What superhero pajamas do you wear?

Courtesy of Becky Johnston 

If Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas, I doubt Zenyatta honors her counterpart with a “Rachel is my Hero” negligee.  In fact, I doubt she’s ever heard of her. 

With no match up anywhere in sight, the fans must speculate on who is better and it is getting to be a bitter feud.   Can you imagine if Alabama didn’t face Auburn in the Iron Bowl each year and the decision was left up to the fans to decide.

With all the “plastic” talk, I wondered what if Coach Urban Meyer told the SEC powers that be “No, I don’t believe we will play Coach Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide in the SEC championship game since it is played indoors.  Better yet, next year when you plan the championship, make sure it is under the conditions we prefer and here is where you can mail the championship trophy because we beat Florida International and Auburn by 30 points.”

Jess Jackson said this week that the synthetics can be unpredictable, which leads one to believe that all dirt tracks must be predictable.  Does that mean that Zenyatta is a much better mare because she can adjust to vastly differing surfaces and Rachel just goes from one home court to the next?

By the way, can we dispense with “we’re bringing her back next year for the fans?”  The fans want to see a Zenyatta vs. Rachel Alexandra match up this year. 

The only reasonable alternative to the whole mess would be for Oaklawn Park to run a boutique meet over the Labor Day weekend.  The University of Arkansas will play Missouri State in Little Rock Saturday night September 5th.  Now if we can get a race meet together for Sunday and Monday, let’s put on a big dollar race with open entries for all fillies and mares and let’s settle it.  No pressure Mr. Cella, the ball is in your court now.

I’m off to put on my Superwoman Zenyatta pajamas.

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