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My Farewell Column

After writing the Hangin' With Haskin column for 12 years and the Derby Dozen, numerous features and columns, and providing lead coverage of all the major stakes for 22 years, I no longer will be writing... Read More

A Love Letter to Joan

When you reach a certain age, at least in my case, you have this desire to release feelings inside you. You don’t want them silenced for eternity. You want people, mostly the ones you love, to know exactly... Read More

A Long Overdue Thank You

Sorry, folks, this one’s for me. If you hang around I thank you in advance for indulging my sentimentality, but the events of Aug. 1 have inspired me, no, make that compelled me, to express my intense... Read More

My Top 15 Favorite Blogs

As part of the Blood-Horse 's 100th anniversary issue on Aug. 6, I have been asked to list (with links) my 15 favorite Hangin With Haskin blogs. This was an extremely difficult task, as it's like choosing... Read More

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