Another Audible for Uncle Mo?

First it was Team Uncle Mo throwing a curveball by going to the Timely Writer at Gulfstream instead of the Tampa Bay Derby (gr. II). Now there is a chance that the connections of the Kentucky Derby (gr. I) favorite might call another audible.

Owner Mike Repole and trainer Todd Pletcher have said since the beginning of the year that Uncle Mo would make his final Derby prep in the April 9 Wood Memorial (gr. I) at Aqueduct. But only a short time after the Indian Charlie colt won the Timely Writer by 3 3/4 lengths, Pletcher and Repole indicated that the April 3 Florida Derby (gr. I) is now under consideration for the undefeated champion.

Pletcher said after the Timely Writer that he had talked to Repole about the possibility of the Florida Derby for Uncle Mo. Later on Saturday night Repole confirmed the talks and said he would leave the final decision up to Pletcher. The pair will continue to discuss the situation before leaning one way or another.

"It's up to Todd," Repole said. "I will not influence his decision. He knows what is best for Mo."

The line of thinking behind the possible change of heart is that Uncle Mo would get to remain in Florida and race over a track he has already been successful on. Repole and Pletcher's other Derby contender, Stay Thirsty, would presumably go to the Wood instead, if Uncle Mo stayed in Florida. Stay Thirsty won the March 5 Gotham (gr. III) at Aqueduct.

If Uncle Mo did wind up going to the Florida Derby it would be the most anticipated Derby prep of the season. Also pointing for the race is Holy Bull (gr. III) winner Dialed In, Fountain of Youth (gr. II) winner Soldat, and two-time graded stakes winner To Honor and Serve, among others.

Stay tuned...


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I'm a bigger fan of Stay Thirsty than Mo, so it doesn't matter to me where Mo goes........and whatever works for ST is fine with me.

12 Mar 2011 10:34 PM

Something not right with this picture.  Always staying on his preferred tracks does not make a Derby winner.  Or are they afraid to travel with him?

12 Mar 2011 10:51 PM

I hope they take Mo to the Florida Derby. That would be heavy. I think Soldat could blow them away. We're gonna need a horse who can romp on a sloppy track, because I have a feeling that there will be rain. Again.  

12 Mar 2011 10:53 PM

Uncle mo was unreal.  He ran 500 yards past the wire.  He is a monster and its not his size it's his hind quarters.  Mo is the best I have seen in many years.  Go mo 1 down and 4 to go!

12 Mar 2011 10:55 PM

Enough with the audibles, I am starting to turn against Uncle Mo and his team! Geez............

12 Mar 2011 10:55 PM
Kristen Ohler

Just run!!

Steve, I appologize for asking this question again.  I've been looking on all the blogs to find out where I asked this question and can't find out where I posted it.  I know what good Beyer figures are but not sure how they come up with them.  How do they.  The other question is what is a Bresnik, probably not the way it is spelled, but you mentioned it when talking about some of the current 3 year olds.  Just in a nutshell. I know you're very busy.  Any info would help.  My favorite race I saw today was Mike Smith's race on another Tapit filly, Joyful Victory in the Honeybee Stakes at Oaklawn Park.  Tapit, what a stud.  I'm getting more confused with the current crop of Kentucky Derby hopefuls than comming up with who has the best chance of winning the big one.

12 Mar 2011 11:00 PM

Why not stay in Florida?  Keep things easy on the horse.  He's proven he's as ready for the Derby as any horse.  The Wood has done a number on horses in the past.  Smart move.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes up plans for the others.  Not that the Florida Derby was going to be easy before, but now you'll have some worrying about graded earnings and going elsewhere for an easier spot.

12 Mar 2011 11:02 PM

That is awesome news! EXACTLY what Mo needs before the Derby, some competition! Yay, please let Mo stay in Florida! If they have the best horse, I say, bring it! WINNING!!!

12 Mar 2011 11:05 PM
Jason Shandler

Dont read too much into it Jodie. If they decide to stay in Florida its only because they want to keep him happy. Dont rock the boat when you have the best horse.

As far as the Florida Derby, if Mo goes I think the other top horses--Soldat, Dialed In, and THAS--will all still run. None of them need earnings. It would be some race.

12 Mar 2011 11:07 PM

Yes, Uncle Mo is an excellent racehorse and deserved the 2-year old championship. However, in my opinion, the lack of what he's accomplished so far in his 3-year old year should not put him at the top of the class. His race today looked impressive, but was he challenged? No. Did he stretch out in distance? No. Did his connections purposely create an easy spot for him? It looks that way. If so, why not give the horse more of a challenge? What are they waiting for? I hope they do bring him to the Florida Derby.. if he should pass that test and blow them away he rightly should be at the top. However, he needs to get by Soldat, Dialed In, and others who have already proven themselves worthy.

12 Mar 2011 11:17 PM

i hope he stays in florida so he'll get whooped by soldat and end this triple crown talk nonsense by some people. he beat absolutely nothing today and people make a big deal of it. soldat won his allowance race a lot more impressively.

12 Mar 2011 11:25 PM

A 22 4/5ths final quarter, on dirt... I don't think I've ever heard of that, even if he was crawling at the start. He made it look unbelievably easy too. This horse is as exciting a Derby prospect as we've had in a long time and it will be a nice show wherever he goes. The Florida Derby is shaping up to be a wonderful race and whichever Repole horse shows up is the one I hope wins as I'm a huge fan of both of them. Repole is a fantastic representative for horse racing also. Anyway, go, Mo, go, to Florida or New York. I think I'm secretly rooting for Florida because I am making it a point to be there April 9th!

12 Mar 2011 11:40 PM
Pedigree Shelly

        Uncle Mo ( Still don't like the name ! ) Ran well in his " Allowance Workout " The early fractions were crawling , but Uncle Mo finished out well !

I still think Stay Thirsty got a little more out of the Gotham , than Mo did in his race at GP ! Plus the Gotham was a graded stakes, where as The Timely Writer was tailor made to get" Mo" out of The TB Derby ! The TB Derby further clouded the 3yr old picture !!

12 Mar 2011 11:49 PM

If he stay in Florida it's fine with me. They already know he can run real good on others tracks, that he loves Churchill's dirt. The only question we still need to answer is about the mile and a quarter, but that can't be answer 'til Derby day, it's not by going at Aqueduct or staying in Gulfstream that will make a difference

And the competition will be good enough if Soldat and Dialed In run against him in the Florida Derby, that would be a really good test

12 Mar 2011 11:58 PM

Nice that the speed scratched out.  But Mo did what he had to do.  Finish doesn't considering the fractions and one turn.  He needs two turns and a challenge.  Battle tested is what he needs.  I think Premiere Pegasus and Jaycito will be major challenges at 10 furlongs as both are better bred for it.  But at least he closed like a special horse.  But he needs to close like that around two turns.

13 Mar 2011 12:00 AM

By the way, where is Absinthe Minded making her next start since that is what I am drinking at the moment???!!!???

13 Mar 2011 12:03 AM
Paula Higgins

I know Mo didn't race against the best competition, but what I saw out there today was one really good horse. Rattlesnake Bridge was not chopped liver. I don't understand why people are so negative aboout him. So far, he has done nothing wrong. He finishes impressively. I think he will do well whether it is the Wood or the Florida Derby.

13 Mar 2011 12:12 AM

You've lost your mind if you think Mo hasn't proven himself.  Any horse could lose a race on any day for any number of reasons and if Mo does lose anytime soon, I guess you'll tout yourself as a genius, "well, I told you so…".

Uncle Mo has proven himself with the best competition and with no competition and with utter domination.  He certainly has no control over what his connections do so give it a rest on Uncle Mo.

13 Mar 2011 12:32 AM

Probably a smart move. Wood Memorial winners don't have a great record in the Kentucky Derby. I still don't think a public workout and one prep will prepare him for the hardest race in the world to win.

13 Mar 2011 12:37 AM
Dr Drunkinbum

The Florida Derby is the right race for Mo. He loves the track, and training at Palm Meadows. Why disrupt that and risk extra traveling, and a strange track? The Florida Derby should also be a better challenge and conditioner for him, and gives him the extra week to ship and prepare for The Derby. It would be an easy decision for me. It would avoid The Wood whammy also. He looked fabulous physically today and loved the way he galloped out making it look like 10f will be no problem. The Florida Derby and it increases his chances of winning The Derby. He appears to be quite healthy and sound to me. I hope today squashed any ridiculous rumors. The Wood has never made since to me and makes even less sense now after seeing how much Mo likes GP.

13 Mar 2011 12:42 AM

astrology going to win

13 Mar 2011 12:42 AM

All I know is anyone who thinks a racehorse cant run 11 seconds on dirt going a one mile one turn race is a moron! By the way most racehorses of desent quality can run a furlong in 11 seconds in a dirt race when they go a half in 49 seconds... I mean MY GOD they work in 12 seconds all the time! Some people really should attend the races and pay attention for at least more the a month before blogging on a website...

13 Mar 2011 12:54 AM
Joe K

Not really a surprise. Probably part of the deal when GP set up today's public workout was for Mo to hang around for the FL Derby.

13 Mar 2011 1:06 AM

I thought that Uncle Mo was in a very soft spot today for the top contender for the Derby. BUT, he did it like he was the top contender for the Derby & galloped out for EVER! Still, I wish that he had gotten more out of it. Stay Thirsty & Soldat looked to get a whole lot more out of their races. I believe that it wouldn't have hurt Mo if Velazquez had asked him to finish up a bit.

& after the San Felipe today & agree with Footlick! Premier Pegasus is still my favorite two-turn horse to beware!!

13 Mar 2011 1:41 AM

Do we watch another great horse, Uncle Mo, as we watched Zenyatta cruise through their careers without being challenged? When the greats are born and are brought out onto the stage, how do we know them? By the challenges that they are brought to and that they willingly surmount. Seems like we are going to watch another great turned into a hothouse flower. What a pity.

Mr Repole owns Uncle Mo and he has every right to choose his campaign. As a fan, I have every right to be disappointed if we don't see Uncle Mo in our country's great races.

13 Mar 2011 1:44 AM

Uncle Mo got what he needed out of the Timely Writer.  The real special thing about him has always been his mind; of course he has speed, but it's his ability to "turn off" if needed in the early stages of races that allows him to call on that speed when needed.  We saw that in the Timely Writer when he remained relaxed through slow fractions and then kicked in a final quarter of 22 and 4.  Ask Twirling Candy and Tapizar about rating.

The question is still whether he can get 10 furlongs.  His breeding is suspect, and he isn't the biggest colt, but his mind, and the ability to relax, will give him a solid shot.  But with 20 horses, weird pace, traffic, and the possibility of weather, nothing is certain on Derby day.

13 Mar 2011 3:36 AM
200 Pound Jockey

I saw Uncle Mo run in person and believe me, he is the real deal. He was amazing and unbeatable at 2, and Todd knows he's got something special. He is ready to run the long races and is a serious triple crown threat. A lot of haters will be changing their tune come next race. He loped around the track at Gulfstream until the end, that was just a paid workout. Go Mo!

13 Mar 2011 3:37 AM


13 Mar 2011 6:58 AM

I agree with Jodi..there does seem to be something "funny" going on...I don't think it's the traveling (If so, we'll see that come Preakness and Belmont time), but....just too many changes in game plans.  I do hope he runs against some competition in the Florida will tell us alot.  I'm no longer 100% on his bandwagon...I think his defeat is coming.

13 Mar 2011 7:34 AM
Don from PA/DE

Thanks "Katie" you wrote mostly what I would mention.."Uncle Mo" wherever he goes will compete, but if the team feels stay at GS, wonderful, he will have to prove himself again, which I feel he will, much better race than in NY then regardless, he needs and will run in Kentucky on the big day, a track he loves as well, and if he stays healthy on to MD and NY for the finale...I love this young strong horse he is just smilin and loves it, for those who overlook what this stud has accomplished since his first race may be suffering from the "United States of Amnesia" syndrome, enjoy these moments folks, and try to remember them.....Don

13 Mar 2011 7:36 AM

Hello!!!...with this Triple Crown talk....let us not forget..come May 7th, in a 20 horse field...anything can happen. And, remember there's a mile and a half in there!  Mo may be good..he MAY even be great....but, I don't think he's mile and a half material.

13 Mar 2011 7:44 AM

I do not see a differance if Repole stables wins the Wood with Stay Thirsty or Uncle Mo..

If Uncle Mo goes to the Fl Derby it will be a hack of a race and I am going to try to beat him with Soldat..


When is Tackleberry going to get some respect? I smiled all the way to the window yesterday at 9-2

13 Mar 2011 9:32 AM

Uncle Mo looked "unreal" alright, as in not much.  He beat nothing, and after crawling the first quarter in about 26 seconds who wouldn't come home in 22 and change?  (Well, not the other ones in that race.)  Mo may or may not be a three-year old.  We have no idea.

13 Mar 2011 9:41 AM

Interesting audible but will the play be executed? In the last 5YRS only one derby winner was not involved in tough derby prep and that was Big Brown. He was a freakish colt and Uncle Mo may very well be just as freakish. The marginal difference between the two would be pedigree. Big Brown was sired by a grandson of Northern Dancer and his dam by a son of Northern Dancer. Three grandsons of ND sired derby winners and four sons sired derby wining broodmares. Consequently, Big Brown had an established derby winning pedigree but Uncle Mo does not.

The following derby winners had tough final preps: Street Sense had a tough Blue Grass; Super Saver had a tough AK Derby; Barbaro had a tough Florida derby: Mine that Bird had a tough Sunland Derby  

It would therefore be advantageous for Mo to have tough final derby prep as his pedigree is a bit suspect for 10F. I know the top colts from CA are being dismissed because of the disparity in splits and final times. However, some of them are worthy challengers for Uncle Mo. What is even more important is the fact that the ones that are very good are from the Raise A Native sire line that owns the Triple Crown.

13 Mar 2011 10:01 AM

Jon, we may still don't know if he's 'as' good as he was last year, but the thing with the Timely writer is mostly how easy he finished in 22 and change. Yeah the pace was real slow, but at least he didn't have to do more than a nice and easy workout to beat them by almost 4 lenghs. It's not like he was asked to finish in 22. And what's encouraging is that it was his first race in 4 months and he was pushed at the start, which made him start last...and still after all this, he finished reeaalllllyyy easy

13 Mar 2011 10:13 AM

I hope he runs in the florida derby as a horseplayer,because I will get to see several contenders from the east coast in one race.By the way the florida derby is the 11 race so derby future bet players will not know the outcome until wagering is closed at 6pm.

13 Mar 2011 10:21 AM


 I have to disagree with your statement that Street Sense had a tough Blue Grass. He and the other horses galloped the first mile and then had a sprint to the finish line. He got beat in a 400 yard dash by a turf horse. It was nothing more than a nice workout. By the way, if you hadn't already noticed the Blugrass has become a joke of a prep race since then. Now it is nothing more than pretenders who need the earnings to get in the Derby. Sorry Keenland, but I call it like I see it.

13 Mar 2011 10:36 AM

Ha, I don't know horse racing. Mmmkay.

13 Mar 2011 10:41 AM

200 Pound Jockey & tinazomar,

Why do your regard posters who have different views about Uncle Mo ‘Haters’? The Triple Crown trail does not start and end with Uncle Mo. There are those that believe there is too much hype surrounding this colt. These doubters will be silenced if he delivers on the promise he has shown.  I do not believe anyone hates this colt as there wouldn’t be anything gained form hating a harmless animal. There are some posters that have placed Uncle Mo on a pedestal and regard his competition as chopped liver. It must be recognized that such a policy will not sit well with the supporter of other colts. The derby is a race with glorious uncertainties that provides an opportunity for even the less brilliant to win.

13 Mar 2011 10:43 AM

Florida Derby will be more competitive but I think they should stick with their original plans running him in the Wood.

13 Mar 2011 11:33 AM

A "monster"! That's a joke, right?  His people picked an easy spot for him. That's fine.  Seriously hard to be impressed with the proverbial "paid workout".  He ran aginst "mules" (no offense to the other horses in the field).  In fact, standing at the rail of the walking ring, my paddock pick was the visually stunning and studly Rattlesnake who finshed 2nd to Mo. Not a KD contender, but I'll be interested to see his progression.

13 Mar 2011 11:34 AM
Early Speed

I watched Uncle Mo race brilliantly as a two year old. Just judging from the picture of his Timely Writer race, he is covered with dapples and has a tight stomach, the line that indicates the horse version of six packs. Still, no matter how fit he is, if he doesn't have the bottom to win at more than a mile, then he will be little more than a participant in the TC races, where even the Preakness will be up for grabs. Sorry folks, I don't see a TC winner unless there is an overlooked very gifted horse, and I haven't seen it yet. Am leaning towards Soldat and Dialed in. Also like Mucho Macho Man for the Derby distance.  The Florida Derby will be something else with Uncle Mo running against the other above horses, KD preview except for the extreme traffic. I feel that the Kentucky Derby should be limited to about 13 or 14 horses to cut down on the providence of racing luck and to make it a safer race for all the horses.

13 Mar 2011 11:36 AM

I like the idea of him staying in Florida. Why race in the Wood with out any competition and over a track he doesn't need to race over.? Send Thirsty to the Wood to win and Uncle Mo to Florida Derby to win under a hand ride by Johnny V.

13 Mar 2011 11:46 AM

The Triple Crown DOES start and end with Uncle Mo.  We have waited for many years for a Triple Crown winner and now we have a horse good enough to do it.  Yesterday Mo ran 500 yards past the wire.  He got everything he needed out of that race and looked great while doing it.  Soldat and Dialed in are no match for him and the Florida Derby will expose them for what they are.  Get behind Uncle Mo and cheer him on to the Triple Crown.  Horses like Uncle Mo haven't been around since the 1970's.

13 Mar 2011 11:47 AM
Dr Drunkinbum


   The Florida Derby is Sunday April 3rd so I hope you're not going to be  a week late. It will be the best prep we've seen in some time if Mo is in it so don't be late. This guy is a tremendous force at any distance but we're seeing a few others developing with a lot of talent that have Derby pedigrees. My hope is for everyone to stay healthy so we can have a great Derby.

13 Mar 2011 11:49 AM

Jason : When you have the best horse, you are suppose to rock the boat.  Isn't that your arguments last year ??

Anyway, I don't mind them keeping him in Florida.  Pletcher needs to separate his horses and staying in FL is his best option for Mo.  He needs a speed track to keep him happy.  He's already won at the CD track so all you Mo fans knows he can run on that track.  

I'm about 10% sold on this horse, I still don't think he can get the 10F without any long prep races to prepare him for it.  I'll go as far as he'll probably won't win the 9F Florida Derby but even if he doesn't it'll be a good prep altogether, he'll face top horses in the race.

I'm quite happy with Jaycito's race yesterday.  He ran like a pro, and other than being too far behind after a mile, he did well.  I think next time, Garcia will have him closer by at least 2 to 3 lengths.  PP was pretty impressive, the horse flew by that field with such ease there's no doubt he'll make a noise in the SA Derby.  He might become a good exotics bet in the Derby for me.  I had the trifecta twice and a $10 exacta, it was nice until Los Alamitos kicked my derriere last night.  Now I'm off to get me money back...good luck to all betting today!  

I'm sticking to my top 4 derby :

Jaycito, Dialed In, THAS and Soldat.

13 Mar 2011 11:58 AM
Mike Relva


Maybe you are confused,this blog isn't about Zenyatta!

13 Mar 2011 12:17 PM
Mike Relva


Can he also leap tall buildings? You always over hype anything you're on. Mo did what he had to do,end of story!

13 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
El Kabong

Stay and Play big Mo. I don't think it would help the other Derby preps but what an opportunity to see a fantastic race. Mo looked terrific but I remain in Kiaran's Kamp with SOLDAT. It will be a stretch run for the ages to see these two and Dialed In, gunning down the lane together. Gulfstream Park deserves this match up and so do we. Giddy UP!

13 Mar 2011 12:23 PM
A Racing Fan

Uncle Mo showed me nothing I see 10k claimers at Aqueduct set those same soft fractions and win on a daily basis. Whoopee.

13 Mar 2011 12:29 PM
Karen in Texas

I think the Florida Derby will be all right for Mo. He needs to face increasingly strong competition at an increased distance, and the race at GP can provide that. Yesterday I saw Mo as a physically more mature horse than in November, and his demeanor is mature and professional. He doesn't seem to be bothered by "bumps" from other horses or by excitement from a crowd. His mindset seems to be to focus on the race at hand. That alone is advantageous. Who knows what will happen in the Derby, but right now he's doing well.

13 Mar 2011 12:33 PM

Pletcher is doing a fine job of getting Uncle Mo to the Derby as the favorite.  I'm not sure he is preparing Uncle Mo to actually WIN the Derby.

13 Mar 2011 12:43 PM


I try and sometimes fail miserably to post measured evaluations on most issue.  You were very harsh with your evaluation of the Blue Grass stakes as serious derby prep. The last winner of the Blue Grass to win the Kentucky Derby was 1991 winner Strike The Gold. The Keenland strip changed to synthetic for the 2007 renewal of the The Blue Grass. The runner up in the 2007 renewal went on to win the derby. The 2008 winner Monba finished last in the derby. The 2010 BGS winner Stately Victor finished 6th in the derby.

The period between Strik The Gold’s 1991victory and the change to synthetic was 16. A derby winner did not emerge from the BGS in the last 16 renewals contested on dirt. The last winner of the BGS contested on dirt was Sinister Minister. He finished 16th in the derby. Before him it was Bandini and he finished 19th in the derby. The finishing positions of horses in the derby have nothing to do with the track on which their final preps are contested. Since the installation of the synthetic track at Keenland, one derby winner had its final prep there. When you consider that the BGS contested on dirt the 16YRS preceding the synthetic installation did not produce a derby winner, the new % it not a bad. I disagree with you assessment

13 Mar 2011 12:57 PM

I agree Johnny, Tackleberry deserves a lot more recognition than he is receiving.  The industry should jump on a horse like him who races frequently, at varying distances, not on any medication and shows up all the time.  I couldn't believe he went off as fourth choice at 9-2!

