IMPORTANT Website and Blog Stable Update: FREE Site Registration

 IMPORTANT Website and Blog Stable Update: FREE Site Registration has launched free site registration to give regular users free unlimited access to hundreds of free reports, race results, webcasts, and more. One of the benefits of a free account is simplified blog commenting. Please take a few minutes to read below to find out how it works and how to set up your free account for easier commenting. 

As a member on you can:
•    Get unlimited access to hundreds of pages of free reports
•    Get daily race result alerts by email
•    Sign up to receive free daily and weekly newsletters about Thoroughbred racing and breeding
•    View free webcasts about Thoroughbred racing, ownership, and more
•    Share your thoughts with the industry by commenting on blog posts
•    Get full access to thousands of sales results from’s online auctions database

How commenting has changed:

Previously, users to did not have to login to comment. Recently, implemented free registration on the site, allowing users to create a free account in order to gain unlimited access to hundreds of free reports, receive free race results, and many other free benefits. Free registration makes it easier for you to leave comments on the blogs you visit. Now, instead of signing in each time you want to comment, you can register for a free account and stay logged in so you can comment freely.

Your screen name is a unique name you choose to identify yourself on to other users. It will appear when commenting on items, like blogs, across the site. Please make sure that you are comfortable with your screen name before you complete registration. If you would like to change your screen name later, you may do so in your account settings


When you do register for your free account, be sure to create your account using your own personal email address. A verification email will be sent to the email you provide in order to complete your registration and activate your account. If you don’t click on the activation link in the email you receive, you will not have the ability to comment on blogs.

1. Register/Log-In
2. Visit the desired blog
3. Leave Comment

Below: log-in screen


Forgot Your Password?

Click on the "Reset it here" link when prompted to log-in to An email will be sent to the email you registered with, so be sure to double check your email when entering it upon registration.


Newsletters and Alerts:

You can find our many daily, weekly, special newsletters and multiple types of alerts, including NEW racing result options, under "Email Preferences" in your account settings.

Below: "My Account" view. Click on "Email Preferences" on this screen.

Below: Newsletter and Alert Sign-up page.
As seen if "Email Preferences" is clicked on above.

Below: What your site registration screen will look like.

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