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Frat boys and sorority sisters played games in the Saratoga backyard on College Day, as working men and women got around to the serious business of figuring out a very big Pick Six.... Read More

Playing the Gender Card

Females dominate the first day of racing in the last week of the season, as NYRA salutes the armed forces and excitement for the filly builds.... Read More

School Daze

Trainers were in a stupor from staying out late, but they still found the energy to school their stakes runners in the paddock prior to the season's top steeplechase. ... Read More

Some Tips Worth Nothing

Tipping is a way of life in all corners of the racetrack. Some people are better at it than others, not including the professionals that fans depend on.... Read More

Heading into the Dark Day

Once-in-a-lifetime feats happen twice in the same day, as trainer Linda Rice saddles the first four finishers in a stakes race and the jockeys finish strong and beat the state troopers in softball.... Read More

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