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  • November 21, 2017
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That Thoroughbreds are a tricky investment is well-known to all participants in the industry. There is a lot of money passing hands for a most-fragile commodity, meaning that the care and welfare of the animal should be of paramount importance to all involved. Choosing where to board your broodmare and, subsequently, where to raise your foal are crucial decisions not to be made without careful study and examination of all alternatives. A proper facility should have the tools, experience, and horsemanship to ensure the safety and welfare of its Thoroughbred charges, as well as the proper physical layout and access to top veterinary care. You’ll want staff members who are well-versed in timely communications with you, the client.

Fortunately, many such top-shelf boarding operations exist throughout the country to give that special care to your Thoroughbred. What follows aims to educate horsemen about some of the leading facilities.

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