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A Tremendous Day of Racing

By J. Keeler Johnson ("Keelerman") When the calendar pages turn to March, and the days slowly count down to the final Saturday of the month, the annual anticipation for one of the greatest days in horse... Read More

Palace Malicitis

The primary attribute of Palace Malice is that he is a very good racehorse, having won the Belmont Stakes, Jim Dandy Stakes, and $1,481,135. But there are other plus factors. One, he is a big, powerful... Read More

Mickey Rooney

The ground rules for these blogs, which we began in late winter, were that I would write about colorful, old-time horsemen with whom I had some relationship. And !-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face ... Read More

Alfred Vanderbilt

Alfred Vanderbilt enjoyed playing tennis with me. The reason he enjoyed it is that he was a very bad tennis player, and he sought the company of others of equal ability. I fit the bill. He liked ladies... Read More

Peace for a Change

A couple weeks before today’s start of the Thoroughbred meet in Saratoga Springs, NY, when thoughts went more to the Phish concerts and the New York City Ballet than to horse racing, a neighbor proclaimed... Read More

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