Belmont Contest - Draynay Vs. The Blog

It has been more than a year a half since Triple Crown Talk launched, and let me begin by thanking everyone for helping to make this the top horse racing blog on the web. I am consistently impressed at the amount of knowledge and lively discussion that comes across the board. It is much appreciated.

As regular followers of this blog know all too well, there is one blogger who pushes our buttons more than anyone else. Over the months, he has sort of become a celebrity blogger. He is obnoxious, opinionated, and funny. He is Draynay.

During the last couple of months I have come to two immutable realizations regarding Draynay: 1) He takes satisfaction in riling people up with off-the-wall comments and 2) He is not going away. These facts are indisputable.

As disappointing as the latter might be to some, you will be pleased to know that I have devised a way, through a Belmont Stakes contest, to keep Draynay away from us - at least for a little while. The contest is simple.

1) Draynay will select the top three finishers of the Belmont Stakes, in order.

2) The rest of you bloggers will also select the top three finishers in the Belmont, in order. From the selections of everyone, a consensus will be drawn. I will post both Draynay's picks and the bloggers consensus picks on Friday, June 5.

3) The scoring is simple. Like in golf, low score wins. So, for example, if Draynay's horses finish first, third and fifth, his score will be 9 (1 point for first, three for third, five for fifth = a total of 9). Scoring for the bloggers will be done the same way. If the bloggers' score is lower than Draynay's, the blog wins. If Draynay's score is lower, he wins.

What are the stakes? Well, if the blog wins, Draynay has agreed to stay off the blog for one full month (I tried to get him to agree to longer, but he wouldn't). If Draynay wins, I have agreed to let him write a guest blog so that he can express his nonsensical opinions in full.

As you can see, the stakes have been set very high. Can you imagine no Draynay for a full month? It would be heaven. I will even put a little ticker at the top of the page that will count down, by the second, the time that Draynay has to stay away.

Equally as scary is the thought of having him write a blog full of his ludicrous and far-fetched opinions. It is a huge risk for me. I am counting on you bloggers to be at your very best to out-handicap Draynay and keep him away.

Entries for the Belmont will be drawn on Wednesday, June 3, at which time I will ask Draynay and the rest of the bloggers for their picks. Again, I will post both sets of picks on Friday, the day before the Belmont.

I think everyone would agree that Draynay's annoyance has hit a new level. This is our chance to keep him away, at least for a little while we catch our breath. Please don't let me, and each other, down.



P.S. - Let's keep this fun. Any mean-spirited or profane comments will not be posted.

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