Promotional Feature: Denali Stud

  • November 01, 2011
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Promotional Feature: Denali Stud: Quality Operation and Quality Horses Culminates in 12 Months of History Making

 Craig Bandoroff has become a well-recognized name at Thoroughbred sales, where he has built a ell respected farm and sales agency
in Denali Stud over the last two decades. These days, it’s almost unusual to see Denali absent from the list of sales-topping consignors at public
auction, which is no surprise for a company responsible for the sale of Breeders’ Cup champions Uncle Mo and 2011 Kentucky Derby winner
Animal Kingdom. Although Bandoroff has been at the top of his game for some time, the last year has proven to be one of his best.

What was the 2010 Breeders’ Cup experience like for you?

We’ve sold a lot of nice horses that have won nice races and adding two winners from our program, Pluck foaled/raised and Uncle Mo from our sales program added two more jewels to the crown, so to speak. You want to sell horses that can perform at the highest level on an international stage — we want to raise
Grade I caliber runners. We’ve always wanted to play this business at the top and we’ve been fortunate enough to have clients that have
allowed us to compete at the top. We’d never won a Breeder’s Cup race before, so that was really special but then to have two of them in
one day, and to do it the way they did it, very impressively,I was about as excited as you could ever be.

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