Enjoy Zenyatta Now

Courtesy of Becky Johnston 

Are the fans ruining the sport?

Is Zenyatta great?  She has only run outside California once.  She's never faced the boys, until now.  She's never raced a longer distance.  She's never raced on grass.  She needs to race on dirt again.  She is too one dimensional.  She needs to beat Rachel Alexandra.  She needs to win 54 times just like the mare in Hungary.

Does it ever end? 

We are missing it! 

Why, as fans, can we not just enjoy the gift we have been given?  When Zenyatta retires many will look back and say "why didn't I just get on for the ride?" 

At some point, it is the fan's job to help promote this sport too.  Why can't we just embrace the fact she is 13 for 13 and she is the best marketing tool this sport can offer.   Isn't it much more fun to extol the virtues of a perfect mare to new fans rather than look for her flaws amongst ourselves?

Jerry and Ann Moss have done their part.  They didn't run her three times and retire her.  She has been our girl for two years this month.

When she retires there is going to be a big void to fill for both her fans and her detractors.

Let's enjoy her.  We should be telling everyone we know to watch Zenyatta on Saturday.  Win or lose, take a chance with your heart being broken.  If she wins Saturday's Classic, there won't be a dry eye in this house.

No one really wants to be left in the train station when the party is on the train.

ESPN's Breeders' Cup Promo of Zenyatta


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