She's Baaack! Zenyatta to Race in 2010

So you thought the Zenyatta/Rachel debate was over, huh? Well, it looks as though we won't have to let the Eclipse Awards settle this argument for us after all.

Now that John Shirreffs and Jerry Moss have decided to return the champion mare to racing, we can all start the speculation again: Where will the two great horses meet in 2010? (They can't mess this up again can they?).

Let me know your thoughts on the decision to unretire Zenyatta. Here are a few more quotes from Moss on Saturday:

"We saw her gallop today (at her Hollywood Park) and I talked to Ann, and then I talked to John, and she looks too good," Moss said. "It's what she likes to do and that's what we decided to do, so we're going to run her. It had nothing to do on whether she is Horse of the Year or not. If she's Horse of the Year, she'll run as Horse of the Year and if she's not, she'll run as not Horse of the Year."

"We're going to take our time (when asked about a possible comeback race)," he added. "We'll pick as spot. It was very emotional when I retired her, because I thought she absolutely did as much as any horse could do in their career. But I love racing and also I believe racing needs stars, and we've got one. I love to see her run. She's healthy and well and I think she's going to carry on very well."

Anyone excited about 2010 yet?

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