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April 2008 - Posts

Farewell to the Meadows - by Morton Cathro

"Memory draws from delight, ere it dies, an essence that breathes of it many a year�" � Irish bard Thomas Moore, 1779-1852 Bay Meadows, California�s pioneering racetrack, has been this aging fan�s delight for nearly my entire lifetime. Now, barring an unlikely last-minute reprieve, it is marching inexorably toward May 11, the final day of its final meeting. Doomed by commercial real estate developers... Read More

Affirmed Career - by Patrice Wolfson

Affirmed was both the focal point and cement that would bind my husband�s and my wonderful 35-year relationship. From the outset of our marriage in Miami in 1972, we dearly enjoyed driving up to spend time at Harbor View Farm near Ocala. It was there, in 1975, that we first noticed a flashy little chestnut colt that loved to show his heels to his contemporaries. We watched, as time went by, how the... Read More

He Touched Many - by Headley Bell

My mother, Alice Chandler, and I were scheduled to meet with the Editor-in-Chief of The Blood-Horse April 4 to reflect on her life and the transition of our family�s Mill Ridge Farm. But it was hard that morning to also not reflect on the life of our dear friend Buddy Bishop, who had passed away the previous night after struggling with cancer for more than two years. It is so rare that families carry... Read More

Piece of Cake - by Joe Hickey

Stepping down from his Windfields jet, E.P. Taylor bounded across the tarmac into the terminal building, where he pulled up short in front of a vending machine. �Help me, Joe. I don�t have any U.S. change.� As I sorted through my change for quarters, the Canadian tycoon described by biographer Peter Newman as �the ultimate personification of the riches gained and power wielded,� fumed, �Never mind... Read More

More Anna Houses - By Donna Chenkin

Transformation of a dream often begins with acts of imagination that elevate a starting vision of change above the intimidating presence of things as they are. When the Belmont Child Care Association was incorporated in 1998, a child care center was just such a dream. Yet, if such a dream is passionate and clear, and if it can call a great many people into its service, the dream may ultimately shape... Read More

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