I'm quite glad Mo will run in the Florida Derby instead, actually, as we'll get to see him face some real competition.  Not that the Wood is necessarily going to come up overly soft, but it's looking that way and would be far more exciting to see him face the likes of Soldat.  Plus, since he just went for an easy workout yesterday, he'll be more than ready to run a week earlier than the Wood.

As for him finishing in :22 4/5 yesterday, I should hope he would after such sleepy fractions as :25, :49 and 1:13 going a one-turn mile.  I don't see him getting much out of that race, though, as he typically works faster than that.  So it will be interesting to see how he runs next time out against some actual competition.  

13 Mar 2011 1:21 PM

This is the first time I have commented, but I was compelled to after having seen Mo.   I have never seen a horse move so effortlessly.   What an incredible stride he has - I was just blown away by him.  The best I've seen - ever

13 Mar 2011 1:27 PM
no mo mo

Uncle mo was unreal.  He ran 500 yards past the wire.  He is a monster and its not his size it's his hind quarters.  Mo is the best I have seen in many years.  Go mo 1 down and 4 to go!

draynay 12 Mar 2011 10:55 PM

Recently you ridiculed Soldat for slow fractions and excused Gourmet Dinner for not being able to catch a horse who was allowed to walk around the track. If Soldat was walking at 47.8 and 1:12.4 then Mo was pushing a wheelchair through mud at 49.4 and 1:13.6!! He'd better have been running well past the wire since he crawled through the first 3/4's of the race. Someone better tell him the Derby isn't won after you cross the wire because if he dawdles like he did in this nothing race he'll be embarrassed in KY. He did nothing to impress me this day.  

You claim Mo is the best in training regardless of age but the top 6 in the GP Handicap ran 7 lengths or more faster than Mo just after his race. Time and time again you have spouted comparing races over the same track on the same day at the same distance as gauges against a horses abilities but what do you say now when it clearly would speak against Mo?

Premier Pegasus put up times in his San Felipe that Mo better be paying attention to. He's got alot of lengths to make up on this one.

Uncle Moe reminds me of Favorite Trick.      

13 Mar 2011 1:31 PM

Wow, this is truly scarry: jshandler recommending that a horse stay at a preferred track in order to keep that horse happy...pot, meet kettle!

Won't matter anyway. Uncle Mo finishes fourth or fifth at the Derby. Soldat and Premier Pegasus battle to the wire for the win, with To Honor and Serve and Dialed In battling for third.

BTW: the ridiculous "The Factor" takes out Uncle Mo by the 1 mile marker. They will both put it in reverse at that point!

13 Mar 2011 1:41 PM

I was very impressed with Mo's "gallop out".  It was with authority, he looked coiled and easily capable of reaccelerating if called upon.

13 Mar 2011 1:45 PM

I hope Uncle Mo goes to the Florida Derby and that all the connections who are pointing to it don't get scared away. That race would be tremendous, maybe even better than the Derby, as the field would be a reasonable size.

Now that Runflatout is out of the KD conversation, I can start getting excited about the few who truly belong. Uncle Mo certainly looks the part. I'm also impressed by Premier Pegasus and I have the feeling that we haven't heard the last from Jaycito. There's many more who have shown great promise...

Still a lot of great racing to look forward to until the Big Dance!!! Good luck to all the contenders. Stay safe and healthy!

13 Mar 2011 1:45 PM

I like Uncle Mo, but isn't this the same trainer (Pletcher) that decided to run Quality Road in the Classic at a distance most level headed people thought was way to far for him.  And look what happened.

John Velaquez is a most deserving jockey and seems to have been thrown under the bus with regard to the Life At Ten situation.  He is 0 for 11 in the Derby and would be a sentimental choice to win.

Mike Repole, what can you say about him.  Any New York City person openly  and publicly campaigning Zenyatta as Horse of the Year is tops in my book.

And Mr. Repole has patterned Uncle Mo's facebook exactly like Zenyatta's.

But I still don't know about Pletcher.

This race Uncle Mo just ran was nothing more that an expensive track sponsored workout at only a mile, which leaves this great horse just one prep (either the Wood or the F. Derby) race prior to the Kentucky Derby.

But Pletcher, I don't know

13 Mar 2011 1:53 PM

Mo better find a full field with some early speed to run against before the derby or it might not be fun. Here it is guys....Mo doesn't hit the board in the KY Derby (if he makes it that far)!!

13 Mar 2011 2:10 PM

If the original plan was for Stay Thirsty to run in the Florida Derby, and UM to the Wood.  I hope they don't sell Stay Thirsty short by putting him in the Wood instead of the Florida Derby just because they want UM to run in Fla.  I still believe Stay Thirsty has a better chane in the KD than UM and hope they don't mess up his schedule in trying to make things easier for UM.

13 Mar 2011 2:12 PM

Crawling first 3/4 and closed well against nothing. Not impressed when his classmates have already gone 8.5 & 9 furlongs.

Still would like some explanation of what was on Uncle Mo's right front cannon in the photo of his work with Stay Thirsty.  Shaved patch with what looked like sutures or some damage to the skin.

He could have done the same working 8 furlongs.  Taking this soft route to the KY Derby.  Very NOT impressed.

13 Mar 2011 2:13 PM
The Bid

MO proved Nothing.....??????? REALLY!!!!Maybe he just has NOTHING TO PROVE!!! Brethren is a of Now!Dialed In LOST in a two turn allowance race and THE REST are probably considering Leaving Florida if MO stays for his two turn ROMP in the Fla. Derby! This performance really affirmed MO's workman-like professionalism and will now enable him to really throw-down some serious fractions in his next 2 turn race. This is going to be some SPRING!!!!!!!!!

13 Mar 2011 2:29 PM

Street Sense had a very hard race in Tampa before the Bluegrass stakes. He was nose and nose all the way to the wire in Tampa Bay. He didn't need a hard race after that so the Bluegrass worked in his favor. But the end result is Coldfacts is correct he did have a tough race before the KY Derby.

13 Mar 2011 2:42 PM

I don't think Uncle Mo is great personally. I think he is a very nice horse that is being managed incorrectly for the task in front of him. Simple as that. The bad thing about it is because of this management we may never know if he is GREAT. I mean the Triple Crown is not won by horses that have easy starts and preps the triple crown is 3 races in 5 weeks and this is nt the way to prep for that kind of strain on a animal. So unless the others let him walk around the track he will not win the Triple Crown. Look at the horses other then Big Brown that have won 2 of the 3 races and could not get it done. FOUNDATION is what they had and working this horse a mile like they did Saturday and then having one 1 1/8 race in him before he goes on to the triple crown is not something I would be willing to bet on. I am a gambler and I just hope he wins the FL Derby by daylight so he is a HUGE fav come Derby Day.

13 Mar 2011 2:48 PM

I wish Uncle Mo and his connections the best, but can't help but wonder: Whatever happened to horses having to, oh, run in real races before the Kentucky Derby?

What's with all this shopping around and running in fake races against overmatched competition? Remember, they already tried that in Dubai and it didn't work...

13 Mar 2011 2:57 PM

Uncle Mo raced against very weak competition yesterday, but it was his first start of the year. He'll face good horses if he goes in the Fl Derby and the best in the KD. We'll soon get to see how good he really is. And whoever said Zenyatta was never challenged, she raced in 3 Breeders Cup races. It can't get any more challenging than that! What do you people want these horses to do, run in the Daytona 500??

13 Mar 2011 3:18 PM
Paula Higgins

I think horses like Tackleberry and Premier Pegasus deserve alot of respect. Both were really impressive yesterday. They are certainly capable of winning the Derby and so is Mo inspite of his pedigree. We see horses outrun their pedigree all the time. But as Gunbow and Coldfacts said, anything can happen on Derby day and often does because of the pace, rain and large field. I still think Mo is the best out there. We will see for sure in April. He looks awesome. Ainabella, you must not have seen HOTY Zenyatta race in the two Breeders Cup Classics to make such a ridiculous comment. Give it a rest.

13 Mar 2011 3:23 PM


Runflatout is the real deal too.  He just needs time to come into his own.  Only one race and then into the fray is too much and those fast early fractions in only a second race with some talented horses was quite a lot to overcome.  I have a feeling he's going to be a summer star and then who knows.  Lots of luck in the future.  You are certainly deserving of it and I know we will all be pulling for you.

13 Mar 2011 3:32 PM


That's right on the money.  And, Jon, the race prior to this one, Mo raced against Jaycito, J.P.'s Gusto, Rogue Romance, Boys at Tosconova, Stay Thirsty, and others I'm forgetting.  As far as a 3 year old, he can stay right where he's at with his development and he will be an elite 3 year old.  My sense is he's smart enough to know what expected of him and he wants to deliver.

Another horse that comes to mind that had BIG question marks about 10F much less the mile and 1/2 was a horse out of Virginia named Secretariat.

13 Mar 2011 3:55 PM
Carlos in Cali


If I may: Why did they send Runflatout to the lead with all that other speed lined-up?

According to reports,he was training very good and finishing strong when he had a target to chase.

13 Mar 2011 4:32 PM

If Flashpoint, Dialed In, Sweet Ducky, Soldat and Uncle Mo all show up in the Florida Derby, it will be the mother oa all Derby preps.  Very interesting. I guess that the Wood Memorial would also come alive as some that aren't ready to face the fire and would avoid a gut-wrencher before Derby day would be re-routed there.

Premier Pegausus is definitely now in the top four Derby aspirants with that break-out performance in the San Felipe.  He is from the prolific Derby-winner-producing Raise a Native line via Mr Prospector, with inbreeding to Northern Dancer embeded close up, in the middle of his pedigree configuration.  Typically, his form ripens just in time for the run-for-the-roses (unlike some other sire line of which this poster has been very critical), therefore he must NOW be the most dangerous challenger to Uncle Mo, unless Dialed In, Sweet Ducky, Soldat or Mucho Macho Man can show something really special in their next prep.  

13 Mar 2011 4:34 PM

I'm having hard time believe why there's so many people saying how bad Mo is ^^;....he won the best 2YO last year just so easily, he destroyed every one of them last year in the BC.

There's nothing wrong starting the year with a easy workout. War Pass started his 3YO year with an allowance if I remember correctly. It's not like Mo is planning to hide all year long, he's suppose to run against Soldat and Dialed In in a couple of weeks if he go in the Florida Derby. So don't worry. I don't see how it's so bad to not pushing a horse first time out in 4 months. Sooooo many horses were hurt in the past, cause they were pushed against big competition right from the start, push to give their 100% from january to May... Myself I just have a HUGE love of running and by pushing myself early in my trainning, I ended up hurt before many competitions. So now when I start a new trainning after a long time out, I'm going nice and easy, before running in big competition. same thing for horses.

Better to stretch the muscles before having a good test against Soldat (who easily beat THAS) just before going to the Real test in may.

13 Mar 2011 4:37 PM


  You said that Street Sense had a tough race in the Bluegrass. He did not. The race was a joke with pedestrian splits and a fast sprint to the finish. I never said anything about the switch to synthetics. I'll agree to disagree with you concerning the quality of horses that now run in the Blugrass.

13 Mar 2011 4:41 PM

and just to complete, I never said you have to believe that Mo is the ''real deal''. You have the right to thing he won't go a mile and a quarter or a mile and a half. You can believe that Jacyto will win the derby or any other horse

But there's no reason to bash Mo. He didn't do anything wrong so far. It's possible to think he won't win on Derby day and still be able to see that he was one of the best 2YO in a long time ..and that so far he still has to do something wrong. Beliebe it will happen if you want, but so far so good

13 Mar 2011 4:41 PM
Mike Relva


I agree with Laz. He's the real deal for certain.

13 Mar 2011 4:51 PM


Runflatout just needs to mature some, so he can learn to rate and not burn himself out on the front end. It was only his second race.

I hope Sadler can train him to rate, which is something he actually did better in his maiden win.

He's an exciting runner, no doubt about that. Do you know what race he might be pointed to next?

13 Mar 2011 4:52 PM

The Tampa Bay Derby winner Watch me Go is not nominated to the Kentucky Derby but his connection might want to reconsider because, like Premier Pegasus, this colt has a Derby winner's pedigree configuration (Raise A Native on top of inbreeding to Northern Dancer) and his form is ripening just in time for the first Saturday in May (shall I say it again? ...unlike uh ...never mind).  

13 Mar 2011 4:59 PM

Carlos in Cali,

Runflatout's race looked like an experiment that didn't work out.  Look out for him next time from off the pace.  He should also get a lot out of that San Felipe.

Did I guess right Zookeeper?

13 Mar 2011 5:03 PM

"War Pass started his 3YO year with an allowance if I remember correctly."

Katie, how did that work out for War Pass anyway?

13 Mar 2011 5:04 PM
Karen in Indiana

Why travel if he doesn't have to? What would be the point? He'll get just as much out of the Fla. Derby as he would the Wood. Shipping him somewhere else when he won't get anything extra out of it is adding unnecessary stress. Stay Thirsty can stay where he is and shine in his own right and we can all anticipate the races just as muc as we would if they both traded places. After seeing Premier Pegasus yesterday, he's the only one I think could be a threat for Mo anyway.

13 Mar 2011 5:07 PM

Good to meet Trackjack at Tampa Bay Downs yesterday.  Beautiful day for racing.  Brethren was very disappointing.  Pluck was even more disappointing.  I don't care how long the layoff is, you can't come in 4th in a turf allowance in Tampa and expect to compete in Europe.

Uncle Mo looked fine to me.  As I've said all along, I'm just worried about his foundation off one two turn prep.

Very impressed with Premier Pegasus.

Think we will see two or three solid Derby horses come out of next week's Rebel.  I like Alternation, Sway Away and Elite Alex.  Obviously triple Arch, The Factor and JPs Gusto could also have their say.

13 Mar 2011 5:24 PM

Sometimes it's in the best interest of the horse to not travel so much. he has proved he can run over different racetracks. why make him run on five different tracks in five different states? makes sense to me to keep the horse in one place for a while.

13 Mar 2011 5:25 PM

Thank you for all the kind comments. I haven't lost faith in RFO's ability. He definitely has talent and has a lot to learn. Putting him in the right race would be very helpful also. :)

I have no idea why Rosario hussled him to the lead and it's too early to think about his next race. I feel pretty confident that it will not be at 1 1/16 miles and that it will not be in a Grade 2.

However, as you well know, I do not make the decisions... nor do I pretend to have the knowledge and/or ability to make them. So let's draw a line through this race and enjoy the rest of the Triple Crown Season. This may be THE year!!!

13 Mar 2011 5:33 PM
Mike Relva


Thanks for the laugh comparing Mo to Secretariat. Keep the jokes coming!

13 Mar 2011 5:49 PM
no mo mo

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, Unca Schmoe will not win the KY Derby!! All you who bet against him on May 7 can thank me now or later, I've been telling you he won't win for month's.

13 Mar 2011 6:04 PM

I still like Flashpoint.  If I were Dutrow I would be thinking about sending Flashpoint back to New York for the Wood Memorial instead of the Florida Derby.  I would like to see his "toughest" race come in the Derby, not the race before!  

13 Mar 2011 6:22 PM


That was a lot to ask of Runflataout in only his second start.  Often they are a lot more difficult in their second start because they know what a race is about.  They are innocent babes in the woods in their first start.  It is a learning process.  He is an exciting horse to be connected with.

13 Mar 2011 6:40 PM
Paula Higgins

Lazmannick is right Zookeeper, we will all be rooting for Runflatout. The best of luck to you and RFO whenever he runs.

13 Mar 2011 6:50 PM

OMG...if they all go to the FD, it'll be a real old-fashined Derby prep race!

I loved PP after the wire...when he got turned around to go back to winner's circle he looked like he was breathing fire, ready to go around again...he's got a great eye...

Zookeeper...he's a good horse...just a little more seasoning..♥ we'll be hearing good things from him!

13 Mar 2011 7:03 PM

'Mo beat absolutely nothing in the Timely Writer.

Why everyone is so high on this horse is beyond me...

His pedigree screams miler not stayer.

Let 'Mo run in the Florida Derby against true 3 yo competition- Soldat, Dialed In, etc.. and let's see what happens... 'Mo will lose

13 Mar 2011 7:25 PM

I agree with coldfacts. Mo does need a competative field to maybe hone him for teh derby. The wood would scare too many owners away. With the bonus in florida, soldat, dialed in will stay. I hope the race works out for all horses w/o knowing the outcome. I thought Uncle Mo did great Saturday. I only horse that worried me was brethren. I hope they can figure out a good race for him that will allow him to get back into the groove. Premier Pegasus was a monster yesterday.

13 Mar 2011 7:40 PM

Brisnet is reporting that mo is still on the same schedule to run in the Wood.If that is the case what that tells me is that the connections want to bring him into the derby undefeated(he wont have any worthy challengers)They are hoping that UM truly is special and can win the derby with two easy preps.

13 Mar 2011 7:42 PM

Pre-Peg just completed the BEST prep race thus far.He reminds me of his sire Fu-Peg and if he repeats that in the sa derby the only horse on the west coast that can beat him in the sa derby is jaycito.

13 Mar 2011 7:47 PM

Unremarkable race By Uncle Mo. Premiere Pegasus was really impressive.

13 Mar 2011 8:20 PM
Junie Wise, Rocky Road Farm

I know Repole is a New York City Guy,he will have all his Friends & Family at The Big A for the Wood.

What happens when the Race comes up small & "WEAK"???...Will he get what he needs out of it???

I just think that the Fla. Derby Field will be a lot stronger and have more Horses in it.It usually does.

But he is paying the bills,so Todd must do it HIS way.

13 Mar 2011 8:33 PM
Jason Shandler

I had Premier Pegasus to win and he was impressive indeed, but it was a race that fell apart from the pace meltdown. Doubtful that he will be as effective in SA Derby.

People who find fault with everything Mo does are laughable. Jayjay loves Stay Thirsty, a horse Mo beat by 15 lengths four months ago. Hard to understand the logic.

13 Mar 2011 8:35 PM
quiet american 55

I would be absolutely astonished if Uncle Mo runs in the FL Derby.  Owner, a MY guy, the Wood is very important to him.  And, Pletcher always wants the extra week.  So, the Wood - it is.  He's no walkover, as others may be putting forward in this blog.   Let's see what he does in a 20 horse field.  He's a stalker, and he'll stalk any pace.  sway away will run him down on may 7th.

13 Mar 2011 8:39 PM

The Tampa Bay Derby winner Watch me Go is not nominated to the Kentucky Derby but his connection might want to reconsider because, like Premier Pegasus, this colt has a Derby winner's pedigree configuration (Raise A Native on top of inbreeding to Northern Dancer) and his form is ripening just in time for the first Saturday in May (shall I say it again? ...unlike uh ...never mind).  

Ranagulzion 13 Mar 2011 4:59 PM With this above post.

Are you softening up a little bit on Uncle Mo?

13 Mar 2011 8:41 PM


13 Mar 2011 8:41 PM
Tampa Tony

It doesnt matter where Mo Goes. He's winning the Triple Crown! Wherever you can see him go do it. He's unbelievable. It looks like Seattle Slew all over again. There isnt a three year old that can touch him. A great bet in Vegas right now would be to bet him to win the triple crown and breeders cup classic. Repole will be dancing all year from Churchill in May to Churchill in November. He may actually kiss Pletcher this time!!!!

13 Mar 2011 8:41 PM

Mo has already won at 4 different race tracks, they don't need to send him back to NY for the Wood.  They should leave him where he's at and go for the Florida Derby.

Right now, there is nothing very exciting in the 3 year old ranks except for MO. The rest of the crowd is rather weak except for Soldat. I also still want to give Jaycito the benefit of the doubt.  He was way off the pace on a speed favoring track.  Look for a better effort next time out.

13 Mar 2011 8:42 PM
Mike Relva


Believe it or not,I can understand Repole for saving  Mo for the big dance. But,it would've been great last yr if you and a few others would've showed the same regarding a certain horse that was saved for later in the year. You enjoy having it both ways sometimes.

13 Mar 2011 8:45 PM
John T

I put Premier Pegasus down in my notebook after his promising third

to The Factor in the San Vincente

Stakes and he did not disappoint in

the San Felipe drawing away to win very impressively.Although there are still many pieces to be put

together for the jigsaw puzzle called the Kentucky Derby he must surely have some kind of a chance to go on and emulate his sire Fusaichi Pegasus,Sunday Silence,

Affirmed,Deternine as previous winners of the San Felipe to go on and win the Kentucky Derby.

13 Mar 2011 8:51 PM

John : On your 1:53PM post, glad to see I'm not the only one that sees UM's path to the Derby as a one prep race after a long layoff.  I don't get it, he'll have too much to overcome.  He will have to be a freak horse to win the Derby regardless of the outcome of the Florida Derby.  I do prefer that he runs in the Florida Derby as history shows the luck Wood Memorial runners have in the Derby. The only thing is that if they choose Florida for UM, Stay Thirsty gets the Wood and that kinda blows.

13 Mar 2011 9:00 PM

Jason : For someone who works in the horse racing industry, I find it hard to believe that you can't see it the way I do when it comes to UM's path to the Derby.  If you're not concern about him going to the Derby off of ONE prep which I hope is the Florida Derby, then you probably need to look back at the last few years.

If UM turns out to be a freak, then all this chat is moot because no horse will have done what he would, win the Derby off of one true prep race.  As a gambler, I'll bet on history rather than the hype you and Draynay put out there for UM.  I'm sure you can understand, it's my money I'm gambling.

If you really believe he is that good off of that Timely Writer, then let me re-propose my initial bet with you.  He won't be on the lead at the 1/8th pole and he won't win.

