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Some Tips Worth Nothing

No tip jar at the racetrack beats the one with the sign that two questionable teenagers put up. The sign reads, “For the collage fund.” Uh-huh. Is that “collage fund” as in “college fund?” And, if so,... Read More

Lawn Jockeys

Lawn jockeys are stolen on the weekend, when tourists are over-served on Caroline Street or college kids are bored by living within the law. This was the case of the valuable bronze statue that was taken... Read More

Throwing Money Around

Saratoga Racecourse isn’t the site of the world’s best Thoroughbred racing anymore – in fact, it’s far from it. Today marked the beginning of a four-day Travers Stakes push and five races, the conditions... Read More

Heading into the Dark Day

For some unknown reason, the racecourse vendors stop selling Daily Racing Forms early on Mondays. Patrons leaving the racetrack after the fifth race are unable to buy a Form for Wednesday. It can be frustrating... Read More

Long-sleeved Tee-shirts

Racetrack representatives are passing out rainbow-arced lapel pins to people who register in NYRA Nation, the new data-based marketing initiative aimed to co-op fans in the struggle to make horse racing... Read More

The Evolved Gender

The day began with a race – more specifically, a 5K through the streets of Saratoga Springs to raise money for the Healthy Transportation Network. And like so many of the races at the thoroughbred track... Read More

Turning Up the Dial

Too bad that Steve Byk’s many fans aren’t able to see him. The daily radio voice of horse racing is one of the best dressed men at Saratoga Race Course. He’s on the Beau Brummell list with Cot Campbell... Read More

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