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In the Game - by Dan Liebman

Bill Casner had been out of racing for 18 years when the Texas native was invited to a suite to celebrate the opening night of racing at Lone Star Park, just north of Dallas. He spotted a man across the... Read More

Hand Cupped - by Dan Liebman

I watched parts of the Indianapolis 500 May 25. But I wonder how much less of it I would have viewed had the first 75 laps been on one network and the last 125 laps on another. Just a small inconvenience... Read More

Breach City - by Dan Liebman

At the 1999 Jockey Club Round Table, participants heard an interesting presentation from IBM Global Services manager Mark Elliott, who discussed areas in which his company believed it could partner with... Read More

Big Leap - by Dan Liebman

Machu Picchu is translated to mean “Old Mountain” or “Old Peak.” Discovered on a mountain ridge in Peru in 1911, it is often called “The Lost City of the Incas.” Built around 1450 and abandoned 100 years... Read More

Dear John - by Dan Liebman

One night during the 2007 Keeneland November sale, Eoin Harty was enjoying a leisurely dinner when the topic turned to horses, in particular those in his Southern California stable. The trainer got a twinkle... Read More

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