My choice for Stay Thirsty over Mo doesn't mean Stay Thirsty is better than Mo, it just means his style of running and pedigree is more suited for the Derby than Mos.  Do you know anything at all about pedigrees and how to read a race ?  I mean I would expect that last comment to come from Draynay, not from you.  I thought you were smarter than that.

13 Mar 2011 9:06 PM

I don't think it matters where Mo goes for his next prep. His trainer and owner are going to do everything they can to keep this guy safe and happy up to the Derby so he can "run his race!"

13 Mar 2011 9:14 PM

really hard to get a handle on west coasts preps the way Santa Anita track has been yielding the extremely fast times..the grade 1 preps will decide the real competitors for the first Saturday in May so I don't understand all the critics out there about kicking "the uncle" around before hand

13 Mar 2011 9:48 PM

I'm not sure that I buy the fact that since Uncle Mo beat Stay Thirsty easily as a two year old that it is a slam dunk as a three year old at 10 furlongs.  Once again, to predict outcomes from last year's form does not always work out.  I need to see a real race from Uncle Mo, not a public workout.  Uncle Mo ran a great last quarter at 8 furlongs.  But he ran as pedestrian 6 furlongs before that.  He is obviously a talented horse, and I will be happy to have him prove to me that he is legendary, as many here are trying to anoint him.  But he is not legendary yet, at least in my eyes.

13 Mar 2011 10:06 PM

Uncle Mo may have been a great two year old but it remains to be seen how good a 3. Don't understand his cautious racing schedule if you think you have the best.   Until proven otherwise Premier Pegasus Solidad, and MUCHO Macho Man are my horses.

13 Mar 2011 10:07 PM

Jason is right about Premier Pegasus' win.  The race fell in his lap.  Jaycito ran the way I thought he would, since Mr Baffert said he was still figuring him out.  He ran a race that he desperately needed,  He ran well, but was no danger to Premier Pegasus.  It might be different in the Santa Anita Derby.  It will be both of their races to prove they belong.  They both need to run a great race to be taken seriously as a Derby horse.  I like Jaycito because of his pedigree- he is bred to go 10 furlongs.  Let's see if Mr Baffert can work his magic.

13 Mar 2011 10:15 PM

I was having a rough day today at Gulfstream until Ramon pulled the day out for me.  My 100 dollar daily double Ramon/Ramon on the 1 horses got me back to even for the day.  I can't believe he went off at the odds he went off at.  By the way I have a table on the 3rd floor for the Florida Derby stop by and say hello.  For those who think Uncle Mo can be beat please stop you just sound silly.  Uncle Mo won big in a hand ride.  Come Derby Day he is going to crush the field.

13 Mar 2011 10:23 PM
Doc Holliday

I think with what happened to Eskendereya last year and I want Revenge the year before, i wouldnt go to the Wood either. Dont know if it is the track or the trip or what but it has not been a good race for Derby favorites at least the last couple of years.

13 Mar 2011 10:36 PM


Softening up on Mo? Are you kidding?  I'll say it again.  Uncle Mo is a lock for the Kentucky Derby.  However they are not giving him a walkover and I have to reinforce a subsidiary point that some horses have Derby-ready pedigree while others don't.  Premier Pegasus and Watch Me Go are colts with typical derby-ready pedigree that are coming to hand at the right/usual time, that is, right in time for the Derby, and as such are worthy contenders for minor placings.  "The Pegasus" actually looked pretty awesome to me in the San Felipe.  For the record, I still fancy Dialed In, Sweet Ducky, Mucho Macho Man and Santiva among the elite 3YOs.

"Mo" is in an orbit by himself right now.  

13 Mar 2011 11:05 PM

Mike R.

You misunderstand.  I would never compare ANY horse to Secretariat.  My point was that Big Red was being questioned about being a Bold Ruler and Bold Rulers being able to go the distance.  MO is, perhaps, breaking the mold on his pedigree in a similar fashion.

Funny observation earlier.  Premier Pegasus did have that neck bowed after the race.  He was proud as a peacock!  Funny to watch!

I hope Comma to the Top can move forward after this race as well.  He put in a top effort and showed guts in his finish.

13 Mar 2011 11:17 PM

Off topic- sorry- but one of my new favorite fillies is Cambina.  Not only do I love her breeding (Hawk Wing out of a Peintre Celebre mare) but she is also just a little bit of a thing.  But she can run.  Just wanted to throw that out.

13 Mar 2011 11:30 PM
Forbidden Apple

I have already started praying for Uncle Mo to stay on his Wood Memorial path. If he does and wins the Wood, he will be one of the greatest underlays in KY Derby history. The only Derby Mo will win is the Timely Writer Derby. His race yesterday only proved that he is not a ghost and that he can run fast after running 6 furlongs in 1:13 3/5 seconds. Some of you act as if the KY Derby should be cancelled. Churchill Downs should just hand over the trophy and the winning purse now and crown Mo a champion.


I now have two Cali colts in my top four, Sway Away and Premier Pegasus. Of course others are now saying that the San Felipe fell apart. How about Premier Pegasus was a running machine and dominated his competition. I am glad that you wrote that you and others do not hate Mo. Because I don't hate him, I am only tired of hearing about how great he is and the absurd comparisons to past Triple Crown champions. To date he has beaten up on Boys @ Tosconova and Rattlesnake Bridge. In case you didn't check my other blog posts, thank you for giving out Premier Pegasus on tuesday. The money I won was not the best part of the weekend, I had so much fun watching him burst down the stretch.


Congratulations on your massive score yesterday. That $2.10 payoff should go a long way towards paying for your flight to NY for the Wood. Do you really believe that this little colt named Mo is a triple crown winner? This level of disrepect towards past champions is sickening. His turtle like fractions for a 1 mile race are not going to scare anyone off from facing him in any race.

You completely trashed Soldat for his FOY fractions, but prasie Mo and call him a champion after running 6f in 1:13 3/5. Wake up man, your little pony is going to be in a world of trouble if he enters the gate in the KY Derby.


You called Brethren a cinch, what happened? Sure I picked Beamer, but I did not have 1 penny invested in the race. Now again you are crying out for Mo to be the next Triple Crown winner. Last year you insisted that Eskendereya was the next Triple Crown winner. It would be great for horse racing as a sport, but I don't see Mo as the horse to do it. It's funny how you don't hear one person claiming their top pick to be a Triple Crown winner. Only Pletcher horses get that kind of straight up hype.

13 Mar 2011 11:49 PM
Matthew W

Comma To The Top would've been second had Corey not gone out with the two burners--all he had to do was wait, five lengths back in third--owner/breeder/trainer Cho has two! Contenders! And his Premier Pegasus looked nice--that's how they run when they're ridden right! That's a contender, Mr Cho has bred a Derby contender, who won the San Felipe by 7 1/2/will be the Santa Anita Derby favorite, then on to Kentucky--as for Jaycito, he's my futures horse, but I really thought he would run better--he lugged way in--but beware of the Cali closers at Santa Anita--horses like Ferdinand, Alysheba, Real Quiet could not get there over the Santa Anita fast track--they got there in Kentucky--so, all in all, I still "like" Jaycito, being part of Baffert's "posse"-- I also like Premier Pegasus--and I love MoMo--good luck trying to beat him--maybe the 1 1/4 will beat him--he looks awe-fuly tough....

14 Mar 2011 12:08 AM
Matthew W

Big Tex Secretariat had stamina laden female family to go with the Bold Ruler sire line--the question about Uncle Mo is more profound than were the Bold Ruler questions about Big Red--MOST with this questionable lineage do not get the 1 1/4--if he gets it I'll be thrilled, he's some kinda animal, I just won't be taking a short price on such a questionable pedigree--so many have failed/have not been able to outrun their pedigree--I've just seen it so many times....

14 Mar 2011 12:20 AM
Matthew W

Footlick I had Cathy's Crunches win/show, thought about/wished I had boxed her with Cambina, they are both nice fillies....

14 Mar 2011 12:23 AM

Do you have any idea how dumb you all sound?  Uncle Mo has raced 4 times and 2 of them have been G1 races.  His next 4 races will ALL be G1 races.  Enough of this soft garbage stuff.  He came back off a 4 month layoff and looked great doing it.  He did what he had to do and not much more.  He is ready for 1 1/8th and then 1 1/4.  Look for his works to be faster than normal before the Florida Derby.

14 Mar 2011 12:23 AM
Melinda Christmas

Its funny how the fans always think how they feel is whats best for the horse they want to run against the other horse in their state. It reminds me of how everyone wanted the match between Rachel Alexandria and Zenyatta. We will have the big race in the Kentucky Derby, and may the best horse win.  The trainer has a feeling and instinct in whats best for the horse. He trains Mo. Why should they risk a good horse earlier.  Its Sheriffs call.

14 Mar 2011 12:53 AM

Jason, the key is that Mo beat Stay Thirsty 4 months ago. He hasn't peeked yet and Mo possibly has. That's the logic.

14 Mar 2011 1:24 AM
Mike Relva


My mistake.

14 Mar 2011 1:28 AM
Mike Relva


Keep your fingers crossed he stays sound long enough to get to the Derby in one piece.

14 Mar 2011 1:31 AM

"The derby is a race with glorious uncertainties that provides an opportunity for even the less brilliant to win.

Coldfacts 13 Mar 2011 10:43 AM"

Beautifully said!

14 Mar 2011 2:16 AM

On the San Felipe:

Yes, there was a pace meltdown.  While watching Premier Pegasus going into the winner's circle, I looked back up at the fractions and realized that Premier Pegasus's visually stunning move on the far turn was PARTLY an optical illusion, the result of the pacesetters stopping thru a 4th quarter in 25+.

However, remember that Premier Pegasus was at least 5 lengths off the lead, so his personal internal fraction during that move was really solid.  Actually, the type of move Premier Pegasus made in the San Felipe is the type of move than wins Derbys, and in the Derby it is not uncommon at all for the 4th quarter to be in the 25-26 second range, as the speed falls out on the far turn.

Premier Pegasus didn't beat enough in the San Felipe for that nearly 8 length win to vault him to the top of my rankings.   However, PrePeg did answer some significant questions, namely that he can rate(he had been a frontrunning sprinter), that he can get 2 turns, that he can accelerate when needed, and put to rest any doubts about dirt(he had made all his starts except the San Vicente on synth).

As for the San Vicente, it's form was certainly flattered by PrePeg's win.  If The Factor doesn't run them into the ground in the Rebel, Sway Away will be tough from the back of the pack.  The Arkansas horses, including Cali juvy star JP's Gusto, will need to step up their games as 2 of the 4 best Cali propsects come into town.

Jason is correct that the Santa Anita Derby will be very different from the San Felipe.  Gone will be the quick maidens.  The SA Derby will likely pick up Anthony's Cross, and maybe Riveting Reason, Silver Medallion, and Gourmet Dinner.  All 4 horses have tactical speed, but none are pure frontrunners.

Now, before going further, I want to make it clear I believe the horse I will mention next is not a true 10 furlongs, and likely not a 9 furlong horse, so I don't envision him sniffing the roses.  However, Comma to the Top actually showed me alot in the San Felipe, being the only horse near that pace to hang around in the stretch; both Albergatti and Runflatout were eased while Comma ran 4th.  In the Santa Anita Derby, Comma is likely to be all alone on the lead, and will then try to blow the race open on the turn.  I wouldn't be stunned if he still has the lead approaching the sixteenth pole.

The thing about PrePeg, Jason, is that he has already shown the tactical speed to lay much closer if the pace does come up soft.  After all, PrePeg was up near The Factor's 107 and 1 split in the San Vicente.  If need be, he could sit 2nd behind Comma, and then take him in the stretch.  The  problem I see is if his connections get too infatuated with his closing kick and take him back in the SA Derby regardless of the pace.  Because, getting back to Jason's original comment, one of the reasons that PrePeg's kick looked so stunning is that he was accelerating as the frontrunners were slowing considerably.  

Finally, I've liked Jaycito since the Del Mar Futurity.  The San Felipe was strictly a prep for him.  However, let's be clear about the San Felipe- he wasn't closing on PrePeg.  In fact, when PrePeg started his move, he was just 2 lengths in front of Jaycito.  While PrePeg took off, Jaycito was only able to grind away, and still lost by almost 8.  Jaycito will be better in the SA Derby, and the distance increase should also benefit him(although it shouldn't hurt PrePeg), but the fact is he has yet to run fast.  I'm not sure Jaycito is fast enough to win the Derby; he'll need to improve about 8 lengths over the next 2 months.

14 Mar 2011 5:03 AM
Pedigree Ann


Bold Ruler himself won the Preakness and defeated the Derby and Belmont winners at 10f under top weight in the Fall in the Trenton H. Physically, we knew Bold Rulers could run 10f well, but the famous Nasrullah temperament had to be under control and that usually happened when they were older, viz Bold Bidder. Many, including me (Sham supporter out on the West Coast) figured him to be cut from the same cloth as the rest, especially after the Wood, but he turned out to have the more easy-going Princequillo stayer's mentality.

14 Mar 2011 5:39 AM

Premiere Pegasus !!!!!

He will win the KY Derby....

Bet the house on it and remember where you heard it first......

14 Mar 2011 5:52 AM

It doesn't matter where Uncle Mo goes, he will win the Derby by open lengths.

Remember Pluck in the Juvenile Turf?  Trained by Mr. Pletcher.  Jogged in a race in which the owner, Barry Irwin said after the race, "I don't ever remember seeing a race like that let alone being involved in it."  The next day Mr. Irwin moved his barn to the respectable Graham Motion, including Pluck!  As we all observed on Saturday, Pluck couldn't hit the board in a 30K alowance race at Tampa.  

How about R Heat Lightning?  Runs into a freak in the BC and finishes a game second, while the rest were far behind.  Comes back at GP and runs a respectable race in defeat.  Next out at GP wins by ten?  A race run 2 seconds better than the boys  ran at the same distance.

How about Life at Ten?  Could hardly go around once as Mr. Pletcher, while in the paddock having learned that the horse wasn't right, basically indicated a let's wait and see attitude.  Wait for what?

While Mr. Repole has stated that he would like to run Uncle Mo in the Wood so family and friends and the fans of racing could get to witness this fine horse, I'm thinking Mr. Pletcher might prefer the friendly confines of Florida racing rather than the scrutiny of NYRA and the NYSRWB in New York.

I wish Mr. Repole all the best, but I'll never totally understand why he chose this trainer to manage such a wonderful horse.

14 Mar 2011 10:27 AM

Regardless of the path, the Triple Crown just flat out comes down to the horse not the connections.

14 Mar 2011 10:31 AM

All this hating on Uncle Mo's foundation heading into the Derby??Didn't he win the Breeders Cup juvenile as a 2yo at over a mile already?? This horse is a monster and will have a TON going for him in the Derby.He'll be in the first flight with presumably less traffic,he's won over the track,has a great rider and will get the jump on alot of the contending closers because he doesn't need the lead and can rate.I don't know about you but his billionare owner seems like a great guy regardless.I'll be rooting for Mo because he's SPA guy.

14 Mar 2011 10:33 AM

Forbidden Apple- I have to be honest.  The San Felipe did fall apart.  If Albergatti and Runflatout did not set those scorching fractions, which I doubt either of their trainers wanted, the race might have been different.  I'm taking nothing away from Premier Pegasus for saying that.  He was in the catbird seat when the pace fell apart.  He accelerated well and ran well.  I just have to see it in the Santa Anita Derby.  At least he has distance breeding.  Jaycito is still my horse as far as breeding goes.  But again I have to wait and see if Mr Baffert gets him to step up in the Santa Anita Derby.  He doesn't have to win for me, but he has to run well and run a race he can move forward from again.  But, I take nothing away from Premier Pegasus.  He was in the right place at the right time and was able to capitalize on it because he is a good horse.

14 Mar 2011 10:43 AM
Dr Drunkinbum


   That was a tremendous race by Comma. I was shocked he hung around after being a part of those fast fractions and multiplication tables. He gained my respect.

14 Mar 2011 11:40 AM

Just rewatched San Felipe.  Very impressed with PrePeg.  I know there was a pace meltdown, but more often than not, don't we have a pace meltdown in Louisville.  Seems to me that a horse that could rate mid-pack like PrePeg may be in a good position in the Derby and could get a jump on the closers.  Don't know much about the jockey though and would appreciate thoughts from those with more knowledge.  A little scared when he is breaking a 50+ race losing streak.

14 Mar 2011 11:44 AM

Well here we go again, Repole and Pletcher's turn to play the Moss's and Sheriffs. Everyone's got an opinion like everyone's got an...opinion. They are going to do what's best for the HORSE at this point and heck with the critics. Good for them. It's always a different story when you've got the top dog. Get him to the Derby first, sound and happy, then worry about winning it and the next two...

14 Mar 2011 11:47 AM


I agree with you that Uncle Mo's is an absolute beast! His hind quarters are freakishly huge. He's thick in all the right spots. The way he closed out his last eighth in less than 23.0 was truly a sight to behold. After the wire he kicked into another gear as if to show everyone he's the real deal. It seems like Uncle Mo has a great mind to go with that amazing physique. There's no doubt in my mind he can get the mile and quarter distance of the Kentucky Derby. As long as he stays happy and sound, he'll be real tough to beat from any post in the Derby. Uncle Mo just may have the most powerful stride that I've ever seen on any horse in my life.  

14 Mar 2011 12:23 PM


The race may have fallen in Premier Pagasus' lap, but from here on in if there is a lot of early speed, which we can expect in the major preps and probably the Derby itself, than the pace will fall in place for a lot of stalkers and come-from-behinders.  Hoses like Pegasus and Sway Away, though maybe sitting outside the radar a bit, could benefit as long as they keep their running style.  Soldat is not a horse that can be considered to have cheap speed.  He is the type that can persevere.  If he and Mo and maybe one or two others should hook up at some point, then we might see another Derby won from a horse coming from anywhere from mid pack to a stone cold closer.  That’s what makes this Derby so exciting in spite of the presence of Uncle Mo.  There are horses that excel on the front end, pace pushers, stalkers and deep closers.  Of course, if Uncle Mo is all that many of us think he is, all this talk could be for naught.

14 Mar 2011 12:34 PM

Why do people keep calling Uncle Mo a little colt? I've seen him up close and let me tell you he's not little. In fact, he's all muscle and it's long muscle. That's why he can cruise effortlessly.  

14 Mar 2011 12:44 PM

I like Uncle Mo liked in when I saw him in his 1st race. Watching on TV I didn't see what the trainer saw as in him galloping out. Many people don't like that he ran this race for one reason or another. I didn't see anything much except when he was challenged Uncle Mo seemed to be waiting for the jockey to give the command, and he did I was impressed on how the horse just took it out a notch the race reminded me of his 1st race he was very calm cool and collective. There are a few horse I like this year, Soldat and Uncle Mo are two along with a few others...I think the Florida Derby should be interesting I would not mind if Uncle Mo gets beat once before the derby so his odds go up a bit.....but I think either way if he wins his next race or losses I think he will run big in the Derby possibly a triple crown this year.

14 Mar 2011 12:48 PM
Ted from LA

Premiere Pegasus !!!!!

He will win the KY Derby....

Bet the house on it and remember where you heard it first......

Francisco 14 Mar 2011 5:52 AM

Francisco.  Francisco.  Francisco.

14 Mar 2011 12:53 PM

Matthew W- Cathy's Crunches ran another nice race!  You are right, they are both nice fillies.  Should be a good turf year so far.

14 Mar 2011 12:55 PM

Laz- as I said, I was not knocking Premier Pegasus.  Just looking at the race as I saw it.  Comma At The Top ran a gutsy race as the good Dr. said.  But he will probably have distance limitations.  Premier Pegasus accelerated like a good horse.  Jaycito needed a race and needs Mr Baffert to get a feel for him.  As far as Uncle Mo, all that race told me is that he can close fast after setting slow fractions.  He may be all you guys say he is, and as I said I will embrace him when he shows me.  But, going to the Derby off of a paid workout and then one two-turn race which also may come up light on talent is risky.  I think Mr Pletcher was mentioning the Florida Derby for a reason.  And I think that reason is that he feels Uncle Mo needs a tougher race than what the Wood may come up as.  But I've been wrong before and could be wrong again.  It may not matter where he runs and preps or how battle tested he is, according to some.

14 Mar 2011 1:07 PM

Dr Drunkinbum

Thanks for catching that, I had just noticed when I saw your reply. I really do hope to make it April 3rd!

14 Mar 2011 1:23 PM
Forbidden Apple

As far as the Wood Memorial curse goes, I believe it has to do with the loose track. I don't know exactly when the main track opens. It does not get used all winter long and then up pops the Wood Memorial, just a thought.


Albergatti and Runflatout fell apart, Premier Pegasus ran a brilliant race. He really surprised me when I watched him run the same race that Sway Away ran in the San Vicente. Right now I love the potential of Sway Away and Premier Pegasus for the upcoming preps. And I hope that The Factor runs another bang up race and sticks on the Triple Crown trail. If he does, Uncle Mo is going to have nightmares when he runs eye to eye with The Factor. The S.A. Derby should have ample speed to set things up perfectly for Premier Pegasus to run another corker. My question is, will Sway Away come back to Cali for the S.A. Derby if he wins or places in the Rebel?


I hope Myung Kwon Cho stays loyal to Quinonez, he seems to fit the horse well.


Premier Pegasus looked battle ready after the race with his powerful bowed warrior neck. He appeared to be breathing fire and wanted to run some more! I always enjoy watching a happy horse who loves his job.

14 Mar 2011 1:32 PM


I didn’t mean for you to think that I was knocking what you were saying.  I feel all your concerns about Mo and I also feel there might be a bit of a red flag.  The one thing that struck me about him on Saturday was his professionalism, like he knew what he was doing and was measuring his competition.  Sounds kind of crazy, but that's what I saw.  I also like the way they galloped him out into the turn.  The other concern is the fact that they are staying at Gulfstream, apparently because he is comfortable there.  I would rather see him go to the Wood, if only to get a climate change.  Uncle Mo is what Uncle Mo is.  He's already faced tough competition before in the BC Juvenile, to this point, still the toughest race all of them have been in.  Take him to the Wood, different competition, open him up than on to Kentucky.  The other thing is, if he does go in the Florida Derby, will the other potential starters still run in it or will some of them opt for another track and another race and wait until the Derby before facing him?   I’m sure they have options.  Should be interesting.  

