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I Love Candy

I admit it. I am in love with a chestnut colt named Sidney's Candy. If he had a fan club, I would apply for presidency.... Read More


Have you ever met anyone you idolized and you sort of lose consciousness and don't know what you are saying or doing? Well, I had that moment.... Read More

Trevor Denman Took a Risk

By putting an emphasis on Zenyatta throughout the race, Trevor Denman made a perfect pairing of a memorable call with a race that will stand the test of time. ... Read More

Enjoy Zenyatta Now

Is Zenyatta great? She has only run outside California once. She's never faced the boys, until now. She's never raced a longer distance. She's never raced on grass. She needs to race on dirt again. She is too one dimensional. She needs to beat Rachel Alexandria. Does it ever end?... Read More

Gators and Dawgs get a Breeders' Cup Break

I was thinking of the racing year and the football season and I tried to compare some of the jargon within the two sports and the best examples I could find. So just for fun and for those that enjoy both sports, here's my try at the task.... Read More

Vic Stauffer WOWS Them

Vic Stauffer was a hit at Indiana Academy (high school) this spring. I forwarded his great call of a race and a remarkable recovery by a filly to a friend's daughter. She showed it to many or her classmates who first asked "Why are you watching horse racing?" Afterwards, they all had the same response, "WOW". ... Read More

Royal Ascot - Day One

Just as the NCAA tournament signals the end of winter and the Masters brings forth spring, Royal Ascot is my sign that the first half year of racing is behind us and summer racing has arrived. The preliminaries are over. Championship season is upon us.... Read More

Rene Douglas and Caltech

I'm sure Rene Douglas has been in all of our thoughts a lot since Saturday. He certainly has been in mine. I went seeking memories and I decided to put some down for anyone else that might be wanting that connection right now.... Read More

Milady, Your Lady, Our Lady.....

The Princess (Rachel Alexandra) got a jewel last weekend, but the Queen is not ready to give up her throne. Zenyatta makes her much awaited seasonal debut at Hollywood Park in the mile and a sixteenth Grade 2 Milady Handicap.... Read More

Rachel Alexandra - The Greatest Filly?

I've heard that comment over the last week with open-ended infinity. I know our sport wants a star badly, but we have had some awfully good three-year-old fillies that beat much more difficult competition by this time in their career, or they did so throughout their classic-year campaign. ... Read More


What does a horse have to do to get a little respect these days? Looking at the careers of Derby hopefuls Pioneerof the Nile and General Quarters.... Read More

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