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Ron Turcotte's Mystery Mount

On April 3, 1972, the front page headline in the Morning Telegraph read, "Head of the River Wins Everglades Stakes." It looked as if the colt's owner Rokeby Stable and trainer Elliott Burch had another... Read More

A Big Day for Big Red

The scroll on ESPN's Sportscenter on the morning of May 3 had its priorities straight. The No. 1 horse racing story read: "Secretariat wins Virtual Kentucky Derby." Oh, yes, that was followed by story... Read More

Memories of Derby Trails Past

Very often it is not the Kentucky Derby itself that provides the greatest memories as much as the road leading to the Derby. That is the time when hopes and dreams are still alive. And in many cases the... Read More

Big Red: The Early Years

In the spring of 1969, a magical seed was planted in the equine garden known as The Meadow, located in Caroline County, Va., just north of Richmond. From that seed the following spring would sprout a legendary... Read More

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