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The Sound of a Crowd

At 5:48 pm, in the split-iest of seconds, Rachel Alexandra almost sabotaged the greatest spectacle that many of the 31,171 fans at Saratoga Race Course on Saturday will ever witness. Spooked by the exuberant... Read More

No Banjo on Rachel's Knee

Jess Jackson has made his first decision: No Alabama for Rachel Alexandra. So what, you might say. That wasn't the place to run her anyway. Well, I believe that's just where she should have run. Yes, I... Read More

A Greatness of Her Own

It is midnight on Sunday. Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Saratoga. I had no blog planned for this week, even if Zenyatta won the Clement Hirsch, due to time restrictions and last-minute packing. But Zenyatta... Read More

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