12/10/11 Southwest Regional: Dobson Dials Up Success

  • December 06, 2011
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Oklahoma telecom mogul hits with Caleb’s Posse, takes equity interest in Three Chimneys Stallions

Everett Dobson became a leader in the telecommunications industry by learning every aspect of the business, making the right acquisitions, and understanding capital markets.

He brings the same intellectual discipline to Thoroughbred racing and breeding that until 2007 was more of a pastime than a passion. That’s the year he sold Dobson Communications to AT&T for $2.8 billion and started to up his ante in the horse business.

“I had a little more time on my hands, and I was looking for something to do that was exciting, competitive,” the soft-spoken 52-year-old said. “I increased my involvement in the sport.”

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