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The Look of Leftovers

Suddenly, with the onset of Travers Week, the tone of the racecourse has shifted to horse racing. Saturday alone will feature four graded stakes. The horses that will race are among the best of their generations.... Read More

Slipping By

Time seems to fly by more quickly the older you get. That’s because a mere day represents a larger percentage of the time you have left than it did when you were young. ... Read More

Time and Hope

The media took about a nanosecond to realize that both trainer Roger Attfield and jockey John Velazquez, who teamed up to win Monday's feature race with Kissable, were about to enter the Hall of Fame on Friday. ... Read More


For a small stretch of history, Saratoga produced competition of extremely high quality.... Read More

The Wedding Gift

A young man named Matty D thought it would be great fun to buy his friend Micah a gag wedding gift. Micah was married the night before and invited about 100 wedding guests to join him and his bride Biz on the rooftop of the Taqueria near the Post for the races the day after. ... Read More


The track was still silent, but once the horses arrived, Saratoga Springs sprung to life like hydrangeas in season.... Read More

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