How to Pick a Derby Horse if you are a Newbie

First, a blog is always about helping people and a “n00b” is slang for newbie, or rookie. You’re welcome. So, you’re also new to the Kentucky Derby, and you’re looking to make your first pick and not look too foolish. Have no fear; I’m here to help you.

Don’t pick the favorite; it’s a total rookie mistake. The favorite has won the race 50 times out of 132 for a 38 percent clip, which is a better rate than favorites usually fare. So, why is it a mistake to pick the favorite? It’s no fun. You don’t get to be different, and, if the favorite wins five minutes after the race no one remembers that you picked the right horse. Go for a horse with some decent odds, not the 50-1 shot, but somewhere between 8-1 and 20-1. If you win with that horse, people will be talking to you for hours. How did you pick him? How did you get so good so fast? Why are you so good looking? The questions go on and on.

Don’t pick the ugly name - Lil E. Tee is the only horse of recent memory to do well with an atrocious name (he won). This year I think you’d have to think twice about Anak Nakal and Cowboy Cal. If you’re a cowboy there’s little chance your name is Cal.


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