Poll - Which Trainer Would You Like to See Win Their First Kentucky Derby?

With more than three months still to go until the Kentucky Derby, there is still plenty to be decided. But part of the fun of the Derby is rooting for our favorite horses and hoping they not only make the big race, but win it all.

My favorite horses are often determined by their connections, specifically the trainers since they are often the most identifiable person involved. We all have our favorite trainers for one reason or another. Mine are based on the working relationships I have made with them. It's human nature to root for the ones who I admire the most, and I'll be honest here, like the most.

Winning the Kentucky Derby is a life-changing event for any trainer lucky enough to do it. In a perfect world, we would all get to pick our favorite to win one. Unfortunately, most will not. Some of the best trainers in the world never get the roses.

For fun, let's take a poll. The question is simple: Which trainer who has never won a Kentucky Derby would you like to see win?

Since I could not list them all, I left an option for 'other.' No matter who you pick, feel free to post your comments explaining your choice.

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