14 Mar 2011 1:42 PM

Its funny to see the band wagon jumpers, all of a sudden 1 win and we have a new Ky Derby winner and most likely horse of the year and maybe even a triple crown winner for winning a race that fell apart at the top of the stretch on the concrete dirt track known as Santa Anita-Lax west. lol Classic

What happened to the days of allowing a horse to prove itself at least two races in a row, we've seen the best of PP and when he throws in a clunker like he will in the SA Derby we can call him Sidney's Candy II, the great west coast hope. Did you all up and leave Jaycito, remember how he was going to upset Mo in the BC Juvi, hilarious.

14 Mar 2011 2:08 PM

Upstate : No one is hating on UM, you said it yourself, he won at 8.5F as a 2 yr old.  1.5F makes a big difference and with a 20 horse field.  We haven't even mentioned the fact that he may get the 1 hole.  There are so many things to consider when picking horses for the Derby.  There are the Draynays and the Ranagulzions that likes to crown their picks way before the race.  Both of them were wrong on their horses last year.  Why is it so hard for you guys to understand that the Derby is not an easy race to win and that foundation is a big part of the preparation.  We all have to bet our own money on that race, some of us are willing to wait until he can show us some signs that he can get the 10F off of one prep race.  

If you want to put all your money on him to win the derby, feel free to do so, none of the people questioning his foundation is trying to change your mind, we're just stating our opinions.  We would love it if UM is 6-5 or lower come Derby time.  I wouldn't mind him beating me at that price.  I'll be rooting for Repole but I most likely won't bet his horse.

14 Mar 2011 2:35 PM
Dave R.

I thought Nick Zito should have run Dialed In the FOY.  It was 4 weeks after the Holy Bull and obviously from his work the same day, Dialed in was doing very well (5F in 59 2/5).  Instead he had to run in a short-field setup race and actually lost to his stable mate.

That is the problem with trainers of prime triple crown contenders today- THEY DON'T RUN THEIR HORSES.

So what if the horse loses a race.  He very likely would have gotten much benefit from the race and the competition if he is a true contender.  

Same with Uncle MO and Cal Nation.

Trainers - Please run your horses!

The industry wonders why there is lower fan interest.  That is a definite factor.

Change the Derby graded stakes criteria to reduce the effect of 2 yr old winnings and give more value to 3 yr old winnings so that there is more incentive for trainers and owners to run their best 3 yr olds in the Derby prep races.  Just maybe this would increase fan interest and improve the Derby fitness of the horses in the field.

14 Mar 2011 2:44 PM
mickey 1957

gunbow,remember when they all run with equal weight's and further distance,thing's change.

14 Mar 2011 2:54 PM

Sunday Silence took the San Felipe out of a 6 1/2 Allowance score.  People went hmmmm...won't be able to beat Houston in the Santa Anita Derby.  

Fusaichi Pegasus took the San Felipe in 2000 on his way to a Wood Score and The Kentucky Derby.

Perhaps Mo heard that Premier Peg was cross entered in the Wood as well.

So Mo basically goes into the Derby on 1 prep as I doubt Rattlesnake Bridge is eligible for the Florida Derby.

So ya got some Victory Gallop, Fusaichi Pegasus, and Indian Charlie all entering the gate the first Saturday in May.    

14 Mar 2011 2:57 PM
mickey 1957

let pre peg carry 126 lb,for the derby distance,you won't be able to find him.

14 Mar 2011 3:00 PM
needler in Virginia

gotigers1948, I agree completely. This is a case of  MAYBE the right horse with the ABSOLUTELY wrong trainer. After the debacle at the Breeder's Cup with two of Pletcher's horse showing no go at all, I'd be very worried that his big box method might not be right for this horse. Mo does appear to have a lot of talent, but his course to Churchill seems more than a bit odd to me. If I were Mr Repole, and I'm NOT, I'd have been looking for a better trainer than he now employs. AND DO NOT COME AT ME WITH THE ECLIPSE AWARD thing; the award is based clearly on winnings, which is only one way to judge a great trainer. Pletcher is in the same spot that Lukas and Baffert have been before. If, for some reason, you become a flavor of the month trainer, your clients will be people who only look at your bottom line and nothing else. These are the same folks who think of horses as another stock or bond or commodity investment. And, even the most avid Pletcher-lovers should agree that each horse is different and should be trained to bring out the very best the animal has to give. Sadly, we can't make living creatures behave and respond identically; nope, we have to allow for quirks and foibles and a fear of umbrellas and pigeons. The odds are that because Pletcher has so many of these clients with so much money, he will win races because he has such a large group of horses from which to choose. THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM A GOOD TRAINER; it only makes him a big box trainer who has no idea which horse is which without a map of the barn. It also gives him an edge derived from sheer numbers. Even a blind hog finds a truffle now and then!

Nah, I think Mo needs a better trainer, and if he had one I might be more inclined to jump on his bandwagon. I do like the owner and his approach, but I'm skeptical of Pletcher and will always be so. I'll always see film loops of Life at Ten and Quality Road NOT racing at the Breeder's Cup. Mo will have to go on to glory (OR NOT) without me, but he really doesn't care long as he gets his dinner, he'll probably be happier than that blind pig....well, you know what I mean.

Cheers and safe trips.

14 Mar 2011 3:24 PM

Pedigree Ann : If you would please indulge us and give us a rundown of Uncle Mo's pedigree and tell us which of his line you think would carry him to 10F.

14 Mar 2011 3:36 PM

If it's a wet Derby, I'm looking at two: Soldat and whoever Borel is on.

14 Mar 2011 3:47 PM

Jason : How about you put yourself out there and stop criticizing the folks questioning UM's path to the Derby and help us understand why there's no problem with a one prep race for the Derby.  Is it just because he beat a lot of these horses last year, 4 months ago ?  We all need your help, I'm pretty sure you have the answer.

14 Mar 2011 4:02 PM
Stephanie Q

Love Mo-That would be a Great Florida Deby!!

14 Mar 2011 4:04 PM

Who was that blogger that said UM's beyers would be stratospheric this that after the 89 in the Timely Writer ? or were you mistaken ?

14 Mar 2011 4:08 PM
no mo mo

Unca Schmoe is Favorite Trick and Arazi re-created. He WILL NOT win the KY Derby!! Let me know when he wins a 1 1/8 mile race or longer on the dirt at Saratoga, CD, or Belmont,(sound familiar draynay?).

He needs to go in the Fla. Derby to get anything out of a race. To go in the Wood against another nothing field will only add to his weak preperation and leave him a short horse come May. An 89 beyer in his return? LMAO!!

Best horse in training regardless of age? The 6th place finisher ran 2 lengths faster at the same distance, same track, two races after Unca Schmoes race and he was thoroughly whipped by the 5 who finished ahead of him.  

14 Mar 2011 5:55 PM
Mike Relva


You aren't fooling anyone!

14 Mar 2011 5:56 PM
Dr Drunkinbum


   You're welcome. I hope you make it there and have a fabulous and prosperous time. Even without Mo it will be a tremendous race.

Dave R.

   I agree. Homeboykris is the perfect example of the flaw. But I seriously doubt if there will be any changes.

14 Mar 2011 6:18 PM

It was "jon" that posted the beyer stuff, he said UM this year will be in the 120-130s BUT, but we'll have to wait until the Belmont to find out how much UM will beat Secretariat's 139, not if, but how much according to him (UM will supposedly shatter Secretariat's record by 2-3 seconds).  He may have already jumped off UM though, don't see him posting anymore.  He probably didn't like the 89 beyer from the Timely

Here's who UM destroyed in last year's GreyGoose BC:

Riveting Reason


J.B.s Thunder

Boys At Toscanova


Stay Thirsty

Rogue Romance


J.Ps Gusto

From that list, I only see 3 contenders for this year's derby, one of them, Jaycito, didn't really run in the race so I wouldn't count that race for Jaycito.  The other two are Stay Thirsty and JPs Gusto.

I'm not hating on UM, just showing you folks why I don't think he is a lock for the Derby.  There's too many flags.  His pedigree, his one prep, his not really tested.  I do wish that you all bet the farm on him on Derby day though.  I have a feeling that someone will jump off him, a last minute jump to the true top horse coming into the Derby.

The Rebel should be an interesting race, I doubt very much that anyone will go with The Factor, or that anyone can.  If he holds his speed, which is what Baffert wants to find out.  He'll take the Rebel and then, the Derby pace will get even more interesting...

14 Mar 2011 7:16 PM
Greg J.

Uncle Mo is by far the class of this year's three year olds, not even close, IMHO.  It doesn't matter where he runs next, if he is in the starting gate on the first Saturday in May, he will win.  Why not keep him happy and keep him in Florida?  Good call if they do...

14 Mar 2011 7:19 PM

I like it, plain and simple.  I think the Florida Derby is a great prep race, I actually like it better than the Wood Memorial.  Ok, I'm all for this move.  Mo would then get to face my other favorite, Soldat.  It's easier shipping wise, maybe no need to return to NY at all until after the Derby.  And Mo, Soldat, Dialed In, THAS, etc. may all face each other again on Derby Day, just what you want to see.  Mo seems to love Florida and Churchill I say do it.  Mo may just be that good which gives them more flexability to play with his race schedule.  The more I think about it the more I like it, Go Team Mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Mar 2011 7:56 PM

I'm laughing because we're already starting this "Uncle Mo hasn't beat anything" rhetoric.  It's funny because there hasn't been ANYTHING for ANYONE to beat because this is the softest group of 3 year olds we've seen in a long time.  

Even though Uncle Mo is the best 3 year old right now, that really doesn't say much does it?  We also know that the best 3 year old is never a shoe in for the winner circle at Churchill Downs the first Saturday in May.

I haven't been less excited about 3 year olds in a long time.  But I am pulling for Uncle Mo to wake me up!

14 Mar 2011 8:07 PM
Jean in Chicago

Off topic, but great news that John Shear is improving and that surgery seems to have gone well for Always A Princess.  Terrible news about Fort Hughes.

14 Mar 2011 8:12 PM

To me, I don't see how one could not be impressed with Uncle Mo( love the name). He has a ton of talent, but he also possesses a great mind. That is a big key to handling a huge crowd a CHD, which we already know he can do. My question is this: A big deal was being made out of the fact that Johnny V rode him out strongly quite a way after the wire. If they were looking to get more out of the race then why did they have GS change the distance of the race for them from the original 2 turn distance. I think he wouuld have benefitted more from this same race had they left the distance alone. Hopefully wherever they decide to go with him for his final prep he will get a little stiffer test. Notice I said a little, I think it is important to go into the classics with a little bit of a fresh horse.

14 Mar 2011 8:23 PM
White baller

Wow jayjay you hate on mo so much you are trying to make everyone believe that he will only have 1 prep. The negativity and narrow mindedness is shocking. Then you have another relva in needler trying to diminish the training of a lifetime horseman, and it seems like relva and needler base this off of a few horses running bad races? Give it a rest people. Lastly if you all think a speed horse from santa Anita will be the same as at oaklawn you all have a lot to learn.

14 Mar 2011 8:55 PM
Anthony RG

Premier Pegasus has the bloodlines to have a huge say come the first Saturday in May. If he came out of the San Felipe OK the SA Derby will be his true prep for the Kentucky Derby.  I was at the starting gate before the San Felipe and noticed that this horse was ready to run, his action after the race is usually reserved for seasoned Champions.  I want Uncle Mo to dominate his final prep so that I can get a decent price on Premier Pegasus.  It is time the Westcoast puts another horse in the Derby winner's circle  

14 Mar 2011 9:06 PM
Paula Higgins

I think I am beginning to think like those that feel Mo should go to the Florida Derby. He needs one really challenging race. I am not sure the Wood will do it. However, this could all be moot and he is the second coming of Secretariat and doesn't really need it. I can only hope because I really like this guy and his owner.

14 Mar 2011 9:31 PM

You people are such pretenders.  Uncle Mo wins by 4 in a hand ride off a 4 month layoff and it's not good enough for you?  Look, he is now just 4 races away from greatness and there is nothing you can do about it.  He will be 1 to 9 in the Wood and 9 to 5 in the Derby and 1 to 9 in the Preakness.  The favorite will win every race whether you like it or not.  Uncle Mo is your Wood winner and Derby winner get use to it.

14 Mar 2011 9:54 PM
mickey 1957

brethren ran the exact race that pletcher,wanted....gas him from a outside post and blow him out as long as he run's, same as super saver did last year....brethren will come back in the arkansas derby,finish in the top 3.....pletcher will,then put borel on him and the rest is history.

14 Mar 2011 10:00 PM
Forbidden Apple

Some of you may be calling Premier Pegasus the flavor of the week, whatever. This horse was undefeated as a 2 year old at 5 1/2F,6F, and 7F. And then in his first start of 2011 he chased a 43 2/5 half mile and still was only beaten 3 lengths by The Factor and the train named Sway Away. I give all the credit to the trainer and the jockey for allowing this horse to take a breather and not burn himself out early. With only 2 or 3 prep races for most horses, I find that it's okay to jump on the now horse. When you find talent, stick with it and enjoy the ride. I am not one that is hard headed and stuck on 1 horse like almost every single Uncle Mo fan. The Derby Dozen is a way for me to track horses and keep an eye open for new talent. I have about five horses right now that could be strong KY Derby contenders. In the case of Premier Pegasus, I had written him off as a sprinter. The breaking news in the horse racing world is that Premier Pegasus can flat out run!

14 Mar 2011 10:04 PM
mickey 1957

NO MO MO....just might be the smartest guy on here,mo has NO chance of winning the derby,if they prep him in the wood ,he's done for sure......pletcher is taking repole for a ride,give him just enough to keep him in the game,come on people,his loyalty is to winstar.....

14 Mar 2011 10:08 PM
Forbidden Apple

The truth is that two Cali horses are going to invade the Rebel. The Mo clan better hope that The Factor does not take to 2 turns. He will give Mo nightmares if they ever meet up. Don't underestimate Sway Away, he finishes like a Maglev train! It's sounding like the Mo lovers are feeling the Cali pressure.

I was never excited about Jaycito last year or this year, so yes I have moved passed him completely. I also lost some respect for the blatant arrogance of Bob Baffert. I can not believe that he called the stewards and Rosario to discuss the Big Cap inquiry. He should be fined for his actions. Horse racing so desperately needs a commissioner like all other major sports. Two years ago we had a trainer using snake venom, last year we had L@Ten break out of the gate last and finsih last with more than $1 million bet on her. Please, someone needs to get together and build this sport up and clean it up.

14 Mar 2011 10:24 PM


You should do a story on Tackleberry.  A horse who is the Rodney Dangerfield of racing right now.  He also runs on no Meds gee imagine that.  He has done nothing wrong.

I liked the first 3 posts here.  As much as I want to believe in Mo, and he is an Indian Charlie.....they snap. The Timely Writer was a walkover, and WHO did he run against?   Until he gets dirt in his face in a 20 horse field and gets knocked around and wins, then As both Mig and Stevens have said, lets see how he handles it.   I hope he does be nice to believe and have a horse win the TC. But the TW proved not much other than a run around the track and showing he could gallop out and look good.  Only 4 horses YAWN!

Mickey 1957.......yes on Bretheren with Pletcher....and I had myself a lovely trip to the window because I bet Watch Me Go!

14 Mar 2011 10:46 PM
jamie d

read my lips.uncle mo will be nowhere around in the derby. if he goes into the florida derby he will get my own opinion he needed to get pushed early in his three yrar old campaign but  since this is his only going to be his 2nd start for the year they have no room for errors. we'll see what kind of monster he iscome the first saturday in may. i'll take dialed in as my pick,he has already been challenged and punched in the face,cant say that about mo.

14 Mar 2011 10:47 PM

mickey 1957- unless I am mistaken, with the exception of fillies, every horse in the Derby has to carry 126.  So I'm just wondering why Premier Pegasus is the only one who will be affected by the 126 impost?

14 Mar 2011 10:53 PM
Mike Relva


You don't have to sell me regarding Pletcher. If you've read any of my posts,he isn't exactly on my 'hit parade".

14 Mar 2011 11:16 PM
Mike Relva


I'm flattered you've read my comments.....not.

14 Mar 2011 11:18 PM

White Baller : My bad, I didn't hear about UM running in the Florida Derby then the Wood.  Sorry about that, I have to go search the articles now and see how they plan on doing that.  That is what you mean by having more than one prep correct ?  He's running in the FD and Wood?  If not, please clarify what the other prep is/was.  Thanks.

Of course, you refuse to read my comments about not hating on Mo, because for you guys, any question about Mo is hatred.  Forget logic, it's all pure hate.  There really shouldn't be any concern for the UM fans, people who doesn't believe he will win will only be losing their money to you guys who will be betting on UM.  Shouldn't that make you happy ?

14 Mar 2011 11:20 PM

Forbidden Apple- I have no problem with Premier Pegasus, nor do I think he is a flavor of the week, as he was highly thought of as a two year old.  But I can't call him brilliant off of 1 race.  He ran a great race, but I need to see him run that same dominating race without a ridiculous pace in front of him again.  He rated well behind that pace, and I need to see him relax well behind a more moderate pace.  But that is what I need to see out of him.  It isn't what everybody needs to see out of him, I guess but it is what I need to see.  He is bred to go long so I am excited to see how he does at 9 furlongs.  Jaycito will get blinkers back for the Santa Anita Derby and he is also bred to go long.  I will lean toward Jaycito because of Mr Baffert, but believe me, Premier Pegasus has been on my radar since he was a two year old.

14 Mar 2011 11:34 PM

Okay, so for those that truly believe MO is the Kentucky Derby winner, I have a $500 (giveaway) bet.  This post is for the following bloggers :

Ranagulzion, White Baller, jon, The Bid, Upstate.

Whoever replies first gets to win my $500 (giveaway) bet if Mo wins the Derby, doesn't matter if it's by a whisker or by 50 lengths, doesn't matter what odds.  If he wins, you get $500 from me, if he doesn't, you send me your $500.  

Since all of you I've listed pretty much think Uncle Mo is a lock, there's no reason not to take my $500 right ?  I'm willing to get beat (and lose $500) if I'll get to see a monster TC winner this year, not much to risk considering the reward (to me personally).  SO whichever one of you who responds first, gets to make the bet with me.  Remember, if Uncle Mo doesn't win, you'll have to suck it up and pay me :)  No excuses, when the gate opens and he comes out of it, the bet is on.  If he doesn't run, then there's obviously no bet.

Please, please no excuses as to why you can't bet because from your posts, you already declared him the winner, no doubt about it attitude.

I was going to add Jason but he just won't go out there and say who his pick is for the Derby.  I have a feeling it's the same as Draynay though.

I almost added Draynay to the list but there's no way I can trust this man to pay up if UM doesn't win.  He'll make his normal excuses as to why he doesn't have to pay.  LOL

14 Mar 2011 11:48 PM

Where Mo races or who he faces prior to the 1st Saturday in May is irrelevant. He's already proven he can travel. He's proven he has a professional mindset. He's proven he can face the very best in his class on championship day in the midst of a circus-like atmosphere and still outclass his rivals in a business-like manner.

Unlike the rest of the Derby hopefuls, he's already answered those questions. Armchair critics might need them re-answered, but the guy training Mo and the guy who owns Mo already know whether those answers have changed or not. I'd guess not.

The whole point of the Timely Writer was to establish a baseline for his mental and physical fitness. His competition was irrelevant. Mo looked professional and push button and based on his public "workout," it looks like he's in the right spot.

Whether he races in FL or NY only has bearing on which one will bring him to the Derby at his peak physical and mental fitness with the best chance of winning it all.

I'm waiting until the Derby to be impressed, and I don't think Mo will disappoint. At the end of Derby day, I for one, won't remember who won the Rebel or the San Felipe. Nor do I care.

15 Mar 2011 12:37 AM
needler in Virginia

White baller, you like Pletcher....that's fine with me, but don't expect me to be insulted by your calling me "another relva". That's NOT an insult, and, the last I looked, Mike and I have been known to disagree about a lot of things. Pletcher's supposed "horsemanship", or lack thereof, I think is NOT a point on which Mike and I disagree. As I said previously, even a blind hog can find a truffle now and then; Pletcher found his truffle last year. NONE OF THIS IS TO SLAM MO.......I SAID I think he has talent, but we haven't seen ANY shining star YET this year, so allow me to be VERY skeptical about a January favorite having a chance at the first Saturday in May. It's still a long, long time until the horse years, that is.

C'mon White baller, lighten up, and thanks for the intended insult which failed.........

Cheers and safe trips.

15 Mar 2011 1:05 AM

White baller:

Obviously you are having  some memory troubles because you do not remember that Cali based horses swept the 3 Oaklawn prep races last year.

Southwest: Conveyance(a gray speed horse by the way)

Rebel: Lookin at Lucky

Arkansas Derby: Line of David(another speed horse).

And not only that, Cali based speed horses have won the last 3 Arkansas Derbys.

Gayego in 2008, Papa Clem in 2009, Line of David in 2010.

The Factor may or may not win the Rebel, but if he loses it will be the result of distance limitations not because Cali horses can't transfer their form to Oaklawn.  Oaklawn has for a long time been a track Cali shippers have had great success at.

15 Mar 2011 1:12 AM

Is everyone blind or did they not see Uncle Mo run against a large field at Churchill just a few months ago?  Did you people not see him whip all those horses?  Wake up.  You think a few more is going to bother him ?  Stop it.

