June 18, 2011 - Baby Boot Camp: Prepping Yearlings

  • June 20, 2011
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Trade Zone: Baby Boot Camp: Prepping Yearlings

Anyone who’s watched scruffy, awkward weanlings playing in a pasture may wonder how they ever turn out to be the pristine, polished yearlings seen heading to sales rings across the country. No matter the size or location of the auction, a solid sales preparation program is crucial for presenting yearlings at their best at sale time. This includes a specific regimen of exercise, handling, nutrition, grooming, and hoof trimming to transform bubbly babies into marketable investment opportunities.

Off to school

Consignors have their own preferences about when to begin yearling preparation in relation to a
sale. Generally, the program begins at least 60 days before yearlings ship to the sale location, but some
consignors prefer as much as 120 days.

Many consignors avoid sticking rigidly to a formula in favor of tailoring the time line to a horse’s
individual needs. Heavier horses or those physically or mentally immature may require supplementary
feed and more exercise to achieve the same look as their peers.


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