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May 2008 - Posts

Rule V.6. - by Gary Fenton

“History consists of a series of accumulated imaginative inventions.” - Voltaire As a Thoroughbred owner, I stand on the shoulders of giants. Horse racing’s tradition and history are like no other. However, in the past 30 years, we’ve been surpassed by the major sports leagues. Being a traditionalist, I don’t blame the caretakers for this lapse. When you have more than 100 Kentucky Derbys, it’s easy... Read More

Mr. Arbuthnot at the Races - by John McEvoy

Recently as I re-read some of the late humorist Frank Sullivan’s pieces, I thought what a shame it was that this gifted writer never turned his sights on horse racing, a sport he loved. During his 40-year newspaper and New Yorker magazine career, Sullivan was widely read as he poked gentle fun at a variety of subjects in politics, sports, and life in general. He was best known for creating Mr. Arbuthnot... Read More

It Just Is - by Joel Turner

It is what we owners and breeders fear the most. A call from a farm employee, trainer, or vet with that oddly familiar, awkward tone foretelling the bad news we have lost one of our horses. Or, perhaps even worse, in the moment of excitement and anticipation of competition, one of our horses goes down on the track or falls over a jump. The end result is the same. It is as if one�s heart is ripped from... Read More

Feeling the Chill - by Evan I. Hammonds

Cold lies the heart of Thoroughbred racing following Eight Belles� untimely end after Kentucky Derby 134. The dark side of the toughest game in town showed itself once again on the national stage, this time in the nation�s biggest race. Even prior to her tragic ending as the shadows began to lengthen May 3, there seemed to be a chilly vibe to this year�s Run for the Roses in Louisville. And by chill... Read More

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