15 Mar 2011 3:39 AM

Regarding Mo and which race they choose for him...Wood Memorial or Florida Derby..., they'll wait and see which one looks to be coming up easier and select that one.  Meanwhile, poor Stay Thirsty's schedule depends on what's "in the best interest" of Mo. Fly Stay Thirsty back and big deal. We can't have Mo hindered in any way; no obstacles or make him travel unless it's absolutely necessary.  

15 Mar 2011 8:42 AM

Not convinced all these "prep" races are even necessary if you go back to the early 1900's and how well trainers actually trained off season. Check Man O'Wars record for the heck of it. First race of the year for him as a 3 yr old? The Preakness. He did have a much more substantial 2YO season of course. Still Mo has been working with Stay Thirsty, no slouch.

15 Mar 2011 9:27 AM
Zens Auntie

This is good news for MO and all his FL fans.  

Who wants to go to yucky old New York when you can stay in Paradise? I can hear the old guys now “Listen, Dolly Vood shmud stay a vile in da sun”

I hope he heads to CD early though, just to get the feeland difference in climate air water you know...

I might have to head back down for this. (FF miles to share anyone?)  If it is true, it will be a fantastic card.  

I can not see what is not to like about this horse. He does have a terrific physique balance and Power plus a mind showing composure and an ability to move forward and stay focused off distraction.  Certainly he is built both mentally and physically, to take the roughness of the KD and if he gets any kind of decent trip it could be His. Pedigree is only so much of a horses ability (and just where does it say in there he cant get 10? its just silly)  Mo looks like he wants to win and 10F does not look like too much for him.

His head pumping lever action powerful pulling front end is so tasty.  Mike is so blessed to have two nice colts but Mo is the bomb. Anyone who cannot see him for the nice talented colt he is and the cream of this crop is BIASED or perhaps blind. Just turn off the sound and look at the horse.

Who is surprised by this audible? Three cheers for candid speach Mike! Mo loves the area and PM he wants to go 2 turns at GP,  Obviously. Clearly he relishes the surface they LOVE him and will make every concession the team might hope for, the FD is every bit as legitimate as the WM so why leave.  

15 Mar 2011 10:12 AM
Billy's Empire

I read that Mo is 99.99% going to the WOOD. Stay Thirsty to the FLA Derby. That is the plan.

No Game on Dude in Dubai, but Euroears is going. No Chamberlain Bridge either, could not get a flight....

I thought Uncle Mo just had a prep on Saturday? He has another in April. My math may not be that good, but I am pretty sure 1 + 1 equals 2? Jay, are you saying that the prep on Sat. did not count?

Are you calling it a paid workout? That is the level you have to stoop to trying to diminsh a horse's accomplishments.

For now on, according to Jay Jay, if you are not racing in a graded stakes race, it is not considered a prep.

Do you consider Alternations race against older horses, where he won by over 3, a prep?

Do you consider Dialed In's allowance race against older a prep?

15 Mar 2011 11:21 AM
Billy's Empire

BTW, I am going on vacation, so I hope you all miss me while I am away celebrating the greatest weekend of the year, NCAA Tourney TIME!! Play nice!

15 Mar 2011 11:36 AM
Zens Auntie

I Love RFO Zoo he is a fine colt and ready to run and move up.

That was a for big boy’s race and I was a bit worried about too much early speed - it was like quarter horsie fast...

In the very cool prerace interview I kinda heard they wanted to clear and not get squished from the team and I think it came to be a good Idea taken too far. Like bluing used to whiten hair subtle works best - He’s built to do this dance and he just may prefer a lindy to a waltz stay high on him he looked good out front I'd like to see a more realistic spot for him to achieve next time. If the number one KD pick can run ungraded in a prep so can RFO this horse will be a stakes winner, He is something special.

15 Mar 2011 12:10 PM
Zens Auntie

enjoy your trip BE but I hope you are wrong.  Dont Go Mo!

Hey Jason ya think Mike reads this? If so, Dont go Mo!

Oh, Needler dont beat around the bush so much please, once and for all, tell us how you really feel.

snorf,giggle, honestly, LOL!

15 Mar 2011 12:28 PM

You people are such pretenders.  Uncle Mo wins by 4 in a hand ride off a 4 month layoff and it's not good enough for you?  Look, he is now just 4 races away from greatness and there is nothing you can do about it.  He will be 1 to 9 in the Wood and 9 to 5 in the Derby and 1 to 9 in the Preakness.  The favorite will win every race whether you like it or not.  Uncle Mo is your Wood winner and Derby winner get use to it.

Draynay 14 Mar 2011 9:54 PM

what happen to the belmont? i thought you said he'll win the TC lol he was impressive can't knock him on that.

of course ill have to find a new derby horse since sweet ducky going overseas. i guess it will be jaycito even though i'm not fond of zayat but it seems to me that nobody wants him. i guess he's mine! :)

15 Mar 2011 12:34 PM

Billy- have a good tournament!

15 Mar 2011 12:57 PM


Enjoy the tourney. Anyone but DUKE and UNC!

15 Mar 2011 1:15 PM

Billy :  Do you know what a prep race is ?  There's a BIG hint in the word itself.  PREParing, PREParation....get it now ?

Dialed In got much much more out of the allowance race in PREParing him for the Derby.  Alternation got a LOT out of that win to PREPare him for the Rebel.  

Do you know what a prep race is ?  What did Uncle Mo get out of that paid workout ?

15 Mar 2011 1:20 PM

It figures that none of the ballers that said UM is a lock for the Derby is responding to my bet.  I knew not one would put their money where their typing skills are.  So much for the sure win in the Derby, obviously the same folks have doubts or they would've taken my $500 without even thinking about it.

15 Mar 2011 1:36 PM

Draynay, what I saw at Churchill was Mo whipping a bunch of green 2 year olds. Let me know when he faces something good.

15 Mar 2011 1:37 PM
Jason Shandler

Yeah Billy. Dont you know that Jayjay knows more than Todd Pletcher? After all, he is as shrewd as they come to preparing horses to win big races. Nobody watches horses from the TV screen and bets on which ones looked prettiest better than Jayjay.

Do you realize how foolish you sound dude? You're boring all of us.

15 Mar 2011 1:48 PM

Billy : Sorry I missed responding on one of your post to me :

" Are you calling it a paid workout? That is the level you have to stoop to trying to diminsh a horse's accomplishments. "

Don't be so dramatic with this,  IT WAS a paid workout.  Geez.    If that was Zenyatta that ran that race, you'd be all over it like white on race calling it a weak race, and probably have a few harsh words about her connections.  Stop being such a hypocrite man.  YOU know it's a paid workout, don't try and put any value on that race like it was a real prep, like it helped prepare UM to run in a 10F race.  He needs to run in a distance race with a lot of horses that pushes him back a bit and see if he can keep his focus and win the race.

He may indeed be a freak, but it still doesn't make the TW a true prep for the Kentucky Derby.  Ask anyone with knowledge of this game and that race, they'd tell the same thing.  You make yourself look silly trying to diss me.  As Draynay says, Stop It. LOL

15 Mar 2011 2:00 PM

Jason : Let me ask you, what did you think of the Timely Writer as far as preparing Uncle Mo for the Derby ??    Let's hear it...don't be foolish like Billy and defend that race like it meant anything.

15 Mar 2011 2:02 PM
Jason Shandler

Since when is a one-mile race not a prep for the Derby? Ever hear of the Lecomte, Holy Bull, the Southwest? You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. None.

You are trying to compare an older horse's schedule with a 3-year-olds? Huh?

15 Mar 2011 2:05 PM

You don't get it and you probably never will.  What did that race do to help Uncle Mo prepare him for the Derby ? I know about mile prep races and Holy Bull is one of them, because there were legit horses in it.  Dialed In wasn't the heavy favorite in that race, he wasn't a shoe in and yes, he got more out of that race than UM got out of the TW.

I'm specifically talking about the TW, the horses he ran against, what did it do to help him prepare for the Derby ???   Answer the question and stop trying to diss me to avoid the question, makes you look like you have no idea what you're talking about.

15 Mar 2011 2:11 PM
Carlos in Cali

Jon, right on! UM is their Chosen One while Stay Thirsty is his sparring partner,what can you say.

On another note; Mott should start thinking about replacing JVelasquez on THS for his next race,it's only fair to the horse.

15 Mar 2011 2:19 PM
Jason Shandler

He got plenty out of it. He galloped out an extra furlong and I was told he ran a sub 1:50 for nine furlongs. The timing was perfect for him and that's why they ran on March 12. What's the difference between running in that race or the Tampa Bay Derby? An extra sixteenth of a mile? Big deal. The field for the TBD was strong? Better look again.

They have the best horse and they know it. Their goal is to keep him happy and healthy going into the Derby. We saw the last two years with Eskendereya and IWR that getting there is half the battle. You cant control who shows up in a race, but the point is that a one-mile is perfectly acceptable to start at. Some people were criticizing Mott for brining THAS back at nine furlongs instead of one mile in the Holy Bull. It's all subjective. But these are HOF trainers that know a heck of a lot more about how to prepare horses than some guy who writes on a blog.

15 Mar 2011 2:24 PM
mickey 1957

footlick.....because he's the new click horse.....every weekend a diff. horse,win's a prep,all the pretender's on him.

15 Mar 2011 2:34 PM
mickey 1957 think it might be,because he finished ahead of jaycito,which I believe in a match race jaycito would beat pre.peg...say 9 out of 10 times,sway away would also beat him most of the time.....jaycito carried 123 only going to pick up 3 more,pre.peg will pick up 8 more going 3/16 further....sorry.

15 Mar 2011 2:44 PM

Jason : Also, if you really believe that TW was a prep race, how come you haven't come out and say that UM will win the Derby, how come you haven't written a blog about UM being the beast of the 3 yr old crop this year just like you did last year with QR.   If you think the same way as Draynay, Ranagulzion, The Bid, Billy's Empire about UM's ability to win the Derby, how come you haven't said one word about him winning the Derby ?  What's the reservation ?  What's stopping you from proclaiming him the winner of the Derby in March ??

My point in all of this bantering is that I don't believe UM has the foundation to win the Derby, I don't believe the TW did anything to help him win a 10F race.  He wasn't pushed, he wasn't tested.  He will have one race against some quality horses prior to the Derby.  If you were betting, would you bet him to win the Derby knowing he will have one distance against quality horses?  Be honest.

15 Mar 2011 2:45 PM
mickey 1957

jason,compared to your cohort,you are by far the better handicapper,and generaly make more sense,fact:haskins has not picked a tc winner since the 2002 belmont,but dude lay off what ever it is your smoking....your starting to sound like draynay.

15 Mar 2011 2:50 PM
Jason Shandler

Jayjay: if I HAD  to bet the Derby now I would absolutely bet Uncle Mo. He is so much better than any 3YO Ive seen so far its not even close.

However, for the 100th time, I'll say this again: I never pick a winner of any race before the entries come out. Doesnt make any sense. I will wait until I have all the information and get to see the horses on the track and up close on Derby week. Its one of the reasons why I stopped doing a top 10 list. Everyone has their own opinions and it seems that every time a horse wins a prep race they are the new buzz. The lists mean very little. As with the BC Classic and every other major race, my selections will be in writing and on video. You will know who I like Jayjay, so stop trying to paint me as someone who is hedging. I like Uncle Mo, always have, and nothing has changed.

15 Mar 2011 2:58 PM
mickey 1957

last year MO hooked a bunch of green,inexpirenenced horse's....NO factors,flashpoints,why did'nt pletcher run brethren in the breeders cup,No pre.pegs etc...this horse is in trouble,no 3yr old foundation,terrible dosege,I would venture to say,if he finhishes in the top 5,of the derby that would be a moral victory.

15 Mar 2011 3:00 PM
Billy's Empire

Jayjay, you are digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole. You should really stop the shenanigans. You are telling people that have much more knowledge than you that they are wrong, and it is all based on YOUR OPINION.

Jason, 149 1/5. I timed it myself 3 times.

15 Mar 2011 3:02 PM
The Rock

One things for sure in my mind, we will not see a triple crown winner for a very very long time. These horses are not trained to go the three rounds that is the Triple Crown. The trainer's focus is on one race, and that's the derby. Deservedly so, its the greatest race in North America. But until these horses start putting in some stamina into their works and run in more preps prior to the derby like what was done back in the 70's, its gonna take a horse with remarkable talent and who's by far and away the best horse of his generation to get it done. And even that alone sometime is not enough ie; (Big Brown, Smarty Jones)

15 Mar 2011 3:08 PM
needler in Virginia

Zen's Auntie.......I MUST thank you!! I have NEVER been accused of being subtle, so I'm taking the irony as a compliment, and those are pretty thin on the ground right now. I DID major in irony in college and try to keep my hand in now and then, but you've got me beaten. At the very least, though, one always knows where I stand!

Few cheers to a few........

15 Mar 2011 3:11 PM
mickey 1957

billy....that knowledge you talk about is'nt yours is it.....the last time I checked you were running,your mouth about archarcharch in the smarty jones stakes...and I told you what would happen in the southwest,but like draynay,you disappear or forget or don't answer back.

15 Mar 2011 3:44 PM
larry, curly, but not mo

Beating unseasoned youngsters or weaklings last year means nothing this year. Just ask RA who's reputation benefited by the name of the races she ran in and not by the competition she faced. Her sophomore year turned out to be a disaster when she finally met some decent horses. Mo is from the same mold. He will not win the KY Derby.  

15 Mar 2011 3:46 PM


Great blog as always.  Same people too.

I agree with The Rock.  I don't think we will see a TC winner for a very long time if ever.  Uncle Mo is a wonderful, talented colt and if he gets the dream trip, he will probably win the derby but that's a big if.  20 horse field, lots of traffic and danger and what if it comes up sloppy again?  Changes the dynamics of the race.

We've seen that in the last two.

I think by the time the April preps are run the picture will be a lot clearer.  I'm still stunned by the fact that UM is only running twice before the derby.  I  remember when Barbaro hadn't raced in 5 weeks people were saying he would never win the derby.  That was a horse that would have won the TC had he not broken down.  Horses don't seem to be as durable now and they don't work or race as much as they did years ago.  I don't know if that's the training or the fact that the horses being born don't have the stamina and strength anymore.  They are all from a very small gene pool. Certainly Mo will not be tired when he goes to the Derby but will those two races going into the TC give him the strength he will need for all three?  As Jason says, Todd Pletcher is a very good trainer and knows what he's doing but I just can't see Mo winning the Belmont.  I could very well be wrong.  Maybe Uncle Mo is a super horse and will do it but I just can't see it.  I've been around too long I guess but I do wish him and his connections good luck and safe trips.  I'm thinking it's time for a California horse to win the Derby.  It's been way too long!

15 Mar 2011 3:48 PM

Jason : That is just hilarious.  So now, you are the all expert and the smart one because you're waiting to see and get all the information before picking a horse.  All my posts about these horses are about waiting for their prep races, telling the Draynays and the Ranagulzions about proclaiming the Derby winner this early and yet you're on my case.  I get it that you can't pick on Draynay because he's a draw to your blog but don't try and tell me I don't know anything about horse racing because I've won more money than you have last year and I really don't care if you believe it or not.    Really funny that you love pickin on my posts, I think you're still mad about me hitting the Penfecta from last year and you missing out on your lone longshot pick the whole year lol.  It's over,.  Move on.  I'm sure you'll mention your $100 win again, and so I'll remind you, you didn't win that bet against me, I gave it to you by giving you the field.  So stop  acting like you picked the winner on our bet lol.

Billy : You're the one who keep digging a hole for yourself trying to diss me.  You haven't answered my reply to your "TW is a prep race".  Keep it comin'... or just do what you do best, ride Draynay and Jason's coattails.

15 Mar 2011 3:50 PM

After Premier Pegasus won the Hollywood Prevue as a two-year-old, he instantly popped up on my Derby list. This horse can really glide across the track and he has alot of natural speed. It was nice to see Jockey, Alonso Quinonez, settle him in the back early and patiently wait for the perfect time to start his move and pounce on the quarter horses. I also like the way Jaycito rallied 5-wide around the turn and then had a horse drift out on him, so he shifted inside, and in between horses, to finish up nicely for the place. That was a good race for his comeback and should serve him well for the Santa Anita Derby. I feel both of these horses are legit and will be tough to tackle in three weeks.    

15 Mar 2011 3:53 PM
Jason Shandler

Jayjay: Jaxson is wearing his Jordan sneakers today and yesterday wore the sweatsuit that you bought him again. He now calls you Uncle Jayjay. We thank you again for you donation and look forward to taking more of your money again in a few weeks.

15 Mar 2011 3:59 PM

Geez jayjay need some attention? I bet the pool and got 3 to 1.  Why on earth would I take even money with you when I got 3 to 1?  If you want to give me 3 to 1 I will bet you 500 bucks.  Step up or shut up you're getting to a bit boring.  I was AT THE RACE and Uncle Mo got plenty out of it.  If you saw him run half way around the track after the wire you would know that.  If you saw the horse in person and how muscular and fit he looks you would have a much different opinion of the horse.  I was with some very experience horseman and they all agreed he is a very special horse.  It's very obvious just like it was very obvious Big Brown was special.  Several years ago on this very blog I repeated over and over again how Big Brown was a lock for the Derby and there were plenty of people like you telling me he can't win from the 20 post blah blah blah.  Funny thing, after the race they all fell silent as will you after Uncle Mo rolls in the Derby just like he did in the Breeders Cup.  How many horses going into the Derby have a G1 win going 2 turns at Churchill?  Give it a rest.

15 Mar 2011 4:15 PM

Jason, you writing "You cant control who shows up in a race" made me smile.

I'm sure needler in Virginia and Zen's Auntie get the irony.

15 Mar 2011 4:17 PM

Jason : Easy to say after the fact that TBD field wasn't strong but regardless of what the outcome was, TDB was 5 times tougher than the TW race.  You're showing your draynay side by saying the TDB wasn't that much tougher than the TW race.     If you really believe that him galloping out to 1 1/8 after that public workout will help him win the Derby then you still have a lot to learn.  If it was that easy, connections will find it easier to target the BC juvenile race to make the earnings and then just train to the kentucky derby by galloping miles in and miles in their workout.  It doesn't work that way dude.

And you ignore the fact that I said, if he beats me at 6-5 or 8-5 or even 9-5, I wouldn't mind.  It wouldn't bother me because that tells me he's the real deal but I'm not putting my money on him.   If he wins the derby off of one prep race, then i'll become a believer and will support him to win the TC.  Until then, YOU can put your money on him but don't insult me because I won't bet him and I don't agree with their plan.  What was that thing you always say...something to the effect of it's your money, you'll gamble it the way you want to.  Well, guess what I'm gambling with my money.   And after the derby, I'll gamble yours and draynay's money in the Preakness lol.

15 Mar 2011 4:18 PM


15 Mar 2011 4:18 PM
Jason Shandler

Glad you got a chuckle out of it Tiznow. If you're referring to what I think you are, the Timely Writer was OPEN to any 3-year-old, not 3-year-olds of a certain sex. Stop the comparisons with 3-year-olds and older horses please. Three-year-olds have the Triple Crown to prove themselves. That's more than enough. I will say it again: she lost, get over it. Its been over for months now.

15 Mar 2011 4:26 PM
Zens Auntie

...and here, I felt like the Irony Queen the other day - had to press like 10 shirts to send THE MAN on the road.  

I just Loved the 3:24 post is all Needler.

By the way folks speaking of LOVE can we get just one minute of love for a 3 year old 9 furlong wire to wire graded stakes winner on the GP 3/12/11 card?

That's right blog doggers, Joes Blazing Aaron, again. My 7 year old daughter had him picked but lots got caught looking, again (including Johnny V on the beaten Favorite)

JBA's mile was 136 and just over a half.  and he carried to 9 (the finish line) in 1:47.85 on the firm GP turf.  Not a gallop out figure a wire to wire winner.  Howdya like dat Mo?  nya nya nya wub wub wub.

Soy ten lee, and one more mention to my FAVORITE older Male horse running this year by far so far...

TACKLEBERRY! which goes to show ya its the win in the horse sometimes not just whats one the papers. Luis Oliverez a class individual from all accounts, illustrates the opitomy of owner trainer success 8 of 12 so far? KUDOS!!!

15 Mar 2011 4:26 PM
Billy's Empire

I think you are the only one that is trying to claim it was not a prep. It of course was a prep race. It is preparing him for the next race at 9 furlongs, which in turn will prepare him for the Derby, which is 10. The races set up perfect for Mo, his training schedule, and the progression to continue to run longer in each upcoming race.

I could care less about what Dray and Jason say. I do not ride anyone's coat tails. I do respect Jason and his opinion, as he works in the industry and the business, and unlike you, posts his picks before the race. I love how after the fact that you had the tri 2x and the exacta for 10$ on the San Felipe, but did not have PRE PEG on any tickets, yet, to give your self an out, you say, I will have to watch him in the post parade, just like every other comment you make. I am not dissing you. I am just calling it like I see it, and you my friend, are a hater, or a liar. You can choose which shoe fits best.

15 Mar 2011 4:33 PM
lucky jim 31

Good choice to run mo in the timely writer and look forward to him in the florida derby hopefully.Just wish i could have gotten him wth 5 picks soldat staythirsty sway away and mucho macho man in the future exacta sunday but philly park computers went down

15 Mar 2011 4:33 PM

Jason : A bit of advice, you should give up while you can trying to bash me.  Leave the JayJay bashing to Billy.  You're starting to lose credibility with your draynay talk man.  Seriously.  Your post about the TDB field was just sad, coming from you.  What's even sadder is that Draynay posts things that are so ridiculous I can tell he does it to instigate or "stimulate" the blog.  You on the other hand, actually believed that the TW field was comparable to the TDB field.

15 Mar 2011 4:35 PM
Zens Auntie

lol Tiznowbaby

Why Eye Soy Ten Lee DEW!

