4/7/2012 Midwest/Canada: True North

  • April 03, 2012
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Adena Springs Canada contributes mightily to Frank Stronach’s top-shelf operation

By Lenny Shulman

What goes up sometimes comes down. Regional markets for Thoroughbreds seem in a constant dance of rising and then uncertainty as casino dollars lift racing and breeding programs before politicians stick their hands in the till and the money flowing toward purses and breeders’ and owners’ awards begins drying up. Ask Indiana, Pennsylvania, and now Ontario, and their stories will be eerily similar.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the Ontario market, however, has been the commitment of Frank Stronach and his family to breeding and racing in the locale where Stronach founded his auto parts company, Magna, which he turned into an international conglomerate. The showplace farm that is Adena Springs Canada near Aurora,  north of Toronto, is a testament to that commitment and serves the needs of three generations of the Stronach family.

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