Belmont Contest Picks Are In!

Okay everyone, the votes have been tallied for the Draynay vs. The Blog Belmont Contest. Here goes:

The Blog picks:

1) Mine That Bird (128 votes)

2) Charitable Man (95 votes)

3) Summer Bird (61 votes)

The third-place voting was very close between Summer Bird and Chocolate Candy, who had 57 votes. Mr. Hot Stuff wound up with 34, just ahead of Dunkirk and Flying Private who each had 33.

And now, Draynay's picks:

1) Charitable Man

2) Dunkirk

3) Chocolate Candy

The order that you guys picked them doesn't necessarily matter for scoring purposes, but it's interesting to see where the votes came out. What this contest comes down to is Mine That Bird and Summer Bird vs. Dunkirk and Chocolate Candy. Again, low score wins. Check out the last two blogs if you need a refresher on the scoring.

Thanks everyone for playing and good luck at beating Draynay! I'll be back on Sunday with a complete recap of the Belmont.

Very quickly, here is the late Pick 4 ticket that I put together. I think the value on Saturday will be with the Pick 3s and 4s, and not the Belmont:

8th (Woody Stephens): (1) Everyday Heroes and Regal Ransom, (2) This Ones For Phil, (4) Munnings, (6) Hello Broadway, (8) Hull

9th (Acorn): (4) Funny Moon, (6) Livin Lovin, (7) Dream Play, (8) Justwhistledixie, (9) Four Gifts

10th (Manhattan): (2) Champs Elysees and Zambezi Sun, (5) Gio Ponti, (9) Cosmonaut, (12) Cowboy Cal

11th (Belmont): (6) Charitable Man

It's a $100 ticket.

I'm also placing a large win ticket on Fabulous Strike in the True North.

Best of luck to all!!


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