(Sorry whenever I think Mo I think Stooges)

Folk, Folks, Now Please Don't get down on the ho hum prep from our hero Mo, afterall another good horse that started with an allowance race last year Almost got Horse of the Year when He Proved he could hang in there for 10f after being spotted at least 10 lengths right? Almost ....

No matter who shows up or who they SWITCH to, all them grade ones Must count for sumthin right?

Hey, wait a minute... you dont think all that preaching bout whats good fer the horse and keeping a champion happy so they can keep winning and  stuff even if you have to stay home for a while and then go to CD and maybe pick a lesser Grade one race along the way(or wait maybe not even a graded race)sank in do you???


15 Mar 2011 4:41 PM

Jason, you really need to cut back on the gambling if everytime you mention Jaxson on this blog, he's always wearing the same stuff I bought for him.  LOL.   I promise, if I win next weekend, tell Jaxson, Uncle JayJay will send him another $50.00.  So he can get some new stuff.

15 Mar 2011 4:42 PM
Pedigree Ann


I've not done enough research yet to be wholly convinced one way or the other on Uncle Mo and 10f. Indian Charlie is certainly suspect; he's had many Derby candidates that ended up being better suited to shorter distances. (I blame this on his dam, the serious speed-burner Soviet Problem.) But on the dam's side there is his damsire Arch, sire of Blame and of Prince Arch, who won the Gulftream Park BC H at 11f on turf. And the second dam is by Dixieland Band, who despite siring some distance-limited runners also sired an Ascot Gold Cup (2.5 miles) winner. And then there is Cyane, the third dam's sire, the King of Virginia sires in his day. He sired Obeah (2 Delaware Hcps) and Smarten (4 regional Derbies, his sire's successor, and damsire of such as Smart Strike).

So there seems to be a possibility that UM can go 10f, IF he can draw on all the staying genes from the dam's side sire array. Now did those mares transmit those kind of genes? That is the research required and I'm not in any position to do it soon.

By the way, a board buddy of mine mentioned how much Uncle Mo's action reminds her of Cyane's. Cyane won the Futurity and the Dwyer, back when it was 10f at Aqueduct. Just another bit of data to ponder.

15 Mar 2011 4:46 PM
Jason Shandler

Most kids wear the same shoes every day, especially if they are $60 Jordans. They are sweet! Thanks again Uncle Jayjay. No better feeling than taking $ from complete strangers, especially those that spout off about the wrong horses. Like Billy said, you claim to have hit the San Felipe exacta after the race but had completely different picks before the race. You are really embarrassing yourself now.

15 Mar 2011 4:50 PM

Billy : LOL, I think you're taking this wayyyyy too personal lol.  I'm not a hater or a liar.  I can prove everything I said I hit on Jason's blogs.  I've always said I don't handicap reading beyers and forms.  I've always said I watch the horses in the parade, it's the only way I know how to handicap.  The reason I didn't have PrePeg in my posted bets is because I knew he's a speedball but I liked his Hollywood Prevue race, it was the first time I saw him race and at the time, I didn't like him because of his "owner/trainer".  I don't generally bet a horse that is trained by the owner, good thing because I think Myung is the only owner that trains his horse in a major track but I could be wrong.  I wanted to see how PrePeg looked before the race.  It's called handicapping.

So what was this about mickey's post regarding ArchArchArch in the Smarty Jones?  Now that you're here, maybe you can respond so he doesn't think you disappeared... :)

15 Mar 2011 4:51 PM

mickey 1957- weight differential makes sense to me.  Just the statement itself didn't.  thanks for clarifying.

15 Mar 2011 4:54 PM
Billy's Empire

Jason took your 100$ b/c he had Blame, and announced it before the Foster that Blame was the best. Sucks to be 2nd place. 2nd is the First loser.

15 Mar 2011 4:57 PM

Oh Jason, so it was open to 3 YEAR OLDS only, whereas the other was one sex but ALL AGES. Kind of a wash there. And of course, it was ungraded, and not exactly a must see marked yearly on the calendar.

Look behind you and you'll find your double standard.

15 Mar 2011 4:59 PM

And Jason, I got over it long ago, but I'm calling you on your goofiness.

15 Mar 2011 5:00 PM
Billy's Empire

Not sure about Mickey's post. It was a long time ago. I still like Alternation and Elite Alex in the Rebel. Feel free to go and find it, and I will respond next week. If you won, we will never know, b/c you cashed your tickets. So, go ahead and send Jason the picture you took of your tickets before the race, and e-mail jason. I am sure we can post it on flickr or twitpic's for all to see.

15 Mar 2011 5:03 PM

I hope you are sitting down Jason I am going to say something nice about a California horse.  Jaycito looked pretty good when you look at the tape again.  I am sure Baffert didn't want to get him in a crowd and get him spooked so he had him lay way back and got a chance to take a look at him.  He is in the right hands with Baffert and I expect him to improve big off that race.  I expect him to win the Santa Anita and expose Peg for what he really is.

15 Mar 2011 5:12 PM
The Rock


Take the blinkers off. You're donut on the derby since Big Brown. The sun shine's on a dog occassionally.

And you really took 3-1 on Uncle Mo? Nice value play.....Why not risk it in a race where you know for sure the horse will be running out of the gate? One bad work, one oat not eaten, fever, foot abscess....and poof, money gone....

15 Mar 2011 5:37 PM

Thanks Pedigree Ann, at least that gives me some hope about UM staying 10F.  It's probably what Mike Repole is basing his path to the derby on.  I'm really looking forward to the Florida Derby as that is most likely where UM is going.  The Downey is now reporting that Stay Thirsty might also go to the Arkansas Derby, that means, they don't want the Wood for both and rightly so, considering what happened to Esky and IWR last year.  I wouldn't put my horse in that race either.  The FD is really the best place for UM, Dialed In will be there, so is Soldat.  Let's see him go against some really good horses then I can decide whether or not to put my money on Dialed In or Jaycito lol.  I just can't play UM, not with just one prep race.  Your information is tons valuable though, thanks for taking the time!!  You rock!

Jason :  I don't recall you saying you were going to put win money on Pegasus either, yet you said you played him to win.  You said "The other horse I will use is Premiere Pegasus"... use with what ?  So it seems like just like me, you didn't really say anything before the race :)

Who was my pick for that race ?  Jaycito.

Who did I say I will watch on the post parade ? Premiere Pegasus

Easy as 1-2-3.

You had Albergatti, then Awesome Patriot, then Premiere Pegasus.  How is is that you are more believable ? LOL

I'm glad that Jaxson is enjoying the stuff "I" bought him :)  It would actually hurt if you took the money you won from me and lose it on your picks.  I checked out the THS show and doesn't look like you're on fire this  year (yet).  Oh and yeah, if I may, you might want to include Draynay in that show, spice it up a bit.  Just a suggestion :)

Also, I'm not knocking Myung for anyone who thinks that I am, I actually envy him that he can compete at a high level.  My comment about the owner/trainer is about betting my money.  He has a good horse in PP, so I'll be rootin for him.   Always nice to have a low profile trainer/owner winning the derby, it's good for the sport.

I think Billy disappeared again...

15 Mar 2011 5:55 PM


In regards to your last post: That was the same Big Ole Browneye who you said was a lock for the Belmont then went out and got whipped by a field of average allowance horses and a mere maiden.

15 Mar 2011 6:10 PM

Draynay, and all the others who think Mo is unbeatable. Remember these numbers. They might be very important. 487 and 1  

15 Mar 2011 6:16 PM

I think Todd Pletcher is having his doubts about sending Mo Mo to the Wood at Aqueduct. Here's why? If you remember last year his Top Gun, Eskendereya, who was about as dominating as a three year old can be, won the FOY, and then the Wood, where he romped home by 10 lengths. Subsequently he missed the Derby due to injury, and I wonder if somewhere in the back of Pletchers mind, he thinks the injury occured in that race. We'll never know. But the race could be an omen for him. Now as for Uncle Mo, Todd knows him better than anyone. And I think he knows in his heart, the Florida Derby is the best thing for Mo, win, lose, or draw. I think Pletcher will keep Stay Thirsty at Aqueduct, since he really seemed to enjoy that surface, when he cruised to an easy 5-length victory in the G3 Gotham. Plus, the level of competition in the Wood should garner more G3 and G2 types, rather than the true G1 likes of the Florida Derby. This is why I think it will be a better transition for Stay Thirsty, to battle lesser in the Wood, rather than testing the waters against some G1 beasts, in the FD. So looking ahead, would it be wise to keep The Uncle, in Florida, in an environment where he's been thriving and doing well? I think so. Plus, he needs the Florida Derby more than the Wood. The FD will be a super tough race and it shall give him the edge he'll need, to be at his best, when he faces those rivals five weeks later in the run for the roses. To me, The Wood doesn't seem like it will draw enough quality entrants for Mo to get the proper test and seasoning he needs going into the Derby. His last race was a little to soft for him. He needs some stiffer competition, and the Florida Derby will provide him with just that. I know that owner, Mike Repole, has always had his mind set on Uncle Mo winning the Wood, but perhaps it may not be what is in the best interest of either of his Derby contenders. Until next time.....    

15 Mar 2011 6:35 PM

Draynay :  I get all the attention I need from my 2 fans, Billy and Jason who seems to filter the blog for anything I post lol.  So nope, unlike  you, I'm quite happy with the 2.  Hey, have you ever thought of joining the THS show ?  I think you should ask Jason if you can be a guest on that show.  I would certainly watch it and see who your picks would be for the races that week (whichever week  you go on).

How about taking a pic of that $500 KDFW ticket on Uncle Mo and posting it somewhere ?  I and I'm sure others would love to see what a $500 winning ticket looks like.  Not that I don't believe you, because I know you made that $200 to win on (sure win, cinch) Brethren and that W/P bet on Keertana.  Hopefully you'll hit this one to recoup the loses. LOL

15 Mar 2011 6:35 PM
Zens Auntie

Jay Jay, now you know I like you and we rarely quarrel, I feel compelled to mother you towards looking into an Ace Inhibitor or maybe a beta blocker. I dont want you to blow a gasket this far out from May.

Not to be a buttinski but in response to the owner trainer thing, Owner Trainer Cho rocks. I like Steve H's new blog on Him.

Still I will again plug shamelessly the Tip top Owner Trainer of Tackleberry - Luis Olivares.  

I love Luis's race recap...

(Hope you dont mind if I paraphrase from your write up Jason).

"...."At the top of the stretch I knew they weren’t going to get him. He’s so game. It’s a ways off yet, but I’m thinking about the race at Charles Town ($1 million Charles Town Classic on April 16).""

Where ever Luis takes Him I will be rooting for them. He has now taken 8 in a row right?

It would be cool if Cho lets Maria Ayala take PP to the Florida Derby so Cho can come root against Mo

15 Mar 2011 6:43 PM
Mike Relva


What did you buy Jaxson with the $200 you won from me? BTW, as usual give Billy's Empire far too much credit. lol

15 Mar 2011 7:19 PM
Mike Relva


That's what I've stated,he's a "yes man" who makes it his priority to suck up.

15 Mar 2011 7:22 PM
Jason Shandler

You must not have watched THS too closely Jayjay. Had Premier Pegasus to win and the exacta. Right there on video for everyone to watch. I certainly have not been great with picks so far this year but I dont wait for after the race to announce my picks--like some people. I put my picks out there every single week. You are proved wrong once again.

Mike: No need for me to brag about the money I won from you. Its only fun with Jayjay the Monday morning quarterback. Your loyalty was with Zenyatta, I can respect that. She was an above average horse, you had every right to root for her.

15 Mar 2011 8:23 PM

Draynot, why you and others pick on a once defeated horse that won the Derby and Preakness with ease only to get STEPPED ON in the Belmont is beyond me.  He came back to win the Haskell and on turf while being held together with GLUE.  Everyone I know but you was cheering for Big Brown to win the Belmont.  Racing luck didn't allow it but to bash the horse for no fault of his own is childish at best.

15 Mar 2011 8:36 PM

jayjay, yawn.

15 Mar 2011 8:39 PM

Listen, I have said I am concerned about Mo's foundation based on some historical comparisons but I know that I do not know how to prepare a horse like Todd Pletcher does.  We won't know until after the Derby on the foundation question.

What gets me are the people that have questioned Mo's accomplishments to date.  He has looked as impressive as a horse can look in all of his races while destroying his opponents with ease.  They could have run the BC Juvenile at 2 miles and they still wouldn't have caught Mo.  

15 Mar 2011 8:47 PM
The Bid


I could go on and on but I won't...Take your money and play with IT elsewhere!!! 3-1 vs. even plus 19 horses...I was born but NOT YESTERDAY my fellow HATER!!!You wouldn't know BRILLIANCE if "she came up to you and laid one on 'ya"...YOU and RELVA and momo...whoever, after a 4 month layoff and the EPITOME of professional, you guys WILL NEVER know greatness, special or any other adjective you can utilize. One mile vs.???????? WHO CARES...This colt will not be denied, and when he does what HE is set out to do...THAT's IT!!! No Travers' and NO Breeder's Cup!!!All us MEN From UNCLE will bury your posts into oblivion regardless of the Dray-hexx...History Boys...That's The Name Of This Game and I'm sure glad to be on the RIGHT side...Third week of May is when I will see HIM in person...My Hometown and Home Of The 2nd Jewel on Mo's soon-to-be CROWN...Then it's off to GREATNESS!!!IT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR...Look forward to all of YOUR excuses of why not...Pedigree,foundation or the one comming out of Jay's spew...This crop of 3yr. olds just wasn't good enough!! See.. now you don't have to post for at least the next 4wks. because I just sounded and posted off YOUR sounding board!!!Like that I can read minds TOO...Jay, just like I can see into the Future!!!LMAO

15 Mar 2011 8:58 PM

Zen's Auntie : From the moment I saw your name, I already knew I'll like ya, regardless of what you post :)  I think you may have posted before you saw my post about the trainer/owner thing.   I'm a longshot player and I like the underdogs (but not when betting my money).  Having said that, I still bet on Pegasus because his Hollywood Prevue race was pretty impressive, he pulled away from a hot pace with plenty to spare.  I was hoping Quinonez was going to pull him back a little knowing that there's a lot of speed on the race and it happened just as I hoped it would.  It goes the same way with Jaycito though, I thought he would be running from last and he did, way too far back.  I think Jaycito and Dialed In has the best running style for the Derby but then again, I had bet IceBox last year on the derby off of his impressive run in the Florida Derby and I'd have to decide whether I would take that risk again seeing how much trouble IceBox had.  If Baffert can put a little bit of speed in Jaycito, I think he will be my top derby horse but we'll have to wait for the SA derby to find out.

I'll go and read Haskin's new blog now, thanks!

Jason : you love my posts, you know you do.  Otherwise you wouldn't put this much attention on someone who you claim to "not know anything about horse racing", who "embarrasess himself" and a "monday quarterback".  It's noble that you admit you haven't been great this year and that you put out your picks out there every single week, except that doesn't really help those who watches your show lol.

I'll tell you who the winners are this weekend and how much I won on Monday ... stay tuned :)

Mike Relva : I see you noticed that too. I think I got him really mad though, he seems pretty irate in his last post to me lol.  What do you think ?

15 Mar 2011 9:08 PM
Mike Relva


I have zero problem with Mo's connections doing what's best for him in what preps he's entered prior to the Derby. My wish is he's happy and healthy going into the gate on May7th. Having said that,when he gets beat don't do your spin control. Be a man and step up and admit you were wrong and JAYJAY and myself and others were right. BTW you're wrong,I know what greatness is. Get back to me when Mo makes it onto Sixty Minutes!

15 Mar 2011 9:16 PM
Mike Relva



15 Mar 2011 9:17 PM
Forbidden Apple

Why are so many of you hating on JayJay? He has made many valid points. It's way to easy to dismiss him or anyone else becasue they are not thrilled about taking 1-9 on Uncle Mo against 4 maiden winners. Why not question Pletcher's best judgment? In 2009 Quality Road could not even make it into the starting gate for the B.C. Classic. In 2010 Q.R. finshed last in the B.C. Classic. Super Saver loved the slop in the KY Derby and then never won another race. Devil May Care was entered (for no good reason)in the 2010 KY Derby. And now she is sidelined with injuries. L@Ten was observed by Pletcher in the paddock before the Ladies Classic and declared off. Yet he sent her out of the paddock to run last! These training decisions do not sound like HOF caliber to me. The truth is, they are feeling pressure when it comes to Uncle Mo. They want their little pony to remain undefeated before the KY Derby.


Uncle Mo defeated 9 horses in his maiden race, 5 horses in the Champagne, 9 horse in the B.C., and 4 horses in the Timely Writer Derby. He needs a battle against quality colts. I think this little colt will have a difficult time defeating 19 other strong colts in Kentucky.

Zen's Auntie,

At least we have 4 season's here in beautiful NY. I hope they decide to throw Mo into the lion's den in the FL Derby, he will get bitten hard and deep.

The Bid,

You call Mo great for beating up on Mountain Town, Boys@Tosconova, and Rattlesnake Bridge. So far he has beaten boys, when he faces other strong colts, his weaknesses will be exposed.

Again, with only 2 or 3 prep races for most colts, I find nothing wrong with getting excited about the fire breathing performance by Premier Pegasus. Jaycito reminds me of Astrology, they have accomplished nothing, yet they are supposed killers, what a joke.

15 Mar 2011 9:23 PM
Mike Relva


Yes! Billy has a difficult time playing defense when he's on the ropes,which is most of the time. lol

15 Mar 2011 10:36 PM

Mike Relva,

Read Jason's comment to you again, the barb is subtle but it's there.


Your skin must be as thick as a rhinoceros'... but you seem to have fun, so I guess it's OK.

15 Mar 2011 10:37 PM

The Bid : Umm...yeah okay lol.  mAy I AsK hOw oLd YoU aRe ?

15 Mar 2011 10:48 PM
Paula Higgins

Good grief, I feel like sending some of you to your rooms. Geesh. WAAY too much testosterone flying around here. You will be calling out your seconds in a minute. Good points by all. But I am with Jason on Mo. I think he is a really impressive horse. I have high hopes for him in the Derby and maybe the Preakness. Can he get the Triple Crown? I have my doubts about the Belmont distance but one can hope. JayJay and Mike thanks for sticking up for our girl. She was so much more than "better than average." Talk about damning with faint praise. Geesh. Some people are still smarting over her HOTY win.

15 Mar 2011 10:59 PM
Zens Auntie

I for one am not hating on Jay Jay I tell all the people I like that are a bit uh.. type "A" to check the BP and med up so they can stay in the fight!

I was BORN in the Big Apple (east of Jamaica on the Island) Forbbiden Apple and love the seasons and the racing - Its tough to get nicer than Saratoga in the fall but lets be serious you stand a chance at nicer conditions in Hallendale Beach in early April than you do in Queens. And like it or not you KNOW Mo, He Dont need NO dough why go anywhere?

I hope Mo goes to the FD and if you really think he will have his hat handed to him wager that way you might get a big payday - honestly I think he has an advantage on the GP track if its dry.  

I really like Mo like I said what the heck is not to like? Im not over the moon, talking Triple crown but he could win the FD and maybe the KD if his luck is amazing the Preakness too But the Belmont? the Belmont?? Thats where it might all come apart...who is a Belmont Horse this year? Dialed In?  maybe.

15 Mar 2011 11:04 PM


..."Zenyatta...was an above average horse...".

Try to smile next time you write it.  It helps with the therapy.

15 Mar 2011 11:06 PM
Jason Shandler

I paid her a compliment, what else do you people want? She was a nice mare who had an impressive win streak when beating lower class horses. Geez. The Sympathy of the Year Award last year topped off a good career. There. Satisfied?

15 Mar 2011 11:22 PM

Sympathy of the Year Award. Lol. Best line of 2011.

16 Mar 2011 12:21 AM

Jason- you do not pay compliments to Zenyatta.  Even Jerry Brown paid more of a compliment to her and he is not her biggest fan.  And why is she  subject in a TC blog????

16 Mar 2011 12:29 AM

Let's get back to the vagaries of breeding.  Does anybody here remember Plugged Nickle?  Key to the Mint out of a Buckpasser mare?  Won the Hutchinson, FL Derby and the Wood?  Faded in the Derby and became champion sprinter.  Why do I bring him up?  This horse had serious breeding and should have eaten up 10 furlongs, but it ate him up instead.  That is why I question Uncle Mo's breeding.  It is marginal at best for 10 furlongs imo, but you never know how those genes are going to interact.

BTW Jason- I think it's ok if you don't appreciate Zenyatta.  Not every horse is for everyone.  We all have our opinions.  Mine was Quality Road couldn't win at 10 furlongs ;-)

16 Mar 2011 12:41 AM

You forgot to smile.

16 Mar 2011 12:43 AM

Zookeeper : Yes, I have a pretty thick skin lol, but that's not what makes it fun for me, it's the fact I can rattle the cages with simple words and watch them go up in arms lol.  Watch this...

I really don't have any control as to who shows up here to try and bash me.  All I do is try and stay on the same track, what I'm used to and try to keep it safe.  After all, getting to the Derby with my picks intact is half the battle.  I have to do what is good for me and what makes me happy.  In the end, I will win against these lower class bloggers and some of you might even vote the sympathy of the year award to me.  Seriously though, I'm just an above average blogger.  :)

16 Mar 2011 2:59 AM
Pedigree Ann

I'm amused by the 'Pletcher knows best. He won it last year, didn't he?' talk. Do we forget so easily that the man had a long streak of non-winners before that? 0-47 is the number that sticks in my head, but that seems too many. I know that one year he ran four in the race - or was it five? - none of whom hit the board. Not to mention those who never got to the gate. Anybody can get lucky once in a few dozen tries. I have grave misgivings about Mr. Pletcher's understanding of what it truly takes to prepare a colt for a Kentucky Derby.

16 Mar 2011 5:06 AM

Sodapop is going to put his two-cents in here too,  I, like Mike Relva have no problem with UMO running in a race like the TW as being his first race back,  It's been some months since his last race, so he needed it for his prep back.

