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November 2009 - Posts

Trevor Denman Took a Risk

By putting an emphasis on Zenyatta throughout the race, Trevor Denman made a perfect pairing of a memorable call with a race that will stand the test of time. ... Read More

Enjoy Zenyatta Now

Is Zenyatta great? She has only run outside California once. She's never faced the boys, until now. She's never raced a longer distance. She's never raced on grass. She needs to race on dirt again. She is too one dimensional. She needs to beat Rachel Alexandria. Does it ever end?... Read More

Breeders' Cup Grandpa

Looking over the Breeders' Cup card I began to see a trend. Colts that ran well in their own edition of the Cup make good broodmare sires. Ten of the Broodmare Sires represented were winners of 11 Breeders' Cup races. Here are some stallions that will be represented this weekend (BC plus the Las Palmas), not all were winners, but they all ran races that could have made them winners on the day.... Read More

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