Promotional Feature: Let’s Go Stables, LLC

  • May 17, 2011
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 As this year’s Triple Crown season begins, the world will be watching overjoyed owners greeting their horses in the winner’s circle. If you are thinking about getting off the sidelines of the racing game and becoming an owner yourself, a great way to begin is by joining a syndicate. Racing syndicates allow you to make a smaller investment with less risk than you would face purchasing a horse on your own.

Every syndicate is designed differently, but Let’s Go Stables, LL C founders, Kevin Scatuorchio and Bryan Sullivan, believe their new business model provides the most customer-friendly  experience available to new owners.

Previously supported by Scatuorchio and Sullivan’s family and friends, Let’s Go Stables is now an open syndicate available to anyone interested in owning a racehorse.

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