Video Portal Makeover - New Searchable Race Replay Video

Video Portal Makeover has released an update to the video portal. Upgrades include the ability to search for any Race Replay of your choice and a new tab organization structure. New tabs  that have been added include International Video and News Video sections.

Other recent additions to the video portal include the ability to search all videos and view a video archive listing of all videos posted on; listed newest to oldest by posting date.

Race Replay Tab

Inside the video portal, the very last listing in the gray tabs under “More Video” says “Race Replays.” Click on “Race Replays” to see the race replay search tool entitled “Narrow Results.”

You may manually enter a desired beginning and ending date or choose from the pop-up calendar. Note there is a replay search limit of 30 days. This means if you select over thirty days worth of races, you will be asked to narrow or refine your search.

You may select a race type. Note that our results are limited to races worth $20,000 or more.

You may select a track, track abbreviations are beside the track names.

You may select a state-bred status.

Once all desired information is set, simply click the “Apply” button and your results should display to the right of the “Narrow Results” options.

If you would like to favorite/bookmark our race replays search tool, I would suggest using the following link. This link is a stand alone page for the race replays search tool.

International Video

We have heard your voices and returned with international video content. Features of our favorite international horses, farms, industry members and of course event coverage from races and meets from around the globe.

Events already covered include the Irish Derby and Royal Ascot. With more special features airing monthly.


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i noticed the race replay videos are a little fuzzy. is there a way to upgrade the quality of these? thank you.

20 Jul 2011 2:35 PM

Thought this might be best way to reach you..I use this feature (video replays) often, and very much appreciate it being made available. But, as likely you realize, it would be far more useful-and most time-saving-if one could have the ability to call up a particular horse (wherein there would be a listing of all its races available to click on to). I know this would require more "programming" on your part, but such a program exists on Unfortunately, they only offer limited races...If you could, please respond to this message directly to my email address.

Thank you.  

14 Dec 2011 10:35 AM

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