10/23/2012 West Coast: Voice Message

  • October 23, 2012
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Trevor Denman still thrills fans after 30 years of race calling at Santa Anita

by Lenny Shulman

Trainer Vladimir Cerin will sometimes spend time between races at Santa Anita Park or Del Mar in the announcer’s booth visiting with race caller Trevor

“I get so nervous for him,” began Cerin, who is Denman’s one close friend among the horsemen in California. “It’s three minutes to post and we’ll be talking about why a soccer team isn’t playing a certain forward more, and I’ll say to him, ‘Trevor, you have to get ready for the race.’ And he’ll lean into the microphone and announce, ‘The horses are approaching the starting gate.’ And he’ll turn to me and say, ‘Yeah, but I don’t like that forward, he doesn’t deserve to be playing more minutes,’ and I’m like, ‘Trevor, go call the race.’ And he’ll say, ‘Nah, we have time.’ He literally memorizes the horses’ names as
they’re going into the starting gate. It’s amazing.”

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