points

Fourth Place: 2 points

Tiebreaker: Margin of victory by winner

There is no ‘boxing' here. You must pick the exact order of your horse's finish to score points. Ex: If you pick Big Brown to win and he comes in third, you do not get any third place points. Be sure to pick your tiebreaker.

The winner will get a Blood-Horse prize pack that will include a copy of Steve Haskin's new book, "Tales from the Triple Crown", courtesy of ($24.95 value); a $20 gift certificate to the Blood-Horse Photo Store (; and a few other Blood-Horse goodies.

Obviously, you do not have to submit your entries until after next week's Derby draw, but feel free to enter as soon as you like. All entries must be submitted no later than 9 a.m. Derby Day and you must provide valid home and email addresses with your entry. Your picks and contact info will be kept confidential and will not be published. You may only enter once.

Email picks and contact info to

I'll have plenty of blogs in the days leading up to the Derby, so be sure to check back. I'll submit my final pick on Friday, May 2.

Until then, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good luck.



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