Gators and Dawgs get a Breeders' Cup Break

Courtesy of Becky Johnston 

How did this happen? The Breeders' Cup smack in the middle of the LSU Alabama football game? I guess it's payback time for me. I sarcastically empathize with my Gator horse racing friend each year when he has to make a choice between their biggest rivalry game with Georgia and the championship day of horse racing. "Aww that's too bad," I always say. Now who's laughing?

I was thinking of the racing year and the football season and I tried to compare some of the jargon within the two sports and the best examples I could find. So just for fun and for those that enjoy both sports, here's my try at the task.


Personal Foul - the seven-year-old has put in some great runs this year, but things haven't gone his way since the personal foul by Asiatic Boy.

Vineyard Haven

Illegal blocking

That will get you flagged every time.

Rail Trip

That's holding!

At no time was a hold more heart stopping than this one.

Rachel Alexandra


Throwing this flag on Tom Durkin post race, but Rachel really did show up the competition on this one.


Naked Bootleg

Doing it all on her own, no blockers.

AllIcansayis Wow


Could be blocking below the waist, but I prefer that call on two-legged athletes. Thankfully tripping is not a call you see very often. I can never see enough of that recovery though.



The dreaded title football recruits hate, but it best describes a player that has the size and ability to do all kinds of things on the field. This colt has the speed of Mark Ingram along with the size of Terrence Cody.


Player ejection

Obviously these are not SEC officials. They would never call a foul for the home team or in this case a race named after the owner.


Shotgun Formation

Self explanatory after you watch the race.

Mine that Bird


Okay not really a fair call, but he did get the cadence right and got the jump on every snap.

Rachel Alexandra


Game Over!

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