Promotional Feature: Immersed in the Industry

  • October 20, 2011
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 Promotional Feature: Immersed in the Industry: McCann Bloodstock Celebrates 25 Years

 Full disclosure has been Bob McCann’s guiding principle for the bloodstock agency he created 25 years ago.  e Winchester, Ky., native’s straightforward approach has been so appreciated that he’s brokered a steadily increasing number of horses and contracts for 22 consecutive years beginning in October 1986, when the door of his agency opened.

Just a couple years into his new venture, McCann recalled how the sale of a stallion season gave him a client for life.  e buyer had already agreed to purchase a stallion season for $15,000. Because it was the late 1980s when stud fees—actually the entire industry—were in a state of  flux, McCann called the shareholder selling the season to double-check on the fee before sealing the deal. As it turned out, the fee had dropped to $12,000.

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