Blinker's Off - Wednesday, April 30

From Railbird -

Graham Motion, a great guy but not exactly a human quote machine, has one good line this week for reporters about Adriano and he's sticking to it: "I must be the only trainer in the world with an A.P. Indy that can't run on dirt."...

Speaking of one-liners, Henny Youngman used to have a good one about racing. "I once bet on a horse that was so slow, I saw him turn around and say to the jockey, 'Whaddya hittin' me for, there's nobody behind us."

Todd Pletcher missed the trainer's dinner Tuesday night with either strep throat or a flu bug, depending on who you talk to. He arrived at his Churchill Downs barn this morning, however, looking razor sharp as always, moments after Monba and Cowboy Cal danced off the van from Keeneland and into the barn. Continue Reading...

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