Vic Stauffer WOWS Them

Courtesy of Becky Johnston 

Vic Stauffer was a hit at Indiana Academy (high school) this spring.  I forwarded his great call of a race and a remarkable recovery by a filly to a friend's daughter.  She showed it to many or her classmates who first asked "Why are you watching horse racing?"  Afterwards, they all had the same response, "WOW". 

Hollywood Park Race 7-April 23, 2009


Vic StaufferThere are only a handful of announcers that I can put in with Vic.  In fact, I think I would only need two fingers to name my favorites.  Fortunately, I have been able to tell Vic on numerous occasions how much I admire his work.  All too often, we find reasons to be critical of people and our nature lends itself to finding our voice at those times.  While dissent should be vocalized, it is just as important when you can tell someone they do a great job. 

Vic is truly one of the good guys and a great ambassador for this sport.  When it comes to being fan-friendly, I'm not sure anyone can top him.  I awoke July 4th to an email including photos of Zenyatta with Vic on the end of the shank.  He deemed it "an audience with the Queen".    I had guests last week and did not get a chance to write him a proper reply, but showed the pictures to everyone.  When I heard he was ill on Sunday, I could have kicked myself for not telling him how much I enjoyed the photos.

This past Saturday, Hollywood Gold Cup Day, we had a houseful here in Florida.  I was fortunate enough to be hosting the Indiana Academy student who loved Vic's call and passed it around amongst her friends.  Not only that, Allicansayis Wow was scheduled to run.  The television announcers were sure she could not duplicate her synthetic form on the turf.  I did what any good gambling role model for a teenager would do and I grumbled over to my laptop and brimming with confidence, I loaded up on her.  I know Vic would have approved.  When she won, we nearly blew the roof off the house.  A winner for us and another great call by Vic was in the books. 

Here is a salute to Vic Stauffer and a get-well wish from his Florida Fan Club.


Perched in a precarious rooftop box Vic calls a "SHAKER" June 16, 2005



2005 Hollywood Gold Cup - Lava Man



11/22/07 Maiden Race - Zenyatta



2008 Milady - Zenyatta



2005 Florida Derby - Barbaro



2000 Florida Derby - Hal's Hope


2008 Swaps Stakes - Tres Borrachos



2004 Swaps Stakes - Rock Hard Ten


2004 Donn Handicap - Medaglia D'Oro


2009 Hollywood Gold Cup - Rail Trip

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