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This Horse Was in Good Hands; Farrier to Be Remembered at Virginia Farm Where Secretariat Was Foaled

By Fran Jurga, Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog This photo just showed up in my email a while ago. I thought it was quite beautiful...and even moreso when I realized "the rest of the story". This horse's toe crack has been patched with PMMA adhesive, which will harden into a shell-like covering that closely mimics the hoof wall. Plastic wrap is placed over the material while it sets and the farrier is smoothing... Read More

The Jurga Report

Has the nationwide obsession with the economy (Just how poor am I? I poor are you?) pushed some other close-to-the-heart issues to the back burner?... Read More

Heel Bulb Injuries 101: Big Brown's Latest Hoof Malady

In a previous entry, this blog provided details about the heel bulb injury that predicated the disappointing retirement of champion three-year-old Thoroughbred Big Brown. This post will give some background into the type of injury for those unfamiliar with foot anatomy and injury.... Read More

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