Promotional Feature: Discover the Difference in a True Full-Service Operation

  • October 20, 2011
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 Promotional Feature: Discover the Difference in a True Full-Service Operation: Foaling barn to winner’s circle, stallion selection to sales ring, clients are benefiting from Hidden’s Brook’s top professionals

 If strength comes from diversity, and diversity leads to success, then it’s no wonder Paris, Kentucky-based Hidden Brook has emerged as one of the strongest, most successful full-service programs in the industry.

Inaugurated in 2002 by five accomplished horsemen, each with a strong and unique skill set—Jack Brothers, Dan Hall, Sergio de Sousa, Mark Roberts, and Danny Vella—Hidden Brook has capitalized on the partners’ diverse strengths, and forged a leading role at raising, selling, purchasing, and racing Thoroughbreds who achieve success at the highest levels.

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