Jay Jay,  You know Jason has those "abilities' that you and I and no one else has,  So, he already foresees the Derby winner, Preakness winner,and the Belmont winner,  Just ask him later are we going to get a TC winner this year,  He already

16 Mar 2011 5:14 AM
Jason Shandler

Jayjay: You are regular Chris Rock. Stick to picking losers, your future as a comedian isnt looking as bright.

16 Mar 2011 10:34 AM

As much as I liked Todd Pletcher in the past, I was never one to take his Derby and/or TC candidates seriously.  I, like many, have questioned his tactics leading up to it and also the true quality of some of those candidates who might have gained extra hype simply because Pletcher was training them.

However, there was something about Uncle Mo in the Timely Writer.  At the top of the stretch I honestly thought he was going to fold and make all the misbelievers right in their assumptions that he wasn’t being handled properly or maybe he was just plain over-hyped.  However, once he hit the 8th pole and continued with his strong gallop out well into the clubhouse turn without much urging, suggests to me that he is not only the real deal, he'll be ready to fire come Derby Day. The horse has that look in his eye, almost arrogant or maybe you could say extreme confidence, like he’s the boss so you better get used to it because no matter what you do, I’m going to do it better.

Regarding Todd.  This is one time he can’t afford to screw up.  After two of the biggest horses last year finished last in their respective BC Distaff and Classic races, and his Derby winner never winning another race, etc., the microscope is really going to be on him now, especially since he’s training one of the most hyped Derby candidates in recent times.  I love some of Mo’s other competitors like Soldat, Premier Pegasus, Sway Away, etc., but IMO Mo is the best and the only thing that could stand in his way is 10 Furlongs.

16 Mar 2011 10:38 AM
Jason Shandler

Laz: Do you know how foolish that sounds? The guy won prep races at a rate we've never seen before, then wins the Derby, three BC races and was voted the best trainer in the country, and you say, "This is one time he can't afford to screw up?"

Newsflash: The microscope is on Pletcher every day. There is no added pressure this year.

16 Mar 2011 10:44 AM


You're right.  After reading it I kicked myself for saying screwed up.  What I meant was with all the negativity towards him this is one time he can't afford not to win, not to win.  I've been a fan of Pletcher since he went out on his own so I harbor no ill will or negativity towards him.  I actually think that given his success there has been far too much of that.  I still, though, question his Derby tactics when it comes to foundation.  he might be winning the prepes, but how far into the year do these Derby horses go on and actually progress?

16 Mar 2011 10:57 AM

Zookeeper :  See how easy that was ? LOL

Jason : I wasn't even trying, if  you read it again, I stole most of the material from your posts (all from this year mind you). HAHA!

Also, I'm not knocking Todd Pletcher but Pedigree Ann made a very valid point about Pletcher.  The horse he won the Derby last year, he won because of Borel.  

Question : What's the point of winning the prep races ?  He can win a million prep races but his derby record stands, that's not to say he's not a good trainer.  I think he's a great trainer, but having a million horses to train, he's not as effective.  A smaller stable, he'd probably already won the Derby more than once.

If I have a million horses in training and even just 2% of them are top quality horses, I bet you I can win the Trainer of the year award too :)   then you'd really throw a fit about the Eclipse awards lol.

16 Mar 2011 11:12 AM
Jason Shandler

Yeah, winning the Derby is easy, just look at some of the sports best trainers: Bobby Frankel, Bill Mott, Jerry Hollendorfer, Steve Asmussen, etc. Give it a rest. So many factors go into winning that race and most of it isnt about what races the trainers picked to prep their horses in.

A few years from now I wont have to entertain this idiotic notion that Pletcher doesnt know how to prepare horses for the Derby because he will have three, four, five Derby wins. Next subject please.

16 Mar 2011 12:10 PM
Zens Auntie

Jason my next subject is what are the odds of Mo staying in FL?  

Im trying, seriously, to go back down for the FD. (which admittedly will be great stuff with or without Mo) but honestly if he was in it It would be that much more fun.  

Please the 411 you got me all excited in the beginging here - I have heard it both ways now, is it true he's leaning back to the Wood?  

You are the inside info guy, you actually get to talk to these people (excuse me? do you like this shade of kelley its called seething shamrock..) at least tell me what you know here? Please....

16 Mar 2011 12:26 PM

Who cares if Mo stays in Florida.  All four of his races have been on different tracks including Churchill.  Unless he  stumbles in his next race or gets hurt, he should and will be an overwhelming favorite to win the derby.  Right now he looks like Fu Peg or Big Brown going into the Derby and we know how they did.

16 Mar 2011 12:58 PM
Jason Shandler

Above average mare's Auntie: The Wood is still the No. 1 choice for Mike and Todd right now. I dont think the ship is the major determining factor for where he ultimately goes, but rather the 4 weeks vs. 5 until the Derby. I certainly wouldnt make plans for the Fla. Derby based on Mo being there, but it would not surprise me at all if he did go there. Mike's quote about it being 99.99% Wood is too strong.

16 Mar 2011 1:27 PM

Jason, do you ever get the feeling jayjay is bringing a knife to a gun fight? lol.

16 Mar 2011 1:29 PM

When talking about the "heroe, icon" Pletcher,  you really like and believe in the Eclipse Awards,  and what about the "other" award??  You know..the one of the MARE...

16 Mar 2011 1:56 PM
Carlos in Cali

I'd say that a few years from now Pletcher will not have 3,4,or 5 Derby wins,BCJ wins are more up his alley.His Derby record speaks for itself and it is absolutely atrocious.

The difference between Pletcher vs. a Frankel,Mott & Hollendorfer is that the latter 3 didn't/don't rush their 2yo's.Whereas Pletcher & Asmussen average about 80-100 2yo's in their barn on a yearly basis and run them early and often. $$$$

Pletcher has won many a TC prep race and will continue to do so but then they seemingly tend to flame-out in the TC races..

We all get it Jason,you're from Team Pletcher the man can do no wrong in your eyes. BTW: I demand that he refunds every dollar bet on LAT in the BC including mine!

16 Mar 2011 2:21 PM
Jason Shandler

He'll have No. 2 after this year Carlos, and then what will your excuses be? Hollendorfer has won three Kentucky Oaks. I thought he doesnt rush his 2YOs? The nonsense that you guys keep funneling is comical.

16 Mar 2011 2:25 PM

How dare anyone question the training pattern of a Dunkirk or Pletcher's big gun who ran a mile, summered at the Spa, and fell flat in the Classic.  "It won't be Switch in this race!"  Reporters love his sound bites, and like his mentor, he is full of them.  If he can get Mo to the race on class alone more power to him.  I just remember watching RA finally have a horse look into her eyes at the top of the lane.  She was confused, baffled, lost...never to be the same.  Mo won't have it easy.  A little rain, a bad post, a horse that freaks.  This is what the Derby is all about.  As we have pointed out, many many top trainers do not own a Derby win let alone back to back wins with a 2 year old champ who won the Breeder's Cup Juvenile.  That race alone has probably been the best predictor of who DOES NOT WIN the Kentucky Derby.  

16 Mar 2011 2:37 PM
Jason Shandler

The man won at a 26% clip last year and is doing so again this year, but you all sure know more than he does about training. You sold me.

BTW, how is your buddy John Shirreffs doing this year? Did he get his third win yet?

16 Mar 2011 2:49 PM
Above Average Mare's Auntie

I saw you crack the smirk when you wrote it. (psst,... John, it is working...)

Thanks for the insight Jason. The FD stands to be a good one and the mahi or something will be biting.  I will go if I can go Mo or no dang Mo.  

Just to see TH&S duke it out with Soldat and Dialed In take two turns again and the rest of the card will be a hoot and so worth the effort.

Ok, I see what you are saying about the 4 weeks it deffinately sets a more balanced schedule. However a 3 week turn into his first 2 turn prep could help build stamina and let him have 2 turns again at home if you will.

Seriously, I know there are those who will disagree but Mo has the Home court advantage at GP. and CD but in Jamaica? who knows these things.

Mr Pletcher certainly knows how to train horses to the peak of performance no question.  

He seems smart and adaptable too and I wouldnt be the least bit surprized to see him opt for what is best for this top colt and stay in Fl. If he has any trouble with it hes got a solid 5 weeks to work it up and get to CD in no hurry early.

The team seems like the kind that can learn and change based on evaluation of previous outcome.

Using this approach do you take your best unbeaten colt ever to the same path that last year retired a colt arguably as nice?

Is the 4 weeks preferable to 5 weeks when your looking at trying (ideally of course) for a top series of 3 races in 2 and then 3 weeks ??  

I bid this Fishing and FD Frolic to the MAN and he said what fun now I gotta make it happen Mo or No Mo.

16 Mar 2011 3:02 PM

actually draynay I was bashing you not a horse pointing out another one of your many past mortal locks to win that failed. I'm not surprised though that you couldn't figure that out. By the way if you go back and watch that Belmont put it in super super slow motion so maybe you won't miss Big brown breaking into the horse next to him and causing his own problems that were the beginning of his demise in the race. He got stepped on because of his own actions and to say he had nothing to do with it is pure denial.  

16 Mar 2011 3:24 PM
Carlos in Cali

If he does get #2 this year,good for him and the horse but he'll still be 2-50something... atrocious.

We're talking about the Derby-colts not the Oaks-fillies: Anyway, fillies naturally mature faster than colts and they say they hold their form a lot better/longer than colts.So I doubt he had to rush his fillies to make the Oaks. BTW: Hollendorfer's best shot at the Derby was with Event Of The Year,the ML favorite for the Derby who made his debut @ 3yo's.

I'm not hating on Pletcher I'm just being...wait for it... "objective" about his record in the TC.

16 Mar 2011 3:26 PM


Believe it or not,I can understand Repole for saving  Mo for the big dance. But,it would've been great last yr if you and a few others would've showed the same regarding a certain horse that was saved for later in the year. You enjoy having it both ways sometimes.

Mike Relva 13 Mar 2011 8:45 PM

Amen Mike.

Only difference is that certain horse wasn't running in ungraded restricted to age races she was running in Graded Stakes.

16 Mar 2011 3:30 PM
Jason Shandler

Hmmm....I didnt know Pletcher entered horses in every Derby since 1960 Carlos. Thanks for the info. He is 1-for-10, and soon to be 2-for-11, not 50. Get it? Youre saying he can lose multiple times every year but win just once per year. Which is it?

See my earlier comments on this subect the wiz. Its been beaten to a drum, and I dont feel like going over it again. Suffice it say, 3-year-olds get their true test in the Triple Crown. Comparing their schedules to older horses is apples and oranges. The above average mare raced almost exclusively against her own sex instead of open races. Next.

16 Mar 2011 3:35 PM
what have you done lately

Paula Higgins says Rattlesnake Ridge was not chopped liver. This is a horse who couldn't break 1:37 for the mile. There are countless claiming horses across the country including at small low class tracks that run better than that. Let's not be ridiculous and try to enhance the quality of horse Mo met.

16 Mar 2011 3:35 PM


Nice shot at John Sherriffs.  Let’s see, a Derby winning trainer on what his FORTY SEVENTH try?  A double BC Distaff winner and a BCC winner and the only trainer to win both the BC Distaff and the BCC in the same year.  You could probably count the number of owners on one finger that would not want him to train one of their horses.

16 Mar 2011 3:47 PM
Jason Shandler

You want to compare Pletcher and Shirreffs' lifetime stats Laz? Really? You sure you want to do that? Just say the word and I'll start...

Didn't think so.

16 Mar 2011 3:53 PM
Zens Auntie

Ouch, Jason no need to kick old John S. in the knee.

John S appears perfectly happy being himself. I am Quite Sure Todd is happy being Todd.

These two  men are not nearly the same but it seems like it works for them both just fine.  

16 Mar 2011 4:02 PM


I'm not going to get into a comparison between the two because I like them both.  One has a mega operation with a lot of help, the other is much smaller and is definitely hands on.  

However, here is one stat if you want to throw stats into the picture......Who has trained the most HOY winners?

16 Mar 2011 4:09 PM

I've heard it rumored here more than once that jason and draynay are one in the same. Your inability to see the point of relva's post and my agreement with him strangely mirrors draynay's inability to do the same in almost any situation. The point wasn't comparing schedules or apples to oranges jason. The point was your hypocrasy in agreeing or disagreeing with one horses preperation for their big race to anothers. It's ok for one to be raced in a easy prep if you like them but if another who you like to criticize runs in a prep not of your choosing for her then it's not ok? It's not re-hashing old garbage it's noticing how the tide changes in your analysis of things depending on who the subject is.  

16 Mar 2011 4:14 PM
Jason Shandler

Yeah, you got me there. Here are 10 other stats I came up with off the top of my head: More grade I winners, more graded stakes winers, more money earned, more Triple Crown race winners, better win %, better in the money %, more Eclipse Awards, more champions trained, more Breeders' Cup wins, more training titles.

Should I go on? To borrow a line from Dray, dont come to a gun fight with a knife Laz.

Yeah Wiz, you finally figured it out. I'm Draynay. Nice work. I wouldnt want you hunting me down if I was a criminal. You're a regular Perry Mason.

16 Mar 2011 4:16 PM

Sure Jason.  Go back to BCC winners and BC Distaff winners.

16 Mar 2011 4:25 PM
Zens Auntie

Mooo Ving on...

Back to Triple Crown talk.

Who do you like Jason then for an OFF track for the KD?

I know this is gonna sound Hokie but what about Joes Blazing Aaron? He might make the earnings cut, Paddy O P - a Turf and slop lovin fool made a game show in the mess last year who do you bloggers look at to relish an off track?

Its been soup frequently lately so its a fair pondering right?

Also who will borel mount if his current ride doesnt make the cut?

I likes Bandboxes Game second recently - anyone else?

Please, people any legitimate talk of any 3 year old, rather than this shin kicking, earboxing, nose pulling, tater twisting tired schtick..

16 Mar 2011 4:28 PM
Carlos in Cali

Oh,come on Jason he's 1-47+/1-for-47+, same difference.You know what's even more telling?.. he saddles 20% of the Derby field every year and still his record is atrocious.After he saddles another possible 2-or-3 horse tandem this year he'll have entered 50 in the Derby win 2 wins at most.You're a stat man,deep down I think you know those numbers don't lie.

16 Mar 2011 4:30 PM
Jason Shandler

I see that one went right over your head Carlos...Nevermind.

Anyway, who said I'm a stat man? I'm a leg man.

16 Mar 2011 4:43 PM
Carlos in Cali

BTW:  I don't own any racehorses nor do I have a vendetta towards any trainer but Jason's thorn-on-the-side,aka John Sherriffs has the same amount of KYDerby victories as Pletcher..(1) with about 45 less chances!

16 Mar 2011 4:46 PM

I see that one went right over your head jason. Once again you missed the point.

Anyway, my style more mirrors Steve McGarret than Perry Mason's.

16 Mar 2011 4:59 PM
Jason Shandler

More like Al Capp from what I can tell.

16 Mar 2011 5:01 PM
Carlos in Cali

I got it Jason. In baseball they just don't count 1-at-bat if you go 0-4 or 1-4 either.

Well,at least we semi-agree on something: I'm a bottom-half man myself.   :)

Where's Footlick?..  I'm sure he's following this tirade with interest.  LOL

16 Mar 2011 5:06 PM
Jason Shandler

Also in baseball, you cant lose the World Series four times, even though its a best-of-seven series. You either win or lose, once.

16 Mar 2011 5:09 PM

Hey, why don't you folks talk about the Triple Crown horses? Bashing Pletcher and revisiting the old, tired news of Zenyatta's career? Yikes.

16 Mar 2011 6:01 PM
Zens Auntie

leg man huh? say no more. me too, wink wink nudge nudge.

Ok who has the best legs actively racing today, filly and colt. not just the "pretty" ones but good gams and a brief why.

On that subject some "pretty" horses showing the good the bad and the oops maybe it is Alchemy Show up on the BH pub Conformation for Performance DVD.

(Shameless plug intended to get free stuff sent to kids follows lol) We got s copy of the the Michal Matz Blood Horse conformation evaluation video click the Learn From Experts Link below for more info)

Seriously it was well worth the few bucks I got it for my avid little horse judgers as study material - really good understandable down to earth stuff. even pretty much kept the kids attention.  An enthusiastic thumbs up! Its always hard for them to over look just the pretty and in the video theya re all pretty but not all had it ALL going on it helped them see through "ahhh, shiney!"

Please Sir, (in my best Oliver Twist now) Can I have some more?

16 Mar 2011 6:09 PM
2010 HOY's Auntie

I prefer Andy Capp. My hair looks like that sometimes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch they wondered...

Will Poor old Uncle Joe Ever win a  race?

What ever happened to Uncle Sam? (please dont say hes going to bejing I just coulnd stand the IRONY.)

Did Uncle Carm resurface? oh no not da fishes tony..

And just FYI - I always wanted to Name a Horse Auntie Pasta

16 Mar 2011 6:27 PM
Mike Relva


It would be difficult for even you to state I'm wrong regarding the connections getting the last laugh in Jan.

16 Mar 2011 6:40 PM

The way I see it, every horse a trainer has in the Derby counts as one chance to win it. Comparing it to the number of games in a series is a unique way of looking at it. But if it works for you... what the heck!!! I've seen more fanciful analogies, but not many.

16 Mar 2011 6:43 PM


 Don't waste any more of your time trying to convince some of your bloggers about Todd P's Derby record. They can only do math when it works in their favor. If you run ten horses in the same Derby you can only lose that Derby once, not ten times.

16 Mar 2011 7:17 PM


I hope what Todd Pletcher has done (or actually, didn't do) doesn't rank up there with horseracing greatest training blunders:

1. Woody Stephens instructing his jockey on Forty Nine to "take out" Winning Colors in the 1988 Preakness

2. Todd Pletcher entering Quality Road in the 2010 BC Classic when everyone from President Obama to the King of Jordan were saying "Are you crazying!".

3. Lucien Lauren decides to run Secretariat in the 1973 Woodward Stakes despite a high fever.

4. Todd Pletcher preps the most anticipated juvenile in three decades for the Kentucky Derby by letting him (Uncle Mo) run against $600 entry paid maiden winners go a mile with less than two weeks to the Derby???

I hope this isn't true.

16 Mar 2011 7:28 PM

Jason is Draynay, when it comes to being proved wrong.  He either changes the subject, questions your knowledge of the game or just plain ignores you lol.

Anywayyyyyy, it's gotten boring all this bantering about how great Zenyatta is, she won the HOTY, she was voted by journalists and bloggers as the best horse last year, let's get over it and move on.

Looking forward to seeing the The Factor's afterburners, not that I'll bet him, just wanting to see if he can stay long.  Only one prep race this weekend.  I might actually watch the THS and see who the great Jason picks for the Rebel, need to learn how to pick winners LOL.

16 Mar 2011 7:36 PM
Jason Shandler

I dont BLAME all of you for still being upset. It will probably take a lifetime to get over. Tough, tough loss, but such is sports.

Let's see: A win in the final race of her career to make her 20-for-20 or a Sympathy of the Year Award voted upon by "fans." I wonder which one you would rather have?

16 Mar 2011 8:04 PM

Whoa, Nelly!

Everyone back to their respective corners (even if we don't have enough of them for each of you to not be close enough to smack someone else) for 10 mins.  After a rest (and a snack or beverage), you can all come back out and start again.

I just want to celebrate Smart Sting.  I also want to ask what's up with Inglorious right now?  Either going into the Oaks (which I will also be seeing this year -- with Jean from Chicago and sipping some free mint juleps courtesy of Ted)?  Also, do you think Delightful Mary can extend herself out to the distance?

(Sorry Jason: ain't no place to make comments about the Oaks like there is for the Triple Crown -- and them's the legs I like)

16 Mar 2011 8:04 PM

Legs?  Like Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Cyd Charisse.......

16 Mar 2011 8:08 PM

OK- you want my take?  One race, one loss.  Very simple.

16 Mar 2011 8:10 PM

I would like to thank Jason and Jay Jay for the free entertainment!  

Ten days out from the LA Derby and only five probably starters?  I thought this was a deep three yr old class?

16 Mar 2011 8:20 PM

I've heard it rumored here more than once that jason and draynay are one in the same.

the_wiz 16 Mar 2011 3:30 PM

Yeah Wiz, you finally figured it out. I'm Draynay.

jshandler 16 Mar 2011 4:16 PM

the_wiz, They both can't be one of the same, because when Jason picks the winner of a race it isn't the chalk. So there is the difference!

16 Mar 2011 8:23 PM
Jason Shandler

Footlick: I was thinking more along the lines of Megan Fox or Rachel McAdams, but ok.  

You're welcome Trebloc. What gave you the impression that this is a deep 3YO class? I have always thought it was one elite horse and then everyone else trying to catch up. I havent been swayed yet.

BTW, I told you months ago the Louisiana preps are virtually meaningless when it comes to winning the Derby. Youre surprised at the lack of depth in N'awlins?

16 Mar 2011 8:25 PM


Good to see you at TBD Saturday.  Wish we had more time to talk about the author of 2:24.  I had Brethren under Too Experience, Crimson Knight and Watch Me Go exacta's, but didn't box them.  Did have Crimson Knight to P/S which saved me.

I think Ramon rushed him up then got swung way too wide, had to take the lead and with too much pressure, couldn't last.  Maybe Ramon didn't want to get shut out again as he did on Pluck.  Pluck walked over and into the paddock "fully" excited about something, but it wasn't racing.  It took him awhile to get settled.  I'm glad I waited and passed the race.

It was a nice day for racing at TBD for my first time and I'll be back.

UM did what he had to do, but I agree with those who think he needs more of a challenge.

Premier Pegasus looked good, just like his Daddy's run to take the lead in his Derby.

I enjoy all the opinions and insights.  For me, at this point, they still have to beat UM.  But who else to put into my top 4 for for my Derby ex box?  Soldat, Dialed In, Premier Pegasus, Sway Away?  Need more time.

Sway Away to win the Rebel.  

16 Mar 2011 8:29 PM

Well Jason, maybe because I'm older.  But if Sophia Loren in her prime walked into a room, nobody would have even looked at Megan Fox or Rachel Adams, trust me.  And she had legs that went on for days.  But, we are getting off topic.

16 Mar 2011 8:39 PM
Jason Shandler

Well, a new blog wont be out until tomorrow afternoon so we might as well do a top 5 list of legs to kill the time :) Just so the women dont cry sexism, this is open to males too. Just dont expect me to comment on your lists!

Ted from LA's mouth must be watering...

16 Mar 2011 8:43 PM

Trackjack:  I too like Sway Away in the Rebel.  I also expect big performances from Alternation and Elite Alex.

Good to see you as well.

16 Mar 2011 8:48 PM
Nice 19and1 Mare's Auntie

speakina goils...Is there a filly good enough to win the Ky Oaks and B.E. Susan with the right prep wins to earn the 2.3 or whatevery they call it?  Your Picks?

Thoughts on Joyful Victory? I have liked her a while and thought she looked great back out with some classy company. I heard the TV  prattle about "..being just like Eight Belles" (I watch with the sound off more and more I swear..) but honestly I hope Larry D has a fantastic run with her and she stays perfectly sound God bless her.

I'm such a sucker for a "Pretty" gray horse - yall arent gonna pick on her just cuz Smith is on her now are ya?

16 Mar 2011 9:04 PM


I think I'll revise my list of the greatest blunders by trainers in American horseracing history:

1.  Todd Pletcher  -   trainer of Uncle Mo, being the most anticipated juvenile in 30 years and compared to other great 3 year olds such as Seattle Slew and Spectacular Bid, loses the 2011 Kentucky Derby because his trainer, Todd Pletcher decided to run his horse against ANY three year old horse who's owner is willing to pay the $600 entry fee in a subpar, ungraded one mile stakes called the Timely Writer with less than two months to the Derby.

2.  Woody Stephens

3.  Lucien Lauren

16 Mar 2011 9:04 PM

I can't research here at work..... too bad.  How about Charlize Theron?  I'm talking about her J'Adore commercial.  At least she is more recent, for Jason's sake.  Or Bardot?

16 Mar 2011 9:10 PM

Bardot was not mre recent, just to clarify.

16 Mar 2011 9:11 PM
Winner of Over 7 million Dollars Auntie

Oh Oh Oh then

ZZ Tops Classic

Joey Heatherton

Brad Pitts in Troy

2010 HOTY Hind Legs

just for fun

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror ties with Julia Roberts in Pretty woman

16 Mar 2011 9:15 PM
Mike Relva


Question? Do you think the Mosses' would rather have a perfect record or HOY? They had a perfect record when they retired her the first time after she did what many on here said couldn't be done by beating the boys. BTW I don't think Gio Ponti,Col. John,Summer Bird and others were low level horses' that she beat.

16 Mar 2011 9:23 PM

Mike Relva, You and I know both know that so many put Zenyatta down becuase she was the best thing in such a long time, better than any filly or mare that has graced the race tracks in a long time. She proved to be the best and she beat the odds,  the only one time she came up short it was by a small narrow margin and not by lengths as everyone predicted she would.   No filly or mare and most colts could do what she done.  Definitely ,  no filly or mare in the last few decades over matched her. Yes,  she shamed a few humans that never wanted to give her an ounce of credit,and she also quieted some tongues in her last run. the fact is, is they know how good she was and she will prove it so much more as the future unfolds...  Just you all wait and see.  No one will ever do what Zenyatta has done.....

16 Mar 2011 10:31 PM

Jason :  I thought you said you don't pick your horses until a week or two prior to the Derby ??  

I think you just did...not only did you pick your horse but actually already proclaimed him the winner, in March, mid March.   You telling Carlos that Pletcher will have number 2 this after all that blah blahs, in the end you end up picking Draynay's horse lol.

16 Mar 2011 10:34 PM


Saturday's $300,000 Rebel Stakes (G2) at Oaklawn Park.

Here is a rundown of the expected field (as of Wed. morning),    


Bluegrass Jam


Caleb's Posse


Elite Alex


J P's Gusto

J W Blue

Picko's Pride

Saratoga Red

Sway Away

The Factor

16 Mar 2011 11:08 PM


You're wasting your time.  Jason seems to forgot the winners of 69 Grade 1 races, 7 Eclipse Champions, two HOYs, four stakes record holders and two track record holders.

16 Mar 2011 11:09 PM
Paula Higgins

You all need to cut it out. You are trashing John Shirreffs and Todd Pletcher just for the fun of it.  Both of them deserve nothing but respect. They have different size stables and different training styles. There is enough room in racing for both. Those HOTY votes for Zenyatta were cast by people in the business, not "fans." It wasn't a sympathy vote. They thought she deserved it. It is just declasse (accent over the e) to keep denigrating her HOTY win.

As for Rattlesnake Bridge, he is a decent horse. Yes, he is outclassed by Mo but he is not chopped liver and I am not the only one who thinks that.

As for legs, my husband agrees that Sophia Loren outclasses anyone on the scene today. No less an authority than Cary Grant, who was in love with her, agreed. Jason, Rachel McAdams shows you have good taste (brains and beauty) but her last movie with Harrison Ford did her no favors.

16 Mar 2011 11:29 PM

Winner of Over 7 Million dollars Auntie- I can't believe you mentioned Joey Heatherton.  I still remember watching her on the variety shows on TV.  And then there was Lola Falana.........

16 Mar 2011 11:41 PM

The most gorgeous filly I ever saw was Jolypha when she came here to run in AP Indy's BCC.  I remember one turf writer said that he didn't know how she was going to run on dirt, but if you wanted to explain what a thoroughbred should look like, just show them Jolypha.  

16 Mar 2011 11:52 PM

Wiz: The point is you have no point.  Uncle Mo has raced 4 times and half of them have been G1 races.  AND his next 4 races are ALL G1 races against the best of the best of his age.  Comparing that do what the poly horse did from California is just plain silly and wrong.  The California horse spent ALL YEAR dodging top talent only to face it at the end and got whipped.

Let me know when Uncle Mo gets whipped.  Does anyone know what that top horse St. Trinians has done lately.  You know, the one that was soooo good and almost beat Zenyatta?  Ouch.

16 Mar 2011 11:58 PM
Matthew W

Four horses I like tom at Santa Anita: race 4: #7 Nofty (8-1) like him to stalk/pounce, rails up 30 ft helps speed and he has that/adds blinkers--8-1 and I'll take it....race 5: #1 Me Salty (5-2) easy money/wire to wire or stalk/pounce--doesn't matter....race 7: #3 Lucky Timing (7-2) I've been telling my friends/half my enemies to bet this horse--he's been an equine atm machine for me, and I'll get the 7-2--and I'll take it to the bank!....race 9 #1 Woodman's Lass (5-1) needs a trip/but if he gets one he wins--also like first time starter #8 Savy Secret (12-1)...with my remaining do re mi, I landed on Gulfstream, race 7: #7 Overrated (15-1), working lights out, just think she's "live", first time back....#8 Exchanging Smiles, (12-1), she has the look of a real live one, her stable has paid boxcars in other recent maiden turf routs--making her real live right now....#10 Gharbiah (20-1) passed a few from way back, into walking pace--this race looks faster early--thinking is this race plays to the closers--like him from far outside/love the switch to Kent....will box them/play each to win--and play the Santa Anita horses, win/show--good luck to all--consider Lucky Timing my Paddy's Day gift to you all--she'll win by three/pay nine bucks....

17 Mar 2011 12:50 AM
Matthew W

Like Seattle Slew's iconic 2nd in '78 Jockey Club Gold Cup, they gave it to Zenyatta for the same reason--she was looking like Life At Ten in the early going--she gave Blame, what, ten lengths?, as for the HOY, for what reason besides the synthetics did she not win it in 08? And was THAT fair? At any rate, she was favored in two Classics--name any other female horse in history who would've been favored in one?

17 Mar 2011 2:07 AM
Mike Relva


FYI that "poly horse" took down your Quality Road,whom you proclaimed the best in the field. Remember? That's right you don't!

17 Mar 2011 9:04 AM

Dray- St Trinian's is a synthetic horse, not a dirt horse.  I thought you were at least smart enough to realize that.  But as usual, everytime I give you some credit you make me realize you don't deserve it.  Get over yourself and your hatred. Hatred makes people ugly.  Move on.  I wish everyone else would move on too.  It's over and done with.  She's retired.  Stop rehashing old arguments. When is that next blog up, Jason?

17 Mar 2011 10:58 AM

Oh,my gosh!  Footlick!  You remember Joey Heatherton and Lola Falana?  Wow!  I do too!  Most people aren't old enough to remember them.  Nice to know someone else is.

17 Mar 2011 11:00 AM

Garrett Gomez has picked up the mount on To Honor and Serve for the Grade 1, $1 million Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park on April 3, his agent, Ron Anderson, said Wednesday.

John Velazquez had ridden To Honor and Serve in his first start of the year, a third-place finish in the Fountain of Youth Stakes.

But Velazquez was in jeopardy of losing the mount before that race, owing to concern over his availability as the May 7 Kentucky Derby nears. Velazquez is the regular rider for Uncle Mo, the acknowledged favorite for the Kentucky Derby. Uncle Mo made a successful return to the races on Saturday in the Timely Writer Stakes at Gulfstream Park.

Gomez’s only other prominent Kentucky Derby prospect at this time is Sway Away, who is scheduled to run on Saturday in the Grade 2, $300,000 Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn Park.

17 Mar 2011 11:04 AM

MonicaV- I know.  I almost didn't admit it, but then I thought what the heck.

17 Mar 2011 11:06 AM

I don't believe we are still having the Zenyatta arguments.  It's all history now and can't be changed.  Everyone has their opinion and certainly entitled to it.  She was a great race horse and won HOY last year.  She will always be remembered as one of the greats.  If anyone doesn't agree they have their reasons.  Z is retired and is going to have a baby in 2012.  She's moved on and so should everyone else.

17 Mar 2011 11:07 AM


I've been around forever it seems.  I thought you might be older because of the way you post.  I enjoy what you say.

17 Mar 2011 11:08 AM
Carlos in Cali

Thanks tcc,

It's about time they replaced JVelazquez on THS,everyone knows he won't be getting off UM's back anytime soon.

Raquel Welch on her worst day. From head-to-toe the total package!

17 Mar 2011 12:04 PM
Priate Queens best Friend's Auntie

Footlick that was for all you starry eyed kids who remember that special time of awakening in the media. Joey was mesmerizing, it meant something at the time, to see leg go that far up - there used to be a mystique of seeing the thigh - that high - ON TV whew....she had a setta trotters no doubt.   

17 Mar 2011 12:42 PM

Sorry Carlos, but Marilyn Monroe beats Raquel Welch hands down, together with my jaw whenever I see a pic of Marilyn.  She's probably the most beautiful woman that has ever graced this planet...

17 Mar 2011 12:48 PM
Zens Auntie

I like the Rebel list tcc thanks. bet you can guess who I like, hint he has 3 A's in his name.

Go Go on TH&S.  nice....

Gee I wanna to to the FD..

17 Mar 2011 12:52 PM

Don't forget Betty Grable who gave every GI in World War II something to smile about and Juliet Prowse who made Elvis pant in GI Blues.

17 Mar 2011 12:56 PM
Bernardini's Baby Mama's Auntie

RW or MM ? tough call like what’s better; chocolate cake or cheese cake? mmm both good apple pie too just different but not less tasty, each will have loyalists.

You know what is sad? that MM would have been considered "overweight" today JayJay.  

Speaking of weight gain, I think the Niece has Gained like 200 lbs so far with retirement and this whole gettig pregnant thing. but she just looks Voluptuous dont you think?

17 Mar 2011 1:02 PM

MonicaV- thanks.  I enjoy your post too.  A voice of reason is always nice on these!

And ditto on your post about Zenyatta discussions.

17 Mar 2011 1:11 PM

PQbFA- the abbreviation was easier- sorry.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane! There was an innocence back then that does not exist today.  Kids grow up so fast now.

jayjay- Ms Monroe is difficult to top, that is true.

Carlos in Cali- so was Ms Welch!

17 Mar 2011 1:17 PM

Zens Auntie;

I can just see you playing that Wheel Of Fortune game. 1st player chooses the letter C, then the spin lands on loose a turn, 2nd player chooses the letter R, then the next spin lands on bankrupt, now it's your turn, and you would like a vowel, then you choose the letter A. The host says there are 3 A's. Then you decide that you would like to solve the puzzle, and your answer is Archarcharch.

17 Mar 2011 1:44 PM
2009 BCC Winner's Auntie

Yes Yes Foot the good old days... The goofy 70's we sure didnt appreciate it enough then did we?

Is it really all 30 Plus years ago? The last of the innocence.

Hey remember when we had 3 TC winners in the span of 6 years?

17 Mar 2011 1:53 PM
Forbidden Apple

It is simply a waist of time to argue back and forth with someone who is closed minded. Some of you folks have forgotten who won the 2009 B.C. Classic and who was 2nd in the 2010 B.C. Classic by a quickly diminishing head. If Zenyatta beat Blame in the 2010 Classic, some of you donkeys still would not respect her.

17 Mar 2011 1:54 PM
Jason Shandler

Forbidden Apple: Is it a waste of time or a waist of time? Just need some clarification since I'm a donkey.

The above average mare did some nice things. She will certainly go down as one of the top 50 mares of all-time. Take solace in that.

17 Mar 2011 1:58 PM
Archarcharch's Auntie too

Oh I like that tcc you is a thinker.  

Yes what with His Daddy being a brother from another Mother we do like Archarcharch.

17 Mar 2011 2:00 PM
Coulda beena Grand Prix Dressage Horse's Auntie

Forbidden Apple, I wish all this time I waste thinking about Thoroughbred Horses would help me waste away at the Waist but alas its ony good for the heart and guts...

I used to waste time defending horses I like. Now your right and its History or maybe HERSTORY. yuck yuck

I think, knowing a few, that pretty much all TB's would tell you if given the chance in the words of the imortal Popeye the Sailor

"I YAM WHAT I YAM.  Now pass my oats please", and that is plenty.  

17 Mar 2011 2:12 PM


Seeing that you're a donkey, do you think you could beat Black Ruby is a foot race.  They could call it the Jackass Derby.....I couldn't resist...just kidding.

Nice thought though, Zen on top of the top fifty fillies and mares all time.

17 Mar 2011 2:32 PM
Forbidden Apple

My fault, I almost always proofread, I was writing in a hurry after reading all of the above garbage. The only thing that matters is that Uncle Mo will not win the Triple Crown. One race at a time pease, like starting with the upcoming Rebel. Sway Away is my top pick.

17 Mar 2011 2:38 PM
no mo mo

Let me know when Uncle Mo gets whipped.  Does anyone know what that top horse St. Trinians has done lately.  You know, the one that was soooo good and almost beat Zenyatta?  Ouch.

Draynay 16 Mar 2011 11:58 PM

Don't worry draynay we'll let you know when he gets whipped. By the way what has Unca Schmoe done lately? That's a big fat nothing except run in a minor stakes race agains 4 nobodys. Even RA might have been able to win that one.

Uncle Mo will not win the Kentucky Derby!!

17 Mar 2011 2:40 PM


Rebel Draw

1 Archarcharch – Jon Court

2 Alternation – Luis  Quinonez

3 Dreaminofthewin – Cliff Berry

4 Picko’s Pride – Isreal Ocampo

5 J P’s Gusto – Ramon Dominguez

6 The Factor – Martin Garcia

7 Caleb’s Posse – Eddie Razo

8 Saratoga Red – Terry Thompson

9 Sway Away – Garrett Gomez

10 Elite Alex – Calvin Borel

11 Glint – Gabriel Saez

12 Bluegrass Jam – Michael Baze

13 J W Blue – Joe Rocco Jr.

17 Mar 2011 2:44 PM

Coupled Entries - Bluegrass Jam, J W Blue

17 Mar 2011 2:47 PM
Zen's Auntie

Laz you mention I think a set amongst the finest sets of Equine legs ever to grace a california track in that HOT Gal Black Ruby.

Half Donkey is My favorite kind

Iz just messin with ya F Apple, my Spelling sucks, without spell check my 70's early education and deeply fonetic beginings show through laffably - see what I mean

tcc more good info thanks, my boy has the 1 post huh? is that bad? What can you tell me about John Court?

17 Mar 2011 3:08 PM

Well it is settled then.  Uncle Mo goes to the Wood.  The winner of the Wood has produced 4 of the 11 Triple Crown winners (36% clip).  He will be facing Arazi, Easy Goer, and the 3 million dollar Lukas wonder horse Houston.  

17 Mar 2011 3:11 PM
Zens Auntie

A guy and his buddy thirsty from the drive, walk into a bar in a little town along the road. They head in following a local fellow in front of them to the bar.

as thay approach the bar, The bartenter crudely adresses the guy in front of the two friends.

"hey Jackass" says the sud's slinger "you wanna Beer?"

The one buddy turns to the other and remarks what a dreadfully forward and nasty sot the bartender seems to be then he asks the man in front of him

"Pardon me, doesnt it bother you when he talks to you that way, you ought to stand up for yourself man"

To which the first man, finally  speaks up and replies (in a now apparent pronounced stutter)

"Oh th, th, thanks b but He all... he all, He always says that"

Sorry Jason couldnt resist.

17 Mar 2011 3:22 PM
Zen's Auntie

Nice Rebel write up Jason

I see Bandbox is showing up for the Private Terms stakes at Laurel this weekend Look for him to improve that driving style and get in front this time.

17 Mar 2011 4:15 PM
Mike Relva


Trust me,history will be KIND to the "above average mare". She will be regarded in the top three at least.

17 Mar 2011 7:10 PM

"above average"?

What happened to you Jason? What made you sink down to this level of pettiness? What ever happened to the Jason that wrote the blog "Humble Pie" after Zenyatta's historic Breeders Cup Classic win? You certainly didn't regard as just "above average" then, so why the sudden change? What's this vendetta you have with her? I understand your annoyance with those who regard her as the best horse in history, even better than Secretariat or even The Bid, but isn't it fair to say that she, like them, is among the best of her decade, up there with the likes of Ghostzapper, Invasor, Curlin, or Tiznow? Perhaps even the last 2 decades? I just don't get it Jason, she had your praise in 2008 and even your vote for Horse of the Year(which, after looking through the archives I was shocked to find Draynay actually arguing for Zenyatta over Curlin), then in 2009 she didn't get your vote but you still gave her her due for what she did in the Classic. Why was it that in 2010 your opinion seemed to drastically change? Please help me to understand.

17 Mar 2011 8:46 PM

2009 BCC Winner's Auntie- time does fly.  It was an amazing era, the 60's and the 70's, especially those three TC winners.  But also the amazing horses who were running as their adversaries, the distance races that horses ran in (which I really miss), the TC preps in Florida, New York and California, all having their own series and having top fields, the Championship season in the fall.  It all seems amazing looking back on it.  

Laz- Juliette Prowse did have amazing legs.  But she was a trained dancer, just like Cyd Charisse.  I would have to say Juliette Prowse was possibly the best South African import we have ever had in the US-lol.

18 Mar 2011 12:05 AM

Juliet Prowse was an amazing dancer and did have gorgeous legs.  I remember watching her dancing on variety shows on TV.  She made a movie with Elvis and had her own TV show called Mona McCluskey.  She was really something.  The stars in those days didn't rely on implants and lip injections to look beautiful.

18 Mar 2011 3:05 PM
Pedigree Ann

"I don't BLAME all of you for still being upset. It will probably take a lifetime to get over. Tough, tough loss, but such is sports."

Two words for you: Christian Laettner.

18 Mar 2011 4:47 PM
Jason Shandler

Christian Laettner? You mean the guy who excelled at the college level but couldnt quite cut it against the best in the NBA? Good analogy Ann.

18 Mar 2011 4:53 PM
Pedigree Ann

"Legs?  Like Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Cyd Charisse..."

Oh, drat. Here I thought you were talking about Legs, the 2006 New Zealand Oaks winner. Sired by the stallion Pins, so you know where her name came from. For those of you who care about such things, Pins descends in tail-male from the Hall-of-Famer Tom Fool.

18 Mar 2011 4:59 PM

Props for the Rachel McAdams reference, Jason.  

18 Mar 2011 9:18 PM
Pedigree Ann

You trying to wind me up, Jason? You must know we in the Bluegrass bleed Blue for the Wildcats. And ever more in the lore of the Big Blue Nation, the words "Christian Laettner" ensure a shiver, a snarl, and/or a sigh for due glory lost.

19 Mar 2011 8:06 AM
Meydan Rocks

Just curious - Re: the Pletcher/Sherreffs stat comparison debate.

Has Sherreffs gotten the same type quality stock across the board that Pletcher has had available to him?

Is there a fair way to compare them since Pletcher consistently has larger stables.

Who are the math whizes and statisticians among us?

20 Mar 2011 10:02 PM

Zenyatta's two Breeders Cup wins came on the plastic. It seems interesting that some people can rank a mare "great" when she doesn't have a single major victory against males on the dirt. Actually, she doesn't even have a win in a race of national significance on dirt. I'm content to let the Mosses enjoy their Horse of the Career award rather than Horse of the Year. Moving past that.

There were major doubts about Secretariat getting the classic distance and beyond. We all know what happened. His pedigree does hold some similarities to that of Uncle Mo- the speed comes from the sire and stamina from the dam. Uncle Mo's dam Playa Maya is by Arch, a horse that has transmitted stamina to his offspring (Blame is one that comes to mind). So, do not write off Mo because of his pedigree. He has as reasonable a shot at the Derby as the other competitors. I do hope they run him in the Florida Derby because that will be the bigger test.

31 Mar 2011 10:54 AM

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