Quick Thoughts on Rachel's Historic Woodward Win

I'm writing this blog just few hours after Rachel Alexandra's historic Woodward win. What a race!

I wanted to get a new blog posted tonight mainly to give people a chance to talk about her sensational performance. For me, it was the most exciting race of the season, bar none. I'll just pose a few questions, give a couple thoughts and then let you guys and gals have at the discussion.

First question: After running a suicidal half-mile, how many of you thought she would be able to hang on in the stretch? I admit, I was skeptical.

Why is Da' Tara still running in stakes races?

In going along with the early fractions, how many thought Borel was wise to put her through a brutal early pace? I thought he was smart to send her in order to stay out of trouble, but I didn't expect him to let her go that quick. I thought he panicked just a little bit in the opening half. He certainly made up for it in the late stages.

Did everyone see the post parade when Borel got dumped? How many thought that was a bad omen?

What is your gut instinct on what Jess Jackson will do with her? Does he call it a season or race her one more time? I think she's done until 2010--unless the Zenyatta camp decides to come east, which is unlikely.

Is she the best American filly in the modern era? I say yes.

Can she get 10 furlongs against males? I say yes. She's proven she can rate. Borel will ride her differently in a longer race.

Is she better than Sea the Stars? Hopefully we find out next year.

Finally, a parting thought: I think many of us will agree that if Rachel ran in the Kentucky Derby she would have won. If she would have won the Derby instead of the Oaks, and then went on to accomplish all she has, are we talking about the greatest 3YO season ever? Food for thought.

I look forward to seeing all of your comments.

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