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Signs of the Times

By George Doria, The Saratoga Sire The Keeneland January 'Horses of all Ages' sale ended with a drop in gross of 53.4% from last year. The steady and steep drop in prices, that started to make itself evident... Read More

Something Missing

By Frank Vespe, That's Amore Stable Here are a few articles that were in Sunday's Washington Post : A quarter pager on an area high school track meet; Another quarter page article on a local high school... Read More


Courtesy of Ryan Patterson, GradedStakes.com Finding an industry that has friendlier and more helpful people than horse racing would be quite a task. I can remember when I first gained interest in racing... Read More

Image is Everything

Andre Agassi is the perfect poster boy for image trumping reality. He was the rock star of tennis from the moment he set foot on the court in 1986, but he didn't win his first Grand Slam event until 1992... Read More


Michael Nikolic, Gathering the Wind I never gave much thought to routine. Every morning I wake up to a face full of dogs and an hours trudge around the neighborhood. It's nice and quiet and the few desperate